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I really marvel at how Apple played Wall Street. So much negativity towards the stock and company, but Apple simply played it cool and caught the analysts with their pants down.   Tim Cook is made of real stern stuff. People were scared of Jobs, so they weren't so blatant about their bias when he was around. Once Jobs was gone, the gloves were off, but Tim handled all of them - Wall Street, Analysts, Ichan, with clinical precision.   Tim Cook, the Iceman. Do not f***...
  Hate to cross you TS, but you are right only as far as the US, and probably a few other countries are concerned.In India, iOS Maps does not even return search results. That  makes it pretty much useless for navigation and the only thing I can use it for is to virtually fly over Battersea Power Station in London or something. To get from one place to another and to find places, Google Maps is the only real choice we have. I tried Nokia's Here Maps but they weren't as good.
 Hello.....  ... and goodbye!
Quote: I advice you not to piss this guy off unless you know Max Von Sydow personally.
 I almost expected you to say 'Kneel before ZO'!
  The funny thing is that Apple never said they would not do a bigger phone. Tim Cook said that the trade-offs for a bigger screen were not acceptable as they compromised key factors in the User experience. It goes without saying that as with everything, they would get around to doing it when they knew they could do it without too many compromises.
I personally feel that Digital Comics should not be treated any different Digital Music.   When I purchase an MP3 file, I can actually access the file, copy it, back it up and play around with it.   If I buy a comic off Comixology, there is no straightforward way I can access my file. I cannot back it up, I cannot view it on any other app. I am at the mercy of Comixology to read the comic.   That extra bit of control is what makes me apprehensive of buying comics...
  Samsung takes a dig at iPhone's camera, saying the S5 takes photos at twice the resolution:http://tinyurl.com/S5-Camera-Better-Ad  Some Samsung S5 phones affected with non-functioning cameras:http://tinyurl.com/S5-Non-functioning-Camera  Oops! They did it again!!
Touch ID is definitely going to come this year for the iPads. However, the way I see it, Apple has no incentive to allow for User Profiles on the iPad. The iPad is designed for a single person - it is the ultimate 'personal' computer (well, along with the iPhone).If User Profiles are implemented, what happens when one person in the family goes travelling and takes the iPad along? What do the other people who have Profiles setup on that iPad do? Moreover, allowing for User...
 There were stories floating around yesterday that Square was bleeding money pretty badly and are desperately looking to sell.
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