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Back when Samsung made the Matrix phone, they were cool. They even got the guy who played an Agent in the movie in an ad. The sad part is that if they had diverted half their ad budget to their R&D dept., they may have still had something cool. I, for one, am still disappointed with the outcome of the lawsuits against Samsung by Apple. I think Apple wuz robbed.
  Where's @Slurpy when you need him?
 Absolutely true. If I had TS's talent, I'd clip that bit of the Joker lighting the pile of cash on fire and saying 'It's not about the money. It's about sending a message' from 'The Dark Knight'! EDIT: @sog35 - love reading your posts. Props to you!
Is Zuckerberg under the impression that Facebook is an OS? First there was the ill-advised Facebook phone UI thingy that nobody wanted. Now he wants to break it up into as many apps as possible.   Pretty soon, you will need to download the separate apps to throw sheep, join a ninja clan and whatever else people end up doing on FB.   The main app will just be a notification centre. "IRulz has thrown monkey shit at you. Go to your 'Throw Monkey Shit FB App' and respond...
 What naughty things do you do in your hotel room?
 A lot of Kindles, but not enough to account for 44% right? I mean, even if it was 10%, Bezos would actually announce sales figures!
 I like how you said that. Trying to go cold turkey on all things Google I see!
Comixology didn't have much of a choice. My major apprehension regarding digital comics was that we didn't own a copy of the file that could be backed up or whatever, like an MP3 file for music.   This is now addressed - at least partially, till DC and Marvel allow for it as well.   I'm not sure if it is a coincidence, but Apple is promoting 'Madefire' as an Editors' Pick. One of the things Madefire is publicising is that it allows for in-app purchase of...
 No, I wasn't trying out phones. I just needed to make an urgent call and the closest phone was a BlackBerry with the QWERTY keyboard.
 I was certain TS would give a thumb's up for this... I was right! Seriously though, so do I. I was expecting it 2 years back actually.
New Posts  All Forums: