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 Hallelujah to Safari on OS X to help me look up the meaning of antediluvian without having to leave the page!
 I also read that the LG phones ran at lower brightness in the displays to avoid/ mitigate the overheating issue.
 It really doesn't matter. If 16GB (and I assume you meant GB and not mb) wasn't enough before this change, then it still won't be enough after this change.  Apple will never give you a reason why they will or won't keep the 16GB base model. You can actually get 8GB iPhones still you know. 
 Have previous versions of Yosemite run fast as well? I have a late 2009 27" and it runs very, very slowly now. I'll probably do a clean install once I off-load the files to external drives. The difference in performance between Mavericks and Yosemite is really striking. 
I take it you want me to install ClickToFlash? Will do on my new iMac when it arrives!
I usually click on the 'Comments' link on all stories to get directly to the forum. That way I get the story (interesting) and the comments (more interesting) and have had no instances of clicking on an ad by mistake.
I'm sure the video of the Watch showed it getting wet.   So we have the Watch Edition, the Sport Edition and the Edition Edition!   I am pretty excited about this and hope to get one in April. The 42mm Apple Watch Stainless Steel with Link Bracelet is what I am looking forward to...
Does this put to rest the story that Apple probably sold more devices in China than USA the past quarter?
 Every device that runs Windows is a POS! I jest of course.
Is it Fat32 that has a limit on the maximum file size? You cannot copy files > 4 GB on it right? I can't seem to remember if that was a Fat32 limitation or an NTFS limitation. If it is a Fat32 limitation, can your iPhoto library grow to more than 4GB? Will it recognise it as a folder with multiple files, or treat it as a single file? My iPhoto library is currently 315 GB and I have it on a Journaled 4TB drive. I am just curious about Fat32 options.
New Posts  All Forums: