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$85000 is not a good salary for top talent. Must be a mistake.
Depends on how messages are built for a given app. The device name may be plugged into an area designed as generic with text substitution.
Confirmed by people who don't work for Apple. Great "confirmation. I will believe it when App,e announces. I hate it when this is considered confirmee.
Excuse me, but Amazon matched them quite easily.
There is more to competition than price.       I want a huge variety of books to pick from in addition to a decent price.   I am afraid that the Amazon model will drive publishers to produce only books likely to be blockbusters.   I want a price which will help pay publishers taking a chance on unknown people.  I want the almost popular books published.  I want the esoteric book published.   In other words,  variety in books and ideas should also be considered...
i just want the things to be comfortable. The current ones hurt after 15 minutes .
If you think of it this way it is not so odd. China has developed the most flexible and modern manufacturing system in the world. There is a reason why electronics are built there. However, if companies in China do not respect legal agreements or the Legal environment is so obfuscated that foreign companies cannot purchase a trademark or name with assurance, that becomes a huge issue. If doing business in China leaves a company open to legal problems like this......
Wasn't the Android gimmick fooled by a picture? Not great security if It can't tell the difference between a real person and a picture|
Me too...Google = Big Brother
Taking something that doesn't belong to you qualifies as stealing in my book. But agree about Pete Townsend... He is an idiot.
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