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That thing looks ginormous. Hope they have a top-tier 4" offering.
It sounds like you are confusing copyrights and patents.
Why do you comment on things you know nothing about? This patent does not patent links in any way shape or form.
While GoogleIO is popular, it has always been slower to sell out than WWDC even when everyone was given weeks advance notice VS Apple making you wait for the announcement. Add to that the higher cost of WWDC, the longer duration of WWDC, no spif at WWDC, the more highly technical sessions at WWDC, And it is even more plain WWDC has more developer interest than GoogleIO. That and GoogleIO feels more like a trade show than a developers conference.
Dvorak has been a veritable Schrödinger's cat throughout his career, cooped up in a box isolated from any outside influence of reality. His possible exposure to some sort of toxic experiment has created a quantum paradox where Dvorak is perpetually both writing and wronging at the same time, an uncertainty that must be seen to be believed. Love that. Writing and wronging at the same time. Dvorak has long been the laziest of the lazy in the tech world and only survived...
I love this one: "At a minimum, the video strongly suggests that Apple's products are innovative and patentable," Really? Are they serious?
I hope Apple does not go all in for these gooney gigantanortisours phones.
Yes they do. I have no idea why the liberal left wants everyone to be blind and think everyone looks the same.
Yep, you just lost 95% of Android's user base with that method and it is why I still consider it a great geek OS.
Then those phones aren't really "Android " are they? They are Androidish but aren't part of the platform when the fandroids talk about their 80% market share.
New Posts  All Forums: