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In the rural MidWest US, the Apple Maps are far more accurate than the Google maps. Google Maps are like looking into a time capsule from 10 years ago.
None of his posts actually said that. Snowden's data simply showed that the NSA had gained access to various companies systems. That could (more reasonably) they had learned to exploit weaknesses and knew how to circumvent the implemented encryption. Take the "go to fail" issue found in Apple's secure layer code for an example.
Meaningful apications? Healthy 3rd party accessories?
Satya Nadella is impressing me more and more.
The CIA, FBI and now the Manhattan DA endorses iOS and the iPhone.
Apple also indicates the supply chain depth. Huge difference.
What I found interesting on the FTC article on Google was watching it get to the top of Google News and then disappearing. It would then work its way back up to 2-3 and then go away. It would then, again, work its way up to near the top. It looked obvious (to me at leadt) there was some real time effort in adjusting the algorithms to "bury" the story.
How is this a "No" product? It is perfect for huge segment of the population. By you reasoning, the MacBook Air and iPad were also "No" products released under Jobs.
There's a special place in hades for people like this especially if people refused treatment that would have saved their life.
Woo hoo!!! I'm up on ApplePay at last.
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