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Can Germans invest in US shares? Does this company have an office in USA? I fail to understand why a German company would forecast US stocks.
I collect a lot of concerts. But while I stick to only one band's shows, I can imagine there are lots of other people who collect a lot of bands. Those people would run into songs greater than 25k.   I just did a very rough, arbitrary calculation: 25k songs with an average of 6 mins per song would work out to 2500 hours of music.  If we assume 2 hours of listening time per day, then it would take 1250 days to listen to all that music. That would work out to about 3.42...
 They'll have to be the 52nd State. England already has dibs on being the 51st State!!
@mpantone, interesting story!   This is one of the rare occasions when someone refers to the guest of honour having a "distinguished career as a highly effective leader at the forefront of technological innovation", it is actually true!
I actually prefer round faced Watches to rectangular ones. The Apple Watch is the only exception.
 This is a business opportunity for case makers. Try engineering a case for the Apple Watch that is waterproof, like the Otterbox cases for the iPhone. Build apps that measure your laps and calculate the calories burnt when swimming.  Of course, much easier said than done. They will have to consider the way the strap attaches itself to the watch, whether they want to cover the watch + strap or only the watch, provide access to the digital crown, and a whole load of other...
 How do you pay for your travel cards using NFC? Is the NFC element on the iPhone limited to Apple's usage only? I wonder if they will open it up to third party apps like TouchId. We could then load the Oyster Card onto the Passbook app and use the iPhone to tap in and out of tube rides.  Either that, or the Oyster Card somehow is made compatible with Apple Pay.
You are missing context. The ad that @Slurpy posted showed that Pebble supports 'Apple, Samsung and Android'. The point being, in @Slurpy's own words, ""Android" has zero brand equity, and they know people are too fucking stupid to even realize their Samsung is running Android. "Android", with it's incredible marketshare, is placed dead-last. " @TheWhiteFalcon's point was that Samsung is listed there for supporting Android, not because Pebble supported Tizen, which is...
Prepping my photos for Photos and iCloud, it is amazing to see such a marked difference in the photos taken across the iPhone generations, from the first one to the 6 Plus. I used to think that the iPhone 4 photos seemed good enough, but then the 5, 5s and now the 6 Plus, are so much better.   When we go for holidays or have to cover some events, we always carry a Nikon along for better resolution photos, but the iPhones over the years captured almost all the historic...
It figures, this one was in Texas.
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