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How is google copying apple?Google has had an on demand service for a year now. (ITunes radio is a internet radio service not a streaming service.) If anything Apple's purchase of beats was to gain a foothold in the on demand streaming sector. It seems google wanted new features for google music all access.
Google has their own on demand streaming service they had it for over a year now. Its called google music all access. And wouldn't that make apples purchase of beats copying google
Android is still very much open. You can still download the source code for it at source.android.com. however what google is doing is bundling special versions of android for automobiles and watches that is prebundled. If they want to want to customize the GPU they are welcome to download the source code and do with it as they please(amazon). If they do that they can't fall it android wear. I see no problems with this android is still very much open.
They announced that less then halve a percent of android phones have encountered malware
Its a developers conference
I hate to say it but I see a report like this before the new iPhone comes out. I find the results are never as the report finds. What consumers say and what they do are two different things. Nearly unrelated it would seem at times.
Only facetime and imessage will have a chance. Everything else would seem like a novelty app. I.E. apple is not own for maps Google is, apple is not know music streaming Pandora is, same thing for all of the other apps.
Highly doubtful. While majority of mobile malware is on android majority of android phones do not have any malware.It requires multiple steps to get a malware exploit onto your android phone. Its not as simple as just going to a bad website. Their is a process and warnings.
To be hobnst that works in both ways with both sides. We are at the point were no one switches unless given a good reason. Generally that's a feeling one of the companies burned you. Most switchers I know its because things like my battery died to fast, Apps crashed too fast, I can't customize it, the screen is to small/big. People no longer switch for features they switch after they have a problem. Its annoying to switch now. You have to Change what you are used to. Most...
Android has had the predictive text for the past two years baked in. Swift key I think is going on five years. Interactive notifications are two years old on android. Placing the location has been baked into the hangouts since hangouts was added into the messaging last year. Many of the other features are original apple ones however.
New Posts  All Forums: