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Sometimes I think I need to unblock all the people I have blocked on this forum and enjoy the silliness. Then I feel that life is too short for all that crap.
September is right around the corner. It's going to be interesting seeing how Music plays out over the next 2 months.
See, this is never an issue for me. I upgrade to S and non-S models every year!
I think Best Buy expanding Watch sales to all their stores is a genuine 3rd party reappraisal of Tim's assertion that the Watch is selling very well.   I think the Watch has amazing opportunities and I'm already finding it increasingly difficult to not have on my hand. It is very difficult to explain to a non-Watch user just what makes it appealing. There isn't one single thing that you pin-point about it that cannot be refuted or dismissed, but the overall package...
I hope they start shipping these phones worldwide, contract-free for $0.99. I'd buy it in a moment of weakness!
You nailed it!! Those are the same stupid things that trolls raise! You'd better put the /s in soon, otherwise people will think you are serious. Oh wait, you ARE serious?
Only if Apple sponsors the US Military and USA takes over the world and implements a standard!
I think bands will be a huge accessory market. It's even more personal than a phone case since they are worn. I think more styles will be introduced for this holiday season, if not announced with WatchOS 2 (Warp!) next month. Hopefully, in a year or so, we'd get sensor-laden bands for more Health and Exercise tracking. And hopefully, they'll be compatible with the first gen Watch. Hey, maybe they can work someway of getting a band that has a GPS tracker in it so the first...
He's desperately trying, isn't he? Been noticing his posts but I'm really not in a mood to feed him. I took the easier route of just flagging the message.
 I really hope Apple supports a hard drive directly connected to AirPort/ Time Capsule. I have a Mac Mini sitting below the TV right now, from which all my content is streamed to the TV. Put iTunes into AirPort directly and modify the AirPort app to enable configuring a hard drive easily. Still, I wonder how it would identify file types. If I wanted to play some movies from a Memory Stick on the PS3/ PSP. it had to be in some specific folder structure order, which was...
New Posts  All Forums: