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My wish list: 1) route preferences like freeway? Tolls? Fastest/shortest? 2) waypoints and true trip planning. 3) easy to use detour. I find Google's iOS map app confusing and slow. It scrolls poorly and data delivery is sluggish at times. It has great POI data and search though. I hop Apple gets a great update for iOS 9.
I still have issues with 1 handed use in the iPhone 6. I walk the dog and text frequently. The leash in one hand and the phone in the other and the iPhone 6 is SIGNIFICANTLY harder to use in this use case (this is one of many). There are some things I like the larger screen for but on whole, I would LOVE a 4" flagship option.
You could say the same on the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone5S. To say there is no market for 4" flagship phones is myopic.
Because there is no 4" flagship Android phone. That is the simple reason.
Sign me up for a 4" form factor flagship. I like my iPhone 6 but the display is too big.
I got a Samsung sound bar when I got my LED Samsung TV and talk about a lemon design. It has a slight, but audible, hiss sound. Got it replaced. Same thing. Simply a bad design.The TV is good though.
And making phone calls is CHEAPER now than in the 70's. The forced wiring up of everyone, while nice for a few, substantially increased the cost to most everyone else. It is a ball ending act and I see lots of people trying to fix something that is NOT broken.
Wow. Rational post. +10
"Until recently, these "roads" from content providers to the cloud and back down to the user have been treated like open pipes, completely unregulated. For years cable companies had no issue leaving these pipes wide open, as most of the content being delivered were static websites, images, Flash, and the occasional low-resolution video." Is not a true statement in any regard. I am saddened by the talking heads (like Obsma) that take positions when they know next to...
More endorsements for iOS from the FBI.
New Posts  All Forums: