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 Ah, so no issues for me then. I already have a MacBook (Air)!!
There's a Bing app? You learn something new everyday.
You should include some of the time-lapse accessories. 
Microsoft's been copying Apple for so long that they decided to go for a change of pace and copy Google instead.
Question is, can we afford it? 
Loving the discussion on this thread. I always felt that the next great war would be because of water!
 Wow! Didn't know Apple owned Domino's outlets! Pizza!!  Edit: Of course, the sentence is properly framed.
First time I heard of "production snarls". Is this when they ask for the production line to operate but it snarls in protest?
So if the story is true, it would mean that there is a difference in the amount the artist earns when music is streamed in the free category and when streamed in the pay category.  That is interesting. 
Wouldn't be surprised if it is "delayed" next week!
New Posts  All Forums: