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Google will likely leave it out of android, and repackage it as part of play services. Android being open source makes it a hurdle. You can't write an anti theft program only to give the code away.
I believe amazon knew this phone would not take off in success. They are banking a phone that will rely on developers porting over apps from play-service apps to basic android apps. They also are not going to have any of the google apps on their platform something that many people take for granted but the YouTube, maps, gmail, and search apps are in the top 100 on both apple and google appstore. They should have priced items a budget phone built up a more stable ecosystem...
A lot desired in Quality and design? You are aware that the Moto 360 is the best looking smartwatch on the market. Their is also no conceivable way apple can take over this segment. The iwatch will only work with iphones.
that's fair for google to do. Due to android having the capability of being an imbedded OS that means any device that uses android even if its just an ATM (yes I know those are Unix) would count for their numbers. They have to only count the percentage and android they have control of with their google play services. That does mean it will leave out all of the Chinese phones and the forked versions like the fire phone. Also it is impossible for google to count all of the...
It seems pretty odd that the only info we get for android melware is that 99% of melware is targeting android. Never mind the fact that 99.5% of android phones do not have malware. Please DED use some objective reporting do not write an article with out including all the facts. http://bgr.com/2014/06/26/google-on-android-malware-and-security/
I agree this law suit is an excuses for parents who for years used the TV as a replacement for interacting with their children. Now they use the iPad/iPhone as a replacement for them self. Those charges if you ask me are a just reward for neglectful parenting.
What I believe he was referring to was Microsoft edging into search and possibly edging google out with future releases of windows mobile. At the time windows mobile was the only third party smart phone OS. Google feared not being relevant on mobile and knew they needed to have a space they could control.
I just looked it up and I honestly can't find a report to say the Samsung galaxy s 5 does not have better battery life then the iPhone 5s. It seems Samsung r&d has manage to beat apple at something customers care about finally
How is google copying apple?Google has had an on demand service for a year now. (ITunes radio is a internet radio service not a streaming service.) If anything Apple's purchase of beats was to gain a foothold in the on demand streaming sector. It seems google wanted new features for google music all access.
Google has their own on demand streaming service they had it for over a year now. Its called google music all access. And wouldn't that make apples purchase of beats copying google
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