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Wouldn't be surprised if it is "delayed" next week!
Not to forget the White iPhone 4, which didn't ship for months after launch. Edit: Pipped by @NasserAE 
What does any of that have to do with Tech Talks?  Just because there is a thread on TV OS, doesn't mean we need to wheel out the laundry list of complaints we have. You think that just because Apple is having these talks, they don't have time to address those issues you listed?
Ming Chi - Reports.Digitimes - Rumours.
The actual issue is just the opposite. TouchID works too well. It is super-fast, meaning that, if I need to check the notifications, I have to either use a non-registered finger, or use the power button on the side. This is on the 6S Plus though.
Just got word that the Black Stainless Steel w/ Link Bracelet 42mm is approx. $1500!! That is the price of the iPhone 6S Plus 128GB!!
I'd factor in an import duty of 33%, so that adds close to $115 to the base model, which works out to about $470.I'm hoping to get the black stainless steel one for my wife today...
I like how the 2 cats here always make sense with their posts - @RadarTheKat and @ECats!
Why hasn't DED included a disclaimer that he is NOT invested in Google? Isn't that mandatory if he is writing an article bashing Google? 
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