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 That may be a bit of a stretch. Some deluded Google fans may try to enter dummy locations but I don't think Google would be bothered to actively do something like that. But this is another piece of the puzzle that falls nicely into place. Good thing that Apple is doing this.
I just discovered my new pet peeve - 'colourable'. When the f**k did the text books change to add that usage?   And it is literally wrong as well - the iPad Air 2 comes in Gold - that colour was not available on iPads before.   No colourable difference, my a**.
 Yes, it is only full of dead mice!
I think Apple should report sales of the Watch. They poured a lot into it and have no reason to be afraid.   They are building up good momentum and are hitting the right notes - health, notifications, personalisation and fashion. No other Smart Watch has done that (or even thought about it) till now and this is even before they have announced a release date (date, not timeframe).   How exactly does shielding the numbers help against competitors? The competition is...
The 128GB 6 Plus is yet to make an official appearance in India (it is available on Ebay but I wouldn't risk buying one from sellers who do not take returns).   I am on the shortlist when Apple decides to ship some over here. It's a bitch, waiting for them. I'm on a totally different planet!
I wonder if Tim was dying to talk about an iPad Pro!   Whatever the case may be, I'm getting the Air 2. Pixelmator for the iPad is really getting me excited.
 I wouldn't count on it. Some of the Maps implementation is overdue to certain international customers since iOS 6 and iTunes Radio is still a US-only feature (AFAIK).
OK, here is a question to anybody who does have some idea - I do not need a Mac right now, but I am ready to take the plunge and get the 5K iMac. The question is, how much of a difference would Broadwell make as opposed to Haswell (that is currently used I think)?   Is it worth waiting for a refresh, or will there not be much difference performance-wise? I plan on getting the Quad-core i7 4GHz model. If I was to run FCP X, would I really see much difference? What exactly...
Yup, this is the one I'm getting!   And look at the number of eyes on that insect! Guillermo del Toro must have just had an orgasm looking at that...
 This link shows you how to reset the admin password in case you have forgotten it. You should be able to do that and then get in. It is a Wiki How article: http://tinyurl.com/ResetAdminPassword
New Posts  All Forums: