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 I'm planning to start a petition for Constable Odo to seek medical help. There is something very sad about his posts. It's not like troll posts. It's just that all his posts seem to be a cry for help. I just can't bring myself to block him...
 They did that at least 2 years back. I bought the iPhone 5 and 5S for approximately $1100 here in India.
I thought Fincher was in the 20-20 club, but apparently not.   Anyway, looking at the performance of his films, I can understand why he does not have clout like some other directors.   Still, I love his directing style and if he doesn't do this movie, I hope someone equally good or better gets to do it.
 I can see a sandwich being named after him. Tim Cook doesn't care about sandwiches anyway. Apparently Fries are his thing...
Patently Apple is running a story about how the S5 is not doing too well in Samsung's home market.   http://tinyurl.com/S5-Dud-In-Korea     Speaking about marketing, when the S III was marketed with the tagline 'The next big thing is already here', I always read it as 'Well, Apple will release the new iPhone, which is the best smartphone ever, in a few months. In the meantime, the next big thing, our S III, is already here if you want it.'
  Oh FFS! Into the Ignore list you go.
  I can just picture the interaction between the PC Guy and the Mac Guy about Heartbleed..
The super-deluxe editions of the first 3 Zep albums coming out in June also have a code to download a digital copy of the album and the extra tracks on the second disc. It would be great if, like the rumour, the code allowed us to download a hi-res digital version from iTunes!   Or somebody has been reading the comments on this forum and decide to spin it into a rumour.
I had a grand total of one comic on my Comixology account - Batman '66 issue 1.   It's not that I don't like to pay for digital comics. I do have a Mad subscription, but the digital version is free with my physical subscription. I also subscribe to Mac-Life digitally. But somehow, I didn't like either Comixology, or Marvel's digital offering.   I think I am a little more invested in comics actually, so I'd rather know where my digital files are and I'd like to have...
I'm hoping for the opposite. I'm expecting some insane advancements on the next iMac and when that happens, I'm planning to buy it.   Maybe 4K on an iMac is a pipe-dream just now, but at least retina display.   I'll pimp it up with 32 GB RAM and a 3 TB Fusion Drive and upgrade the Graphics Card and the processor as well.
New Posts  All Forums: