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I wonder what would happen if Apple went the other way. Lump the iPhone, iPad & Mac sales along with 'Others' and just report it as "sales"!
I read somewhere that Microsoft had over 60 apps on the App Store. I wonder if that is true...
Then instead of FTC Investigations, there would be "Sanctions"! National Pride would swell and the Government would do everything it could to defend the US Companies like Google against the outsider Apple.
 Hate quoting trolls, but when I see a post like this, I really miss TS. He used to take them apart really well.
I finally managed to get an Apple Watch and I must say that I love it. I am not the most active person socially so I don't get too many calls or messages during the day. But the calendar events being on the wrist + the fact that I can control my Apple TV really is very convenient. Notifications on the screen are also pretty good and I love the tap.   I like that active calories can now be tracked since it has a heart rate monitor. I love being reminded to stand up and I...
 I've been using it from Day One and I really love it. The sense of being able to search Apple's vast music library and play just about anything is a real advantage. There are albums I really wanted to listen to, which I was wary of blind-buying. Now I can listen to the entire thing with my subscription. I think the complaints with Apple Music (botched metadata, busy UI, no clear separation between what you own and what you've rented, etc.) are pretty small in comparison...
In India it's not uncommon for straight guys to hold hands, or walk with their arms over each others' shoulders.
 Nice turn of phrase there AI! Made me chuckle. This guy reminds me of an old song: Hugo Barra sits on an apple tree.Merry, merry, thief of the bush is he.Deny, Hugo Barra deny.Hugo Barra desperate your life must be.
Tyler Durdan had the wrong idea. He should have blown up the Google Data centers!
 Not to mention, The Hobbit Trilogy underperforming as well...
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