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 So what does "unlimited" mean then?
So, things of note: Ming is "well-connected" again, as @mike01 noted. iPhone 7 will have a re-designed external chassis (pretty obvious to predict). iPhone 7 will release in September (again, pretty obvious). iPhone 7 Plus will have 3GB of RAM (speculation). iPhone 7 will be the thinnest iPhone yet (finger-in-the-air, neither-here-nor-there prediction).   Damn, let me enjoy my 6S Plus before you open the floodgates of new rumours please!!
Isn't it supposed to be iOS 9.1 that got the new Emojis?
Why should DED being an Apple Stockholder be disclosed on his posts, when this site is called "AppleInsider" and is a pro-Apple (at least as far as DED is concerned) rumours and reporting site?   If I was to list all the Apple things that I have before posting, I'll definitely be called out since that is "troll behaviour". So why should DED have to disclose that he is a shareholder? Doesn't make any sense.   Amidst all the crap that is put out by the press about Apple,...
 Just a random comment - "Asha" means "hope". So technically, we who use the iPhone are hopeless!!
 Imagine an Apple-produced documentary on Aaron Sorkin! 
Hear that sound? That is the sound of a million d!cks getting hard!    One the one hand, we have the Faithful, waiting patiently for the refresh so they can snap it up. On the other hand, we have the Trolls, drooling at the prospect of sh!tting all over a new Apple product.   Fun time ahead!!
And this is what I hope Apple will someday provide with iTunes. I've got a Mac Mini running as my media server. I'd rather just have a NAS with iTunes being capable of reading and streaming it.
It turned up on our iPhones in India with iOS 9.1. It looks pretty interesting but I haven't played around with it yet.
Sad to see the typical "not music" comments from some posters. Just because you aren't into it, doesn't mean it isn't any good.    And if this sponsorship boosts Music profile, I'd say Apple will go with it - but on their terms. It is their money after all.
New Posts  All Forums: