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If this had released a couple of years back, it would have been ideal for Dr. Rajesh Kootrapalli. Too bad he got over his selective mutism.  Maybe that's the market they are targeting...
I haven't but thanks for this post. I was thinking of upgrading my Bootcamp partition to Windows 10. I guess I'll wait a little longer to see how the graphics pan out on the 5K iMac.
 No! NO!!!  @sog35, you just HAD to do it right? 
Oh no. He just doesn't post here as often as he used to. That's what I meant. He does turn up on a few threads now and then. P.S. Is your location some cryptic critique on the Watch?
I own a pair of PowerBeats2 Wireless. If what is generally said about Beats is true, that they turn up the bass a lot, they have toned it down for this release. I don't hear any overpowering bass. I enjoy listening to my music on them.   Music files for me are not as sensitive as photos. I generally have a CD, a lossless copy and an iOS-compatible copy. There have been multiple times when all my music has disappeared from my iPhone owing to some update or something I did...
That made me laugh. Thanks!
 Not at all. I just think that the criticism should stand on its own merit. I don't think announcing how long you've been an Apple User, or how many Apple things you have really adds anything to the post. TS's troll list was pretty amusing.
I wonder what would happen if Apple went the other way. Lump the iPhone, iPad & Mac sales along with 'Others' and just report it as "sales"!
I read somewhere that Microsoft had over 60 apps on the App Store. I wonder if that is true...
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