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 Gag me with a spoon.   Total Crap
Grumbling... AT&T said this morning 3-4 weeks like everybody else. Now my order has been moved to mid November, and I am not allowed to cancel. "Preparing for shipment" Beware of ordering from AT&T.
 Yet in the review:  "...we would advise users to ensure the drone itself, the physical controller and the iOS app are all updated to the latest versions before taking to the skies." ​...oops
  Frankly the Phantom 2 Vision + is actually at the LOW end of the market.  The high end is well in to 5-digit numbers.
 Except contractors are more likely/required to BYOD.   Which is just fine for me!
 No, I think you are just screwed in general  
  Correct.  That is what TiVo does. All the Internet content you want, plus 4 (or 6)  broadcast receivers.  
 An actual TV receiver would be kinda nice too.  
 Time Warner Cable is not the same company as Time Warner Media/telecom/CNN and so forth.  They spun off the cable company years ago. But otherwise I agree, this can't be  good for the general state of telecom in the U.S.  Now, if they want to become a public utility, submit to rate regulation, and spin off their content arm NBC Universal, maybe.  But somehow I don't see the Roberts family going for that. FCC *could* make a statement, but I would be surprised to see a...
 Apple offera a .5 meter cable, also $19.  Only the 2 meter cable is more @ $29.
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