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Yeah, I ended up opening the file on my Mac and adding a TOC there.When selecting the TOC is iCloud, the edit section on the left shows 'Editing Table of Contents coming soon', so it should show up in some upgrade down the road.
 You are deliberately being obtuse, right? You said you can buy a first generation iPad, which won't run iOS 7.1 officially.The point SolipsismX is making is that you cannot 'officially' buy a first gen. iPad since Apple does not sell any. Your point is about as valid as buying an Apple ][ from somewhere and saying it doesn't run Mavericks and then say the Apple ][ is crap. SolipsismX gave you a link to a tablet that is manufactured by a company that has been on sale since...
  The Supreme Court in India has asked the Samsung CEO to appear before a court to face criminal charges. Link to the WSJ article: http://tinyurl.com/mxk32qj Nothing much may come off it though.
Has anyone tried the 'Tell me a story' thing on Siri? It is pretty funny. You need to ask her thrice...
    Unfortunately, both the solutions are for Pages on the Mac and I'm away from my Mac most of the time. I was asking about the iPad version of the iCloud version.
I read somewhere that Michael Dell's statement had nowhere the glee or malice that we generally associate with it. It appears like he was pressed for his opinion and gave his honest opinion without trying to take a dig at anyone.   Realistically, no other company had anyone like Jobs, so there is no way anyone could have guessed what happened to Apple, besides Jobs himself.
 Another old poster in a new guise with an axe to grind against DED? Get in line...
 This is probably one of the most clever, hilarious sentences I read in a long time! I loved reading the iPhone death watch and it's amazing how many times Dvorak is featured on it.
 I'm pretty sure TS counted you as well!
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to add a Table of Contents to a Pages document either on the Cloud or on my iPad. Is there an option to do so that I am unable to find, or is it simply not there?
New Posts  All Forums: