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 I wouldn't count on it. Some of the Maps implementation is overdue to certain international customers since iOS 6 and iTunes Radio is still a US-only feature (AFAIK).
OK, here is a question to anybody who does have some idea - I do not need a Mac right now, but I am ready to take the plunge and get the 5K iMac. The question is, how much of a difference would Broadwell make as opposed to Haswell (that is currently used I think)?   Is it worth waiting for a refresh, or will there not be much difference performance-wise? I plan on getting the Quad-core i7 4GHz model. If I was to run FCP X, would I really see much difference? What exactly...
Yup, this is the one I'm getting!   And look at the number of eyes on that insect! Guillermo del Toro must have just had an orgasm looking at that...
 This link shows you how to reset the admin password in case you have forgotten it. You should be able to do that and then get in. It is a Wiki How article: http://tinyurl.com/ResetAdminPassword
 I cannot see Mac Pro customers overlapping significantly with the Mac Mini customers.No one is going to say "crap, no quad core Mac Mini, guess I'll buy a Mac Pro". Even the iMac customers may not overlap significantly with the Mac Pro crowd. I just did a comparison of the top end iMac with Retina 5K Display and the top end Mac Pro. It is $4399 vs. $9599. I just started the process of getting the new iMac.
I've grown accustomed to using the button for orientation lock. It may take me a while to get used to not using it.   It was easier for me to just toggle the switch then to swipe up on the screen, tap the orientation lock and then swipe down again.
Well, it looks like Christmas has come early. Not because we got a free U2 album, but because we get the same whining and bitching about free things when Apple releases their 12 Days of Christmas app.   Songs Of Innocence is on my iPod and will get played, eventually. I am in no hurry to listen to it, but I find it neither obtrusive nor offending.
I wonder if Apple will start putting Beats speakers into the iMacs and MacBooks. While I hardly use the speakers on my iMac (it is on mute most of the time), I've read a few posts dissing the speakers.   To the Beats haters the iMac would be no worse than it already is in terms of speakers.   Of course, we could also speculate that if Beats didn't make it into the next generation of Macs, then Apple is going to revamp the headphones and speakers very, very soon...
 Why would they call it the iPad Air S. /s? If anything, they'll call it the iPad Air S.
 As long as Moon Unit Alpha and Moon Unit Zappa have been cleared off.Imagine Dr. Evil holding Apple's HQ on the moon at ransom for.... $100!!
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