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 Apple is going to raise a stink with the adoption of Apple Pay.Samsung is going to raise a stink the old fashioned way - smelly feet!
 If you are over 50, then it must be a generational thing. Otherwise it could just be a difference of opinion.
 So it's only the Apple fans who got screwed then by the Keynote! Well, after the Metal game part the Keynote stream was very smooth and had no hiccups even on my 8Mbps line.
Having looked at the 5c in person, I can say that Apple definitely knows better than me. I thought the Blue one was the only one that looked good and maybe the Green one. But I must say that in person even the Yellow looks amazing.   Apple knows what colours look good and I know whatever they select will look great!   But if I do buy a new MBP, I'd still love to get the current colour.
For some reason Reachability sounds dirty.
 I'm so happy you didn't like what you saw. I'd hate to lose your trolling I kept contemplating whether to respond to @pazuzu or not. I was wondering whether it is worth trolling a troll or not. I decided it wasn't worth my time. Now, if I already had the Apple Watch, I'm sure I would have decided my time was precious sooner!
So many unanswered questions - resolution, storage, apps...   Still, I must say that the digital crown is a typical Apple innovation. It makes sense and it is amazing how simple the idea really is. And of course, no one else thought about it AFAIK.   I loved what was shown. I wanted more health-related things but I guess I was jaded completely by reading all those rumors (12 sensors on the iWatch!!). I love that Milanese chain style and that is what I will get.   The...
Oh FFS! Guess I'll just go to sleep.
Ok. Finally!
I have to eat my words. What a **** up.
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