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Yes.  It changes the $40/mo Smartphone access fee to $15/month.  The FAN (Foundation Account Number) discount applies to whatever data plan bucket you have.   I misspoke earlier, we have a 24% discount (not 26) off of the $75/mo 7 GByte bucket = $57,  plus two $15/mo Smartphone access fees. Total: $87 (plus taxes of course).  The 7GB plan was a promotion a few months ago.  I used to be on the the 15 GB promo plan from last year. ($100). My actual usage is typically 1-2...
 Correct.  That is why I immediately buy out the contract, to get that discount.  I can then also unlock the phone, although I have no intention of leaving AT&T. The resulting deal is too hard to pass up.
I dunno.  I am paying AT&T $87/month for 2 iPhone 6, non-contract w/7GB of data between them (incl 26% discount through wife's employer).  T-Mobile will be hard pressed to beat that.  They can get close, but there's that coverage thing again. 
My habit has been to purchase at the 2-year contract price, and then immediately buy out the contract for $325.  That works to about $150 less than the non-contract price. Can you buy out a Next contract immediately too?   As soon as you buy out the contract, you get the $25/month non-contract discount, per phone. Doing that, makes AT&T quite competitive. 
I won't go WAY out of my way to use my phone or watch, but I will drive another a mile or 2 to use it, in a heartbeat.  It absolutely influences my shopping decisions.  What is becoming more annoying is stores that fully support Apple Pay, but their terminal is broken.  I have received many a free breakfast at McDonalds after holding up a long line.  "Just take it, our terminal is broken"
 ...and of course all owned by COMCAST
 Yes, it was a 38 mm Sport for my wife.  A 42mm sport (Space Gray) ordered about 45 min after orders opened, did move up from June, to May 29.  Maybe it will continue to improve.
Yes, it was a 38 mm Sport.  My 42mm sport ordered about 45 min after orders opened, did move up from June, to May 29.  Maybe it will continue to improve.
 I ordered a watch in an Apple Retail store, on SUNDAY.  It arrived TODAY, 48 hours later.   Not too shabby.  
Here is another.   I ordered a 38 MM Sport just yesterday in my local Apple Store. Initially the order said June.  Today I receive an email saying shipment was moved up to May-21, Cool!   Ten minutes later I receive another email saying it SHIPPED. It will be here tomorrow!  Far out!!!
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