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Since upgrading to Lion I have had a number of email recipients telling me I have not attached the images I had intended to send them. The images are attached (jpgs) and I am sending the emails as plain text. I am also making sure the attachment is viewed as an icon. What can be going wrong?
Hi - syncing via iTunes
Having a few problems with my iCal syncing since installing Lion - I am getting repeat events on my iPhone of events on my Mac but also events that I am generating on my phone are not syncing to iCal on the Mac? Any ideas? Thanks
I am sitting here at my 'late 2006' 17 inch Intel iMac on which I have just installed Lion. Next to my wired mouse is a shiny new, untouched, magic trackpad. The reason it remains untouched and that I am still dragging an ageing mouse around a grubby mouse mat is that my Bluetooth has disappeared - no icon in the toolbar, not mention in system preferences - nothing! Bluetooth has worked before on this machine, so I know the capability is there. I have tried all the...
Hi Until the last couple of weeks my 160gb iPod classic was able to hold my entire iTunes library. However I have now exceeded the capacity and so am looking for a quick way of unchecking a sizable part of my library so it doesn't sync. At the moment I am laboriously unchecking tracks one at a time to create space. This is going to be an ongoing problem, so need a better solution. Anyone got any tips?
Hi Does anyone know if an Apple Wireless keyboard will connect to an iPhone 3GS?
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