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 Come iOS 9 Notes and the elephant is on its way out of my phone!
I bought a pair of PowerBeats2 Wireless over the weekend to replace my ageing earphones and in anticipation of the Apple Music launch come Wednesday!
You just gave some troll an idea...
These ads popped up in India as well. Every one of them is eye-catching.   Even the TV ads are pretty neat. Well done Apple!
 I think a VP for SIRI won't be happening anytime soon. Why would apple need a VP for Apple Insider??
At first, I saw Pink Floyd and went "WOW!". Then I saw the Watch and I went "WTF??".   They really do look sad. I don't know about the functionality, but half the battle is lost based on the looks. Price and functionality will be the deciding factor here I guess.   Unrelated question: Does the Apple Watch show artwork of the music currently being played on it?
I think this was a wise move by Apple. I felt Apple should be compensating artists during the free period. However, I did hear another view when listening to the AI podcast, where paying the artists and then dumping it for free was akin to buying into the market, which could prompt investigations.   Still, I am happy they did this. It really gives the artists a better impression of Apple.    @Rayz, I think it does not put Apple in any kind of a back-foot position. If...
Are all these artists and labels on Spotify? Do they get paid for the freely streamed music on Spotify or others? If they do, then I can understand their beef. If they aren't anyway paid for the free streaming, then I don't understand what they are trying to do here.   Having said that, I think Apple will earn a lot of goodwill from the artists if they pay during the 3 month trial period as well. Apple is trying to differentiate its service and I think paying artists in...
Some artists will be hold-outs till the first 3 months are out.   Personally, I'm just looking forward to listening to some 70s prog rock and possibly some 90s alternative. There are tons of albums and songs I really want to listen to but am loth to buy without giving them a listen first.   Of course, that's assuming I'm in one of the 100 launch countries.
Yay Taco Emoji!!
New Posts  All Forums: