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 The 2014 movie I loved was Interstellar. Despite what anyone's opinion is about the 3rd act, it was one hell of a ride.  That seems to be a running theme with Nolan's movies though... the 3rd act really divides movie goers. Another little underrated gem was John Wick. Nothing too complex. Just a nice, tight revenge flick.
So why jump onto the announcement bandwagon if you aren't sure? I don't think something drastic went wrong with CarPlay for them to change their minds about it later.
 I downloaded the beta version of Affinity Photo. The one thing that really intrigued me was that it supports CMYK, something that Pixelmator lacks.I still need to play around with it, but it really looks interesting.
I think you underestimate the trolls and haters...
@sestewart, I don't know about Office 2013, but I have had no issues with Office 365. I think the iOS apps are very well done and the fact that it now supports iCloud Drive is amazing. The only issue is the new Outlook app not accepting Office 365 accounts. I hope they sort that quickly.   Office 2011 for Mac is really, really long in the tooth and I am looking forward to Office 2015 release. 
Why didn't Apple file for a mis-trial? If the judge is opinionated, wouldn't they have had grounds to appeal for a mis-trial? I wonder why they didn't.
 Yes @lkrupp, get serious. This is Apple we are talking about. If anything, they'd rather be tied to Wayne Industries, not a pale imitation like Stark...
Why is the Watch in a Game Center icon diorama in the first picture?
The issue I've had with the 6 Plus is that, if I have it on me and am rocking on my La-z-boy, it counts each rock as a step. That means I can rack up the step count by just lazing around.    Of course, there is probably no way currently to avoid that, but it would be nice if there was a way to toggle the recording of steps.
A small correction. It should be "the other 10% is currently controlled by our competitors". Remember, there is 103% profits for the taking...
New Posts  All Forums: