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Apple also indicates the supply chain depth. Huge difference.
What I found interesting on the FTC article on Google was watching it get to the top of Google News and then disappearing. It would then work its way back up to 2-3 and then go away. It would then, again, work its way up to near the top. It looked obvious (to me at leadt) there was some real time effort in adjusting the algorithms to "bury" the story.
How is this a "No" product? It is perfect for huge segment of the population. By you reasoning, the MacBook Air and iPad were also "No" products released under Jobs.
There's a special place in hades for people like this especially if people refused treatment that would have saved their life.
Woo hoo!!! I'm up on ApplePay at last.
If you believe that, you really are narrow minded and poorly educated on the history of the world and the rise of this conflict. It predates "Dick and George" by generations.
I won't even go into how you don't have the first understanding of what is in the Christian bible. You really should read the book in its entirety before making patently false statements.
The answer is not military though parts of me wishes it was. The answer lies in eliminating the reasons these groups can find sympathetic ears to their cause. ISIL's rise is not all that different than what happened in Germany after WW I. Any large group of people, that see in the future only hopelessness will willfully blame any outside (or different embedded) culture for their woes.The way out of this madness is the free flow of people, information and wealth from one...
Actually, by claiming they won't reach a market cap of 1T USD in 2015, you did make predictions on future price to an extent.
Android was ALWAYS about adding "value" to the carriers and OEM. Watch the original 30 minute video Google did when they introduced Android 7-8 years back. I watched it and thought: "SHOVEL WARE".
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