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You probably don't need a 4K small screen.  The OP was referring to PRODUCING 4K content on an iDevice and having enough storage on board to contain the 4K content.  
Because your video might be played on the big screen attached to your Apple TV.
Personally, I wish the icons would fill from the bottom of the screen, rather than the top.
 Target already supports in-App Apple Pay. Just not in their stores.  Who knows what CVS will do.  For now, they just shut NFC off entirely. 
Actually that portion only happens once:  When you load the credit card on to your phone, you need Internet Access for that.  Once that is complete (presumably long before you actually USE Apple Pay).  You do not need an Internet connection to complete a transaction.  That is one of the touted features of Apple Pay.  No internet required to complete a transaction.   Next time you are in Panera Bread (or anywhere else) and going to use Apple Pay.  Place your phone in...
Absolutely correct.  I did not mean to imply it was identical to the card swipe, it's not.  Basically though, it replaces that part of the work flow. Neither one require the iPhone nor the card, to have it's own internet connection. Authenticating the transaction is handled locally by the Phone.  "Authorization" is separate from that, and may or may not be handled in real time.  Many times small value transactions are stored and later batched in to the payment processor....
Remember, Apple Pay essentially just emulates the card swipe. Don't forget, all merchants must already upgrade their existing POS to support chip and pin by October.  I'd bet we'll see many merchants adding Apple Pay as part of the the same project.  I have no particular insight into the industry, just thinking' out loud.
Over whatever network the POS has in place to approve transactions.  Just like any credit card would use.
Nope.  An Internet connection is not required, nor even used, for Apple Pay.  It even works in Airplane mode (which all iPhones should be using if airborne).
Apple Pay has a very nice on-line payment utility, but unless you are shopping with your phone to pay with touch-ID, it is never presented. 
New Posts  All Forums: