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My iPhone 6 runs significantly faster on iOS 9 than iOS 8. In every operation. At least on how I use it.
I've noticed iOS 9 Touch ID is much faster on the iPhone 6. If the 6S speeds up this as well.... Wow.
Exactly. Here's your office, your staff of zero and a phone. We can't really fire you but we can make it so you can't do anything.Same thing.
"There is a major flaw in our tax system that is enabling some of the biggest companies in the world to evade billions in tax that should be paid in Australia," said Senator Sam Dastyari​. "It's time we name and shame our worst tax dodgers." Then fix your tax-system. Don't blame companies for being legal when it is government incompetence that is to blame and shame.
Your first sentence is an outright lie. I know engineers at Apple assigned to iPhone in late 2004. Google got involved with android in late 2005.Likewise, Google has done a poor job of supporting their Nexus profits for 18 months. Even from first release.
Your first sentence is an outright lie.
With the exception of the Google entity, they are all massive money sinks. Like Motorola Iridium money sinks with less potential for profit.
I would say value creation is the most important metric. This measures the value created by the entire Eco-system and it will track closely to profit. The race to the bottom will destroy all value for all players in Android except (perhaps) Google.
As I said, almost a YEAR after the iPhone was shown. Understanding the calendar is not your strong suit. And no, the iPhone was remarkably solid during demos during and after the January announcement and it was NOT reported to be "crashing hard" as you just made up.
Shown almost 1 fricken year after the iPhone was introduced. Something the Android fanboys always conveniently "forget". The second prototype was born WAY after the introduction of the iPhone and it shows in the amazingly poor lagtastic interface being shown.
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