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I think you are confusing google for apple. Google always makes cross platform apps. Look at search, Youtube, Maps, Google+, etc.(Even snapseed) Apple has not a single android app on the other hand. If this is finalized you will get a simple to use messaging service most likely tied into their other apps.  
The VZW iPhone has different lte frequencies. By apple making the iPhone 5 lte they get to experience the Cluster Fack known as lte. everyone is using different frequencies. Where apple made only one iphone 4s they need multiple SKUs for the iPhone 5.
Explain to me how this is true. Have you used an android phone before?
I don't see apple gaining on Samsung. Nokia and HTC I see as being possible but not Samsung 
You would be surprised how many people with iPhones move over to galaxy phones. (Many of them move for something new in terms of UI) My GF did.      And I would compare Apple to Samsung as Chevrolet vs. Hundai. BMW would be Vertu. Who has Siri locked down with the personal assistant thing. 
If you go into Gazelle.com click on Samsung then click on At&t the first four phones listed are the Captivate glide (a galaxy S II variant with a keyboard) and the Captivate (Galaxy S Variant ) those are the only android phones on the list. The Glide is 67 dollars and the Captivate is 27 but hey it is 3 years old.
Uh are you looking at the same Galaxy S III as me.      Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 Change model   Condition: Flawless Change Additional Specs Change Your Gazelle Offer $226   Offers are likely to decrease over time, so sell now to get a great price.  
  What phones where those? Where they high end phones from a year ago or did you notice that you your looking at one of the cheapest phones and trying to be a troll. 
If LG can sell the nexus 4 8gb for 299.99 I think it is possible 
What did Samsung copy from Siri. S voice is just a Vlingo client and the licenses go to Vlingo so samsung would be free from any lawsuit for that.
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