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The last movie I saw him in was Insomnia. Excellent performance. Sad to see a life end like that.
I really am enjoying the war between TS and Sog35. It a classic, right up there with Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, Betamax vs. VHS, Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD. It's a pity the war will stop once the new iPhones are announced. God, I hope not!
 Well, @sog35 admitted on another thread that he was trolling.. specifically you TS!
It's been a long time since I used it, so can someone please clarify if 1Password directly interacts with Safari now, or do I still need to use their built-in browser?
 The horror.... the horror...
  Yes? You called?
 This is something I just can't figure out @sog35. Almost every rumour posting has you commenting that it is evidence that the 5.5" is coming. I have seen you make some very sensible posts dealing with Apple shares and stuff, but I just can't understand your obsession with this.You even make some  protracted claims of proof like 50MM Notes selling meaning that the 5.5" is coming. If a 5.5" does come, well that's fine. If it doesn't, that is also fine. I don't know what I...
 Well, that was unnecessarily harsh.
Either Microsoft is as pigheaded as Samsung is (what with Samsung announcing an event based on the rumour of an Apple event), or this spot is actually a dance school where they teach you to do the clickity-click with the Surface cover.
 I have a stylus for the iPad but I stopped using it after the first few days.The fact is that, until there is a digitizer on the screen, it is very difficult to get precision, especially for drawing. There are a lot of new styluses (stylii?) with a lot of pressure points, but you still get a noticeable lag when using them. An iPad with a Wacom-like digitizer is one thing I really want. Whether it happens or not is up in the (iPad) air.
New Posts  All Forums: