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 Don't bet on it. I have pre-ordered/ reserved the 6+ 128 GB but am only cautiously optimistic about getting it this week. The last time around, resellers returned the pre-order amounts to people because they hardly got any supplies. Only people who want an iPhone 6, without any other demands (colour, space) can get one immediately when it launches. Them, and the lucky ones who get what they want.... Me, I'm just hoping to "fondle" the 6+ this weekend. Hopefully in Space...
I think we can extrapolate the picture and conclude that the Pink 5c is selling well - and not only to women. I bet Bret Hart has a Pink 5c.   I wonder if the fine will be tax-deductible, given that NFL is a non-profit organisation and he is donating to them...
Props to @SolipsismX for the pics. She looks very nice and friendly - something most supermodels lack when they are posing. Of course, the one thing I don't like about the supermodels is the lack of breasts - too small for my liking.   I am not asking for silicone watermelons, but at least some nice natural grapefruit, or mangoes...   On Topic: I just can't wait for the watch. I really, really want one.   OT: I just saw an account called 'Solipcyst' - looks like you...
With respect to the article, I loved the bit that Ive shared about Steve chiding him for trying to be nice to people. It really shows that people like Steve are very rare.   One of the most common things that people do is take things too personally in their profession. If someone is chided about their work, they take it that the person does not like them, which I think is pretty stupid.   I also agree with @TheWhiteFalcon. The more such things I hear about Steve, the...
Oh FFS, why is Beelzebub still allowed to post here? His/ her/ its posts are getting more and more blatant in their trolling.
OT but those icons are the things Android needs to work on. I have just played around with an S3 and the Nexus tablet and I always felt the icons look very tacky.
 I am pretty keen to find out how reading comics feels on the 6+. I have reserved mine (will be available in India on the 16th!) and am really looking forward to using the plus size for all the things I use my iPad Air for.
  And just to add absolutely nothing to the discussion at hand, I will argue with you - how are you sure there isn't a Neptune-based company that also has offices in Saturn?
 I haven't been that lucky though. My iPad Air has crashed multiple times - at least once a day. It is annoying. I have no problems on my iPhone 5c though. iOS 8 is great on it.
 This is one time when spelling it out clearly doesn't help! I thought it was pretty clever though.
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