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 Except you get an UNLOCKED iPhone.
Yes. But it has been that way for quite some time. Not new with the 6s
Hey, it worked for me. I was going to wait. But the AUP inspired me to reserve for day 1.  Unlocked, annual upgrades, Applecare?  A no brainer IMO. 
 It IS on the Apple Music page in the app, press the RADIO button.  It is essentially identical to the old service. All the stations are still there, I did not lose anything.  It works just as adequately as it always has for me.  Not great, but adequate.
It served to remind me to make sure I had shut off the automatic renewal (I had).     I do have an iTunes in the Cloud subscription ($25/year). Not so much for iTunes Match, but it makes iTunes Radio Ad free.  Worth it for that alone IMO. 
 You miss Radio?   I use it nearly every day
Actually encryption has been part of Apple Mail.app for many years.  At least since Snow Leopard I think.  It is also available in iOS, although a little trickier to install on your iDevice, because you have to load a custom profile.  But it is supported. All you need is a set of keys. Many are free if you don't mind annual renewals. 
  TiVo is an OTA receiver (up to 4 simultaneous shows) that can stream any recorded OTA content to your iPad/iPhone.  Very handy if you want to keep up with local news or sports, while traveling.  TiVo has provided blended search for years, which includes OTA programming.   I am really surprised it is not mentioned in these threads. 
 Actually, 80% of the world DOES have that kind of connection.  Only in the U.S. are we crippled with tiny pipes (less that 100M) and ridiculous costs. 
I haven't tried it, but that ability has always been there.  I would be highly surprised to see it removed from iOS 9.
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