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Fry's? I thought we were in 2012, not 2002.
Also, those checks from Samsung are going to take longer now that they took that 10 billion dollar hit for pissing off Apple. That's a long time to wait just to play racquetball since that's all a check from Samsung will be good for after it eventually arrives... if it ever does.It's like Apple has Samsung in a chokehold and is asking it "why are you hitting yourself?"
C'mon Apple! Daddy needs a new 13" MacBook Pro with REAL graphics power... but will settle for a lighter and thinner MacBook Air-like 15" MacBook Pro if the new 13" MBP (if they even decide to keep offering it) doesn't offer a dedicated graphics card, which it probably won't. I think Apple will dump the 13" MBP if it doesn't have a discreet GPU because then it is essentially a MBA. I guess I'll have to see benchmarks for the new Ivy Bridge integrated graphics processor...
Don't be silly. It's obviously all the chinese kids selling their organs that are buying Apple's products.
It probably will not only be tornado proof, but will be a tornado maker as well!
If by "Kind of like how Apple was for most of it's life" you mean "until early 2003 up until the iTunes Store was introduced", then you're correct. AAPL has had a pretty steady upward trajectory for the past 9 years.
Nope.I didn't KNOW anything.I only BELIEVED in Steve Jobs, Apple, and their business model/philosophy.I UNDERSTOOD then why they would prevail as they have now, and FELT that windows computer manufacturers were all doomed to a mass, collective failure because they all shared the same common weak link - windows, and that is why I left Xerox as a network administrator and went to Apple to become a first generation Business Specialist in the second half of 2002.I've always...
As an Apple employee at the time, I told 3 people to buy AAPL on Thursday April 24th of 2003, 4 days before the late Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes store on Monday April 28th 2003. The stock had dipped down to under $13 a share at that time because of rumors/fears that SJ was going to take Apple into the movie industry, thus deviating from it's core computer and technology product business model, because of his being the CEO of Pixar and reports of him meeting with...
HA!Mr. "Openminded" clearly does not comprehend the meaning of the word "ironic".Dear Mr. Openminded - it's the security/reliability/stability of the OS, the seamless integration of that OS with hardware, and the seamless integration of that hardware with other hardware running either the same or a compatabile OS, that causes the Apple "HALO" effect.NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS THAT.Remember it. Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck.
Pre-launch: "Nobody wants a fucking Apple (whatever)."Post-launch: "Everybody wants a fucking Apple (whatever)."IPod 2001, IPhone 2007, iPad 2010, MacBook Air 2011... they're all failing!!! So will iDisplay/iView/iLife (whatever it's called) 2012, right? Riiiiiigggghhhhht.Apple's the first company in HISTORY to be worth more than half a TRILLION dollars and many are already outlooking it being the first to break that trillion dollar milestone in just a few years as well as...
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