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Actually, by claiming they won't reach a market cap of 1T USD in 2015, you did make predictions on future price to an extent.
Android was ALWAYS about adding "value" to the carriers and OEM. Watch the original 30 minute video Google did when they introduced Android 7-8 years back. I watched it and thought: "SHOVEL WARE".
Yahoo offers 1 TB free. I find Apple's 5GB very dated.
As a landscaper I don't dream of the 645Z and the 16-35 will easily out resolve 50 MP. And don't put much faith in DxO's weird MP ratings that don't deal with reality. I already have a couple of pro landscaper friends that are the waiting list for the 5Ds.
I long ago learned to take DxO with a grain of salt. The 2007 50mm f1.2 L easily causes moire pattern even on my 5D Mk II and that is more than 16 MP. IMO they far over-emphasize DR in overall IQ but I control the light at time of exposure (ND grads for example) and don't have DR issues.
As I said, it is generally used to generate sensationalist headlines and panders to those that don't understand math. It is used sparingly and frequently not at all. For example, in 2007-2009, the numbers this warped math gave in the auto industry made no sense in any way shape or form.But it does give good headlines for the weak minded.
I never said Apple was the only company to post profits in my example only that the industry as a hole had more losses than profits.This method of counting percentages is totally flawed.
Then I should go back to the nice 10 micron pixels of my 1D with your warped logic. The 1Dx is a great camera that is optimized NOT for shooting on a tripod. It is optimized for high speed action work where high ISO will be commonly used. The 5Ds is designed to be used at low ISO, tripod mounted such as product, landscape and fashion. It is not a sports camera.Combine that with the amazing 16-35 f4.0, and/or the new 11-24 f4.0 (notice the smaller open aperture) and you...
And if the industry, as a whole, has 10 units in losses and Apple has 10 units in profits, then Apple captured -100% of the profits?This is the worst math of the worst case and caters to sensationalism.
Not with the bad math these analyst use. Apple could easily get 280% or 10,000% or infinity percent of the profit because they don't know losses aren't profits.What's even more whacky is Apple could actually get a negative share and post a profit.
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