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 The pig was nicknamed 'Algie' and finally settled on a farmer's land in Kent, which is what my reference was to. You can say I am a little obsessed with Pink Floyd!
Can't believe so many new posters have sprung up on AI. It's really very nice.   These posts give me a sense of deja vu from when Apple and Samsung took 103% of all profits.
 I'm inflating but deflating luckily! I've never been accused of being a pig... but then, you can call me Algie. On a lucky day, I can fly all the way to Kent!
I use an iPhone and I travel by plane. Then again, if there was a bus from India to England, I'd probably take it.
 Too bad you didn't watch it. If you did you'd know that the first rule of Fight Club is....
 When using the Maps app on iOS, if I try to look for a place, say 'The Forum Mall', Google Maps correctly identifies it as a place in Bangalore, India, whereas Apple Maps finds a place in Singapore. I know Apple Maps is a little finicky about addresses that are entered for search, but if I enter the full address for The Forum Mall I get the 'No Results Found' message. If I select something that is available in the search (say I enter 'H' in the search and pick a location...
I really marvel at how Apple played Wall Street. So much negativity towards the stock and company, but Apple simply played it cool and caught the analysts with their pants down.   Tim Cook is made of real stern stuff. People were scared of Jobs, so they weren't so blatant about their bias when he was around. Once Jobs was gone, the gloves were off, but Tim handled all of them - Wall Street, Analysts, Ichan, with clinical precision.   Tim Cook, the Iceman. Do not f***...
  Hate to cross you TS, but you are right only as far as the US, and probably a few other countries are concerned.In India, iOS Maps does not even return search results. That  makes it pretty much useless for navigation and the only thing I can use it for is to virtually fly over Battersea Power Station in London or something. To get from one place to another and to find places, Google Maps is the only real choice we have. I tried Nokia's Here Maps but they weren't as good.
 Hello.....  ... and goodbye!
Quote: I advice you not to piss this guy off unless you know Max Von Sydow personally.
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