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 Home Depot accepts ApplePay. Has from Day 1.
They just don't get it. Apple is not picking ON anyone. Instead, they "picked" the end user consumer to cater to.  I moved all my prescriptions to Walgreens even though CVS and my favorite pharmacist is much closer (I made sure she knew why I was leaving).  I no longer go to Lowes, instead I drive an extra mile or so to get to Home Depot.  We changed from Pet Smart to Petco for our cat supplies.  I find myself grabbing lunch far more often at Panera or Subway, rather than...
Generally you don't have to sign. But some merchants have a limit, just like with regular card pay.  I spent $60 at a Meijer, signature required. I bought over $100 gasoline at the same Meijer outside at a gas pump, no signature.   At a Walgreens, I spent $260 with no signature.  So It varies quite a bit.   
 The article is referring to the iOS app store in iTunes, not the MacOS App Store.  The point is you have to have jailbroken your iPhone to even install one of the miscreant apps.
Meijer stores (similar to Target) in the Midwest accept it.
Not true.  Your Mac CAN be on a wired ethernet connection. Just as long as it is on the same IP network as your Wifi (techies will say same "broadcast domain").  Most home networks will be set up this way by default.  It will fail only if there is a router between your wired and wifi networks.   Your iPhone must be on wifi, but your Mac does not always have to be.
Tons of retailers already have them.  Subway for lunch will be first on my agenda Monday.  Thinking I probably will not make breakfast at McDonalds.
 Actually, I thought iTunes was the repository for your credit card detail.  The card on file with iTunes is the default. Other cards can be added. But all stored in iTunes...   at least that is what I thought.  Apple does not collect or store any detail about your transactions. But they have you card information, I think.
Absolutely correct. The finger print only authenticates a single payment transaction, and that authentication stays local to the device.  My point was that so far, Apple is the only DEVICE manufacturer that has put all the authentication pieces together into one very easy to use system.  I am sure the others will figure it out, or develop something that can compete with it.  But right now, IMO, Apple hit it out of the park with Apple Pay.  It will be huge.  The only...
I was in a Chillis as well.  I did not see the NFC logo anywhere on that terminal.  I asked about it, and the guy had never heard of Apple Pay.  I told him he would very soon, heheh.   That big clunky terminal made no sense to me.  Battery powered, associated with a specific table for ordering. It must be a huge pain to keep them all charged up.  Plus, if they do NOT support Apple Pay, they will be obsolete very soon.  
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