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You have to accept that YouTube is what it is. It is a place where users can create their own content and share it to the world. A lot of that content will be bad while their will be some gems. Adds are at the uploaders discretion if a person wants to profit from their work its fair. Youtubers, at least the non music ones who make money like the add based system it pays their bills. YouTube is a win win now.
10gb is not hard. Google offers 15 as its free tier plus photos are free. I Dont see why apple can't go to ten GB. Last I checked cloud storage is cheaper then it was three years ago. Apple should get with the times. They are not paying the same for that 5gb in 2015 as they paid in 2011 while at the same time the user base is taking on average more photos. To me able should adjust their storage pricing.
I think apple needs a iPad pro that runs os10 and has a i5 or i7. I believe while the surface is a shit device the concept is genius. Its not an iPad competitor but rather a macbook air competitor that has some great selling points.
I believe his point was not that iphones are expensive but they are in the same price range most other high end smart phones. My question is how can one call any phone luxury unless its a vertu.If you want to call phones cars let's do it. An iPhone is like an STI, a Galaxy is like a Mustang more power but not as efficient same goes for lg a camero and HTC a challenger they all of their pluses and minuses at the end of the day they all get the job done its all based on...
As a lover of technology I stopped caring about numbers a long time ago. I hate to ask this bit based on the comments some of the users are posting I must ask have you used an android in the last two years? The crappy screens and constant freezing has ceased a long time ago on android. I am proud to say that as far as consumer use and performance both OSs are really viable. The only things that one edges the other out is things general consumers Dont care about to much,...
From a professional standpoint I have to say that windows 8 when used correctly on a tablet is the best experience by far. They are more expensive but they provide more utility then iPads. I work for a large company and they issued all of the supervisors HP revolves. The things are amazingly good for work. The docking system allows us to use them as full desktops as well. While an iPad is by far more fun to use. However windows 8 when used correctly is more useful in work...
As a google play music subscriber I am excited. Looks like they are adding more value to a popular service. By itself this service is a non starter.
I think I may have given the wrong impression. The articles that are about the competition are overwhelmingly negative. If you are going to cover the competition do so but don't always do the negative. Otherwise the website seems as if the editors are taking time to bash apples completion and it lacks true objectiveness. This website is "fair and balanced" as of now.
AppleInsider could be a good website but it does bother me that the journalism present on this website is so pro apple, death to anything else. I am not saying you have to love appl'es competition but you don't have to post every negative thing that comes up. Its like you are hopping for the other team to get injured. If you like apple like apple don't hate something because its not apple you will find your self full of hate.
New Posts  All Forums: