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When I hear that 4 million people got lucky, it warms my heart.
Am I missing something? The Apple Store on Regent Street in London does have seating and I have been there, resting my tired feet after all the walking. It sounds like this is rare and not many Apple stores have seating.
Looking at the pics, it seems like the producers desperately wanted Bale. They got Fassbender to look like Bale rather than Jobs!   I can't stand Seth Rogan. I couldn't stand him in any movie I've seen him in. Heck, Jonah Hill would have been a better Woz.    Agree on the bad makeup jobs on Pierce in Prometheus and Nixon from Watchmen. I find makeup jobs to be pretty substandard in general. I mean way back in 1992 we had godawful old age makeup on Linda Hamilton as...
Now that my 128GB has effectively replaced my iPod Classic as my car music system, I was wondering if I could use if to store lossless audio (ALAC) and get it working as a hi-res player.   Does the line-out for the Classic provide enough fidelity to a decent Receiver for me to get good sound, or is the iPod limited owing to the size and other engineering decisions made to achieve its primary purpose as an MP3 player?   What about using some good headphones with ALAC on...
I wonder if Apple's growth will accelerate faster than the share buyback. No particular reason, other than to see if they make it to the Trillion Dollar market cap.
I think Apple has been pretty upfront anyway with the 'In App Purchases' text on these kinds of apps. It is upto the User to decide whether he wants to download and see how much is free.   I downloaded SimCity BuiltIt and enjoyed it up to the point where there was no way to continue the game without buying some currency to build Schools and Police Stations. At that point, I deleted the game. I would gladly have paid $10 upfront to not hit a paywall during the...
I was about to suggest that you two (@SolipsismY and @Dick Applebaum) get a room....
I just reported him. One comment is fine. Two is pushing it. Three is trolling. The last one was pretty bad.
 You just don't have an Inkling do you? Either about how Apple is right now or about how to troll properly.
 Hallelujah to Safari on OS X to help me look up the meaning of antediluvian without having to leave the page!
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