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Then you need to learn English. Your interpretation is simply wrong.
Actually, we know that the US specifically achieved double digit growth and there is no support for your interpretation. We don't know if if was 10% or 22% but it was greater than 10% in the US.
You got suckered into the idea of profitless growth. Google has grown it's business and invested in the future WHILE posting profits. Apple has. Walmart did/has. Microsoft has.Only fools don't understand that Amazon's money is going toward servicing EXISTING business and only a small amount is going toward FUTURE businesses. If they simply stopped "investing" and tried to post a profit, their entire business would collapse and they would be unable to continue operations....
It is easy to sell at a loss.
I agree 100% with this post. This has been my thought on Amazon as well for several years.
I think it comes because many people no longer have a book store to go and purchase/skim new releases. Borders and other mega chains killed the small local shops but at least they were local. You could go and browse new books and buy them.Amazon's predatory pricing (anyone can grow selling at a loss) has driven many of these stores out of business. Amazon's continued losses have more to do with supporting existing business and less to do with investing in the future business.
You miss DED's sarcasm there. For decades, Apple has been the "beleaguered Apple" by hundreds of journalists. There have been articles written in the last year that still refers go Apple that way.
I think people that have more than 1/3 of their brain functioning understand that Apple REQUIRES its hardware as a critical part of its business. The HARDWARE has allowed Apple to dominate the handset business pulling in 60-80% profit share world wide.
But it is important. If you, as a consumer, can have a single iOS device for both work and office (or 2 of the same device) easily VS an Android that may or may not be supported, the convergence will help drive consumer adoption of iOS.
I have been noticing POI and map errors are getting rapidly fixed. There were many outstanding issues I noticed from when Maps was first released. From roads that would take you over a cliff in various remote areas (like 4WD remote) to roads being wrong in various state parks. Likewise, there were many POIs that were in the wrong location (bars in the middle of a house development instead of 1/4 to the East). These were unchanged for almost 2 years even with monthly...
New Posts  All Forums: