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Apple Pay has a very nice on-line payment utility, but unless you are shopping with your phone to pay with touch-ID, it is never presented. 
 We are all assuming it will just be a bigger iPad.  What if it is an entirely new product with a completely different interface and OS?  ...just sayin'  ...it might be more different than we think.
Average is about $3,000 per ticket.  Seems pretty reasonable to me. 
 Apple Pay works at Meijer stores gas pumps.  Has since AP Day One.
 Home Depot accepts ApplePay. Has from Day 1.
They just don't get it. Apple is not picking ON anyone. Instead, they "picked" the end user consumer to cater to.  I moved all my prescriptions to Walgreens even though CVS and my favorite pharmacist is much closer (I made sure she knew why I was leaving).  I no longer go to Lowes, instead I drive an extra mile or so to get to Home Depot.  We changed from Pet Smart to Petco for our cat supplies.  I find myself grabbing lunch far more often at Panera or Subway, rather than...
Generally you don't have to sign. But some merchants have a limit, just like with regular card pay.  I spent $60 at a Meijer, signature required. I bought over $100 gasoline at the same Meijer outside at a gas pump, no signature.   At a Walgreens, I spent $260 with no signature.  So It varies quite a bit.   
 The article is referring to the iOS app store in iTunes, not the MacOS App Store.  The point is you have to have jailbroken your iPhone to even install one of the miscreant apps.
Meijer stores (similar to Target) in the Midwest accept it.
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