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 Nothing compares to the Babel Fish!
 Wait, you have an Apple fanboy card? Damn! I lost all respect for you man.
So there are 3 major things that have been speculated upon:   1. Health 2. Home automation 3. Payment Gateway   I wonder what WWDC will truly bring us? 2nd June can't come fast enough!
 This is exactly what I want to get this year - the (almost) fully loaded 27 inch iMac. I hope there is some interesting updates before this year is out.
I don't think AI is shilling this because I saw a lot of Mac sites carrying this story on the Mac# app.   The moment I saw Google, I decided mentally not to download this app.   What can I say? AI has made me shit-scared of Google. I keep hearing Geena Davis' voice saying 'Be afraid. Be very afraid.'
I don't get all the negativity to this story. It is based on a rumour, but is fun speculation.   If nothing else, I got a nice handy list of things already available in the market for a smart home in one single post.
Cool!   And that seems to be the problem all the time. The first read of any Google research/ prototype makes me think it is a cool technology. And then the ADD overlords of Google suck out all interest by never releasing anything.
 Most of the times I just skim through the article and go straight to the comments. That is where the real entertainment is. People always quote the important bits of the article to comment/ correct/ speculate, so I get the news anyway!
iPhones bought in Saudi Arabia do not have the option of FaceTime. I thought that was pretty odd.
Amazing what people can do with Fiddler!
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