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Know it all attitude. iCloud is not for everyone.
There are so many ways that Samsung could have made the Galaxy Tab different than the iPad. Color, button placement, style of icons, different backgrounds , arrangement of icons. The iPad isn't perfect..... play on its weaknesses instead of copying. The copier should get a boot in the keester. I think Samsung has a stunning lack of imagination.
Samsung mgmt were idiots. They used icons that looked the same as Apple's. If average joe had a passing understanding of the look of the iPhone, the Samsung phone would have been confusing....I think it was the Samesung Fascinate that was so very close that I burst out laughing. Change the idiots. Make something semi-different...
Please... Why?
Sometime those are the people who know they can't gice their child a decent life. Keeping the child is the second big mistake. Better to give to a loving couple. A loving decision.
Of all the hardware i would love to buy from Apple, an HDTV is not even on the list.
Doesn't it require a network/cell connection to work. Not all of us have that you know.
Well, it doesn't take a genius. There is a bug in the code!
Idiotic statement. The cost for the annual developer license is for the LICENSE. Not for the storage, deployment , bookkeeping, money collection, security of site which apple provides for the 30% cut which they take.
Yeah truly awesome for those people who can't get a fast connection and have caps on downloads. Truly wonderful. It will leave lots of people out of snow lion since it is download only.
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