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The Ecosystem A movie about Tim Cook  Directed by David Fincher Tagline - You don't sell 500 Million Devices without pissing off a few CEOs.
 Since I lack verifiable facts, I stated it as a belief. How difficult is it to parse that? Did I say it was a fact? It still doesn't change the fact that were trolling as usual.
 Well, Yosemite is almost rock solid. You can say it is 'Sock Rolid'!
 I believe it is just a simple case of Apple having something in place to identify a model based on the serial number. Unless I am missing something here. I'll ignore your not-so-subtle attempts at trolling.
 I'd say the iPhone 6 would have sold like hotcakes even if it was 4". The iPhone would have sold like hotcakes at any size. Apple would always be manufacturing at full capacity and still have huge pent-up demand when a new iPhone is released.
 The fact is that the iPhone did depend on a Mac (or PC) when it came out. It took a few iterations before the iPhone completely cut the cord (besides the power cord). The Watch could follow a similar trajectory, but right now Apple is enhancing/ augmenting the functioning of the iPhone with the Watch. It boils down to an accessory for the iPhone but trust Apple to give it so much of thought. And we get it. You think the Watch is a bad idea. Please let the rest of us...
 Flip phones!
Apple is all out, supporting Product RED. It even ensured that its stocks go into the Red for a bit.   Then, as usual, Carl Ichan spoiled the party by buying more and more and propped up the value again!
Is cursive writing going to be a lost art with the next generation? Is "reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic" going to be replaced by "reading, rendering and 'rithmatic"?   Maybe it will become just another subject that is taught in Liberal Arts. Oh the Humanities!   The march of civilisation continues...
 Correction, Chromebooks are the Harry Knowles of Netbooks!
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