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From a professional standpoint I have to say that windows 8 when used correctly on a tablet is the best experience by far. They are more expensive but they provide more utility then iPads. I work for a large company and they issued all of the supervisors HP revolves. The things are amazingly good for work. The docking system allows us to use them as full desktops as well. While an iPad is by far more fun to use. However windows 8 when used correctly is more useful in work...
As a google play music subscriber I am excited. Looks like they are adding more value to a popular service. By itself this service is a non starter.
I think I may have given the wrong impression. The articles that are about the competition are overwhelmingly negative. If you are going to cover the competition do so but don't always do the negative. Otherwise the website seems as if the editors are taking time to bash apples completion and it lacks true objectiveness. This website is "fair and balanced" as of now.
AppleInsider could be a good website but it does bother me that the journalism present on this website is so pro apple, death to anything else. I am not saying you have to love appl'es competition but you don't have to post every negative thing that comes up. Its like you are hopping for the other team to get injured. If you like apple like apple don't hate something because its not apple you will find your self full of hate.
Sony did this with the PlayStation 4 UI and quite frankly it sucks. Nothing is in a consistent location making it more difficult to use the system.
I beg to differ. I am an android user myself and I generally switch every 6 to 12 months. Lover of technology myself. I don't see a reason to leave my M8 for either of the phones. I will miss my smooth as hell syncing and the integrated google now. I have google wallet so apple pay is Meh for me. My phone is a google play edition so upgrades are not a problem. I can't find a single reason to car for the iPhone 6 or the plus. Their will be many users who don't see many of...
If you are using that argument when a service gets hacked then please do not use your phone. Consider that you recognize swift key can be hacked you are right they can along with your bank, email, government, social network, and app (again) not using something simply because it runs the risk of being hacked in 2014 is redicules. Everything that connects to the interest can be hacked.
That may have been true a few years ago but now Samsung has built up quite an ecosystem. I have a hypothesis that no one leaves a platform unless they feel they have been given the short end of the stick. For the most part android owners will just get another androd because they are use to it. If the customer however feels that android was bad and screwed them over they are more likely to get an iPhone. This works in apples. Favor because Samsung sales so many crappy low...
Thinness means nothing after a certian point other then an obvious trade of for functionality. In the space that you shaved off to make something thinner could be used for battery. In the case of this phone getting rid if the camera protrusion. Hell if the iPhone 6 has a decent battery life I may leave my HTC m8 for it.
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