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That's @tooltalk for you. I'll admit this is a new one though. Android and Samsung want to share the savings with customers so the prices are going down. Apple is greedy so they keep the savings till the next model launches.A change from the usual arguments.
Sad I cannot find (the original) Straight Outta Compton on Music. I really wanted to hear it since I never got the chance to listen to it.
He's already said what he had to say. He told the guys at Apple never to sit back and think of what he'd do and say and run Apple the way they think is the best.
Is there anyway to backup the Health data right now? The last 2-3 times I reset and restored an iPhone from a backup, the Health data was lost.   Edit: It would be nice if Apple allowed Health data to be exported as well!
If this had released a couple of years back, it would have been ideal for Dr. Rajesh Kootrapalli. Too bad he got over his selective mutism.  Maybe that's the market they are targeting...
I haven't but thanks for this post. I was thinking of upgrading my Bootcamp partition to Windows 10. I guess I'll wait a little longer to see how the graphics pan out on the 5K iMac.
 No! NO!!!  @sog35, you just HAD to do it right? 
Oh no. He just doesn't post here as often as he used to. That's what I meant. He does turn up on a few threads now and then. P.S. Is your location some cryptic critique on the Watch?
I own a pair of PowerBeats2 Wireless. If what is generally said about Beats is true, that they turn up the bass a lot, they have toned it down for this release. I don't hear any overpowering bass. I enjoy listening to my music on them.   Music files for me are not as sensitive as photos. I generally have a CD, a lossless copy and an iOS-compatible copy. There have been multiple times when all my music has disappeared from my iPhone owing to some update or something I did...
New Posts  All Forums: