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See, this is never an issue for me. I upgrade to S and non-S models every year!
I think Best Buy expanding Watch sales to all their stores is a genuine 3rd party reappraisal of Tim's assertion that the Watch is selling very well.   I think the Watch has amazing opportunities and I'm already finding it increasingly difficult to not have on my hand. It is very difficult to explain to a non-Watch user just what makes it appealing. There isn't one single thing that you pin-point about it that cannot be refuted or dismissed, but the overall package...
I hope they start shipping these phones worldwide, contract-free for $0.99. I'd buy it in a moment of weakness!
You nailed it!! Those are the same stupid things that trolls raise! You'd better put the /s in soon, otherwise people will think you are serious. Oh wait, you ARE serious?
Only if Apple sponsors the US Military and USA takes over the world and implements a standard!
I think bands will be a huge accessory market. It's even more personal than a phone case since they are worn. I think more styles will be introduced for this holiday season, if not announced with WatchOS 2 (Warp!) next month. Hopefully, in a year or so, we'd get sensor-laden bands for more Health and Exercise tracking. And hopefully, they'll be compatible with the first gen Watch. Hey, maybe they can work someway of getting a band that has a GPS tracker in it so the first...
He's desperately trying, isn't he? Been noticing his posts but I'm really not in a mood to feed him. I took the easier route of just flagging the message.
 I really hope Apple supports a hard drive directly connected to AirPort/ Time Capsule. I have a Mac Mini sitting below the TV right now, from which all my content is streamed to the TV. Put iTunes into AirPort directly and modify the AirPort app to enable configuring a hard drive easily. Still, I wonder how it would identify file types. If I wanted to play some movies from a Memory Stick on the PS3/ PSP. it had to be in some specific folder structure order, which was...
Nice acid test for both the companies!
Doesn't Samsung now have new ammo to fire in the SCOTUS, with the USPTO invalidating a couple of Apple's patents? Or is that something else?   I'm wondering if Apple really is a US company, the way the US courts, government and all other official agencies are forever trying to bring it down, or cut it down to size. I thought everyone in the US loved a great US success story.
New Posts  All Forums: