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 OK. I believe you.
Shocking! And that too on an Apple fan website! The nerve! Why I oughta...
I bit the bullet and bought the new 5K iMac. My late 2009 27" became dead slow after I updated the OS to Yosemite. So I'm hoping they don't release an 8K iMac soon! Performance improvements on the next iteration, I can live with though!
 I really wonder what Scott Forstall is upto. He was hardly mentioned in the Becoming Steve Jobs book either.
Unfortunately, this guy will never ban himself. If the mods do ban him, he will re-appear under a different name. 
iTunes and the Music App, I am yet to fully understand thee.   I set my iPhone to manually manage music. I copied across 5000 songs to my iPhone and after it was done, I unplugged my phone and none of the music was there!   It turns out that some quirk somewhere prevents songs from being added if I manually add songs I purchased from iTunes.    So I worked around this and only added my non-purchased songs and that was fine.   The next time I connected the phone to...
 I set it up as PonFarr...
  Before the prices were announced, I settled for the Apple Watch with Stainless Steel link bracelet. After the prices were announced, the fact that the bracelet itself costs more than the Sport Watch is a momentary pause... but every picture I see of the Apple Watch convinces me that the Stainless Steel bracelet is absolutely gorgeous with the watch. I haven't changed my mind!!
Insignificant blue-green planet? It is the only planet with life on it!   And digital watches are cool!!   And I will transfer a lot of green pieces of paper to get me some digital watch!!!   Damn! So long Douglas. And Thanks for all the fish!
Looks like I jumped the gun. Siri still apologies and says she cannot give directions. Maps cannot do directions either. There is just the option to select English (Indian) now.
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