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Hmmm, I thought Yahoo was 'best friends' with Apple. This could be their way of showing 'we are independent' I guess.   Unfortunately, I haven't been too pleased with Yahoo search on my Mac. I end up using Google.   Also unfortunately, due to another story on AI, the moment I looked at the picture of Mayer, I was wondering what @NIZZARD wanted to do to her...
 You don't understand. This is not the default wallpaper that the iPads come with. There is a purpose for this wallpaper. When a Samsung Tab User decides to choose a better life and get an iPad, he has to slowly be lowered into the new world. You can't just dump him there. He'll be like a fish out of water. In order to ease that transition, Apple has a wallpaper which acts as a familiar blanket for him...
Quote: Ok, that's hilarious you damn Brit!! Hope you don't mind if I flag you.
 Spellcheck? On AI??
 It immediately reminded me of Newhart in The Big Bang Theory. "Is, is that an... internet?"
 Ok, I don't think I understood this properly. How does wearing a watch mean that you are an ass and a user of people?
It is very interesting to get this perspective. My interest in HealthKit was how I could record and store my data like weight, blood glucose levels, etc. But when I read this, it showed I had a tunnel vision and that the potential for this is huge.   I somehow feel that Tim wants to make Health his legacy and will push this constantly and make it a revolutionary thing with dedicated hardware and, of course, apps.
 Same here. I have the iOS 8 Pages and Numbers beta apps installed, but haven't gotten any Continuity going on.I wonder if there are any geographical limits. Are you in the US?
I have done away with a couple of apps since I installed iOS8 on my iPhone and have started entering my blood glucose levels and weight in the Health app.   The dashboard looks very nice.   I would love to have data entered automatically if it can be, so anything Apple makes in this respect will have my money.   Of course, I do wish there were some options, like changing the Units to the Metric System, but I know it will all come in time for the GM. Too much to...
     @tenly, I think you misunderstood @hill60. He was addressing @Shawn Richards post about this being a phisher's dream.What he is saying is that, once someone has your card, it does not matter if they type it in or scan it. This new feature has no bearing on the probability of your card being abused. He wasn't commenting on the usefulness of the feature. Apologies if I have misinterpreted your post though.
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