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If that is the 38mm version, I'm glad I'm hoping to get the 42mm version.  I got a thing for big watches!
Well, I have hunch that Disney will clean up and release the unaltered OT to hype the release of The Force Awakens. I've held off buying the blu-rays.   The good news is that I already have the OT special editions on iTunes!!
Thanks. I stand corrected. The point I was trying to make was that, so-called 1080p movies on iTunes are already compressed to almost a 10th of the blu-ray size. So there obviously would be some additional compression if 4K becomes available for streaming (when compared to the theoretical 4K disc), which would negate all the space/ bandwidth constraints that @jameskatt2 mentioned. @herbapou's post is a lot clearer though.
 I never did understand the point of curved screens. I fail to see how it would be more immersive. A building-sized cinerama, I can understand. But a 108" home TV being curved doesn't make sense. As a wise man once said - "fuçk Neil Young"!
Yes, I have to agree that compression was ignored in the arguments put forth by @jameskatt2. Even now, if I copy a Blu-ray uncompressed to my hard drive, it is 30-40 GB, but the same movie on iTunes would be about 4-5 GB for the same 1080p definition.
As long as you didn't buy that ridiculously expensive "I Am Rich" app, you're fine!!
 I see they are giving out apples at Sentosa Island in Singapore.You either use the apple to open your room, or you trade an apple to get a room key, based on this Watch app.
 Now where's TS with the Jonathan "not sure if serious" Ive pic?
Actually, I use Google Maps all the time here. It allows for good searches, directions and dynamic re-routing as well.  Apple Maps is very finicky about searches and I have no idea what format it is expecting it in. Addresses sometime aren't very straight forward, so more often than not I get nothing in the search results.And if I try to look for directions, it says directions are not available. I keep checking Apple Maps on and off to see if the services have opened up,...
I would love the Pro to have a digitiser on the screen to account for lag and accuracy. In fact, if the Pro does turn out to be a reality this year, for me it will be the Apple product of the year, even though I am really excited about the Apple Watch. P.S. Hope you are feeling better now. Someone has quoted you!
New Posts  All Forums: