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 I've flagged him. If he left out the 'gay boy' part, I would have let his post slide.
 It is just a joke that stems from recent rumors that state that the supposed 4.7" iPhone will have some features handicapped when compared to the supposed 5.5" model.
 What so confusing about the sentence? The review says that it looks like a safe (as in 'safety deposit box') where you keep your jewellery. Then it says that is fitting, considering that this is something like a safe (as in 'safety deposit box') for your data.
 I'm sure you'll find this one well after September. I'm on the lookout for a new iMac. But I can hang on to my old one for longer. So even if the new iMacs come early next year, I'm still fine with it. So what I mean is, if you can, it is better to wait and watch.
Seems like a great time to be chip designer right now. No more anti-poaching agreements and a lot of demand.   It feels good to know that the guys with the skills will now get paid their worth.
Atlas sounds promising. One of the reasons I didn't get the Nike Fuelband was because some reviews said that, being on your hand, it wouldn't log too much information if you are doing stuff like walking on a treadmill.   But if Atlas could track something like that, it would be really cool.   Whatever Apple is going to announce, it can't come soon enough.   On another note, when Hsieh handed in his papers to say he was joining Apple, Atlas Shrugged!
  Thanks for the screenshot lady. The AI article didn't do a good job of showing what exactly the new UI was like.This one sums it up nicely. I don't have an opinion.
 I was contemplating saying something about these guys, but then I thought it would just be a cheap shot. I'm just glad you exist Slurpy. You call a spade a spade. Actually, you call a spade a f**king spade!
 I think this is a key issue here. Apple is known to sell services to sell more hardware. So something like HomeKit (as it stands) was surprising since Apple was allowing non-Apple hardware to interact with it. This is what caught Google flat-footed. So I don't think it is a stretch to say that they changed their tune from 'all Android hardware' to 'software API' to mimic Apple. Of course, Apple is not altruistic, so, as with the HealthKit, I am certain they have some...
 People who listen to "propogandists" and then decide to buy a phone are foolish. If you switch from iPhone to Android and are happy, then good for you.If you switch from Android to an iPhone and are happy, then, again, good for you. But for God's sake, do your own research before you buy. And I don't mean you in particular. I am talking about the people who are listening to "the Apple propogandists". I am invested in the Apple ecosystem and it is great. With things like...
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