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Just because something is not successful does not mean you can discount the hard hard work that people put into it. Many great inventions may fell and someone else will comeback and barrow that idea.Second how do you know the apple TV sold more then the Chromecast. I am really curious I have yet to see sales figures
Do you know anything about a sample size. Its when you take a small cross section of a population and ask them a question. These answers generally with a low margin of error give you an approximate estimate of a populations opinion. 1000 is a good size sample to represent the United States.
I beg to differ the chrome cast is a widely successful product and innovative. And most people in this thread are using that word wrong. Innovation means new idea, method or device. Many of the most innovative advancements of the last year were ignored. My favorite innovation was knock-on by LG. Its simple but overlooked. Just because something is not popular does not mean it was not an innovation.
I am curious what is so bad about Google buying this. So far whenever Google makes an acquisition they either improve it or merge it into an all ready existing product. I prefer Google buying things like this because I know the app can still be used by all of my friends regardless of is. When apple buys an app its almost certain thing that app or service will go apple only.
He person in charge of security should quite their day job
Why is Google maps ranked 18th in free apps on the app store? While I will not waste my time arguing which service is better its fact that millions of iOS users prefer Google maps to apple maps. Humans are creatures of habit they will use an inferior product simply because they are use to it. Making a better product does not always win the race
You have really high hopes for a unannounced and unreleased update. Google maps is the defacto mapping program right now. Most iOS users use Google maps and don't even consider apple maps a real choice.
As a lover of games it would be smarter of Nintendo to release blockbuster games to PC, Xbox 1, and ps4. Mobile is not ready for blockbuster gmes yet. When you have games closing in at 50 GB and millions of dollars going into development it's hard to give it away for 4.99. Most peopple don't see it worth pay 60$ games and these studios being forced to pay 30% to apple is absurb.
Protruding camera in my opinion is a major fail. Its not that you have larger camera sensor its that there was more space for battery that was instead wasted on making a phone thinner. I personally rather a phone I have to charge less then a tenth of milometer thinner.
Showing it next to a hand is not a good reference to size. Imagine if they used Kobe's hand then a 5.5 inch device will make since. If they use say a small womans hand then you have a giant phone. Referencing it to phones already available is the best way. Plus 5.5" done well is not too large and works well. Hate to say it but look at the note series its not to large of a phone for those who use it. And the keywords are those who use it.
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