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 Now that's a loaded question! Did  you read the description of Pazzuzu in The Exorcist novel?
 Not without a Digitizer of some sort. I don't know how well it works, but the way I see it, that is the most touted feature on the Note. If it is the most used feature on the Note, then Apple may not compete with it in the near future. They are still avoiding the stylus.
 I really wish Douglas Adams was still alive...
 The fact that the maker was called 'Deviant Solutions' didn't set off any alarm bells either!
 Game of Thrones is live? Does this officially make it the first snuff serial?
 I totally agree. I used to use Photoshop for a long time, till about CS4 or so. Then I found Pixlemator and it was enough for me. I do not do any professional photo editing, so I can settle for Pixlemator, or Photogene 4. But I still do splurge on software a bit. I bought Aperture even though I didn't really need it. So, in that context, I would have bought Lightroom for iOS on an impulse if it wasn't priced the way it was. I guess that is what separates the men from the...
 Well, CarResponsibility really doesn't have that ring to it...
2 things of that have been revealing during this trial that are of note to me:   1. Apple acknowledges the need for bigger and cheaper phones. 2. Apple knows Samsung's media blitz does generate some negativity towards Apple.   It really makes me happy to see this because it proves that:   1. Apple is not blind to changing trends. 2. Apple is looking at target demographics that we usually think it isn't worried about. 3. Apple strives hard to project itself as the...
 Ah! The little gems that make AI such a pleasure to read!
 My guess is that it will be like the Shuffle mode in iPod. No one will get picked twice and developers with a higher star rating are given more preference.
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