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You miss DED's sarcasm there. For decades, Apple has been the "beleaguered Apple" by hundreds of journalists. There have been articles written in the last year that still refers go Apple that way.
I think people that have more than 1/3 of their brain functioning understand that Apple REQUIRES its hardware as a critical part of its business. The HARDWARE has allowed Apple to dominate the handset business pulling in 60-80% profit share world wide.
But it is important. If you, as a consumer, can have a single iOS device for both work and office (or 2 of the same device) easily VS an Android that may or may not be supported, the convergence will help drive consumer adoption of iOS.
I have been noticing POI and map errors are getting rapidly fixed. There were many outstanding issues I noticed from when Maps was first released. From roads that would take you over a cliff in various remote areas (like 4WD remote) to roads being wrong in various state parks. Likewise, there were many POIs that were in the wrong location (bars in the middle of a house development instead of 1/4 to the East). These were unchanged for almost 2 years even with monthly...
Reaction to iOS 7 not 8. I see lots of aspects to how Material and Google Design view hierarchies interact as being very similar to iOS now than historic Android.
You are streaming it to yourself.  Now start charging people a fee to watch your sling box content.
I think it matters on if the credit cards are shared. That is how I understand it.
Comparing to Target is a good thing? Thanks for proving my point.
 I am saying they will be lucky to sell 1-2 million phones this year. I am amazed at the number of people that don't see most of Amazon's business is precariously perched on the edge next to billion dollar losses they can never recover from. They have made more profit from selling AMZN than every single other item they have ever sold. When the stock finally goes pssssss.... Amazon will loose its primary means of paying talent, buying companies and expanding. They will then...
 I agree that I am betting Amazon is going for the 1.2 to 1.5 million/quarter number I just don't see this happening. I don't see people on Sprint or TMobile or Verizon doing a switch over this. It isn't THAT much better.  People with massive content (media/apps/docs/data) libraries on iOS will not switch. People on family plans on another carrier won't switch unless the entire family switches. Android users might switch but even there that will be hard. This leaves the...
New Posts  All Forums: