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Shown almost 1 fricken year after the iPhone was introduced. Something the Android fanboys always conveniently "forget". The second prototype was born WAY after the introduction of the iPhone and it shows in the amazingly poor lagtastic interface being shown.
As an EE, this is massively cool and amazingly impressive unless you think talking about theory of what might be achievable is more impressive than actually putting that theory to practical use and delivering a real product.
There is little indication Google is making any significant profits from Android and lots of data indicating they make significantly more off of iOS than Android even after TAC.
Are you serious? Of course Google, Spotify and others scored exclusives when they (if) they could. In media distribution, exclusive is a feature.
Yep, the Android lovers are not liking ComScore today. While flawed, we have years and years and years of the same flawed data and it shows a long time trend of Android reaching peak usage a few years back and iOS doing a slow steady climb.
And not a single one of your reasons justify why they need your work to promote their service. Likewise, why do they get to keep your work even if you close your account and delete everything.You are confusing privacy with IP management.
This is a 100% bi-partisan mess
Exactly right. You have just interpreted the Goggle TOS just as written.
Didn't you watch the demo on Google Photo? The auto classification and organization alone would be a god send for selecting multiple unique images with specific content driven fully automatically through algorithmic processes. Add that to a "like" for social rating and it could be a gold mine and quality (and cheap) images.
Unless you have a server that is hosting and determining what Google ads are served on what pages, Google is running the campaign. You set up specifics of what you want but it is Google that runs the campaign on the Internet. Google has entire pages on setting up your advertising campaign. You setup pieces put Google runs it.
New Posts  All Forums: