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 I thought Angels get Harleys...
 Considering the fact that The Dark Side Of The Moon spent over a 1000 (non-consecutive) weeks on the Billboard charts, I think it already has a huge base!
 This is the kind of thing other companies should emulate. Customer Care and Services are going down the toilet. If other companies emulate Apple it would be a better market.
 O ye of little cognizance! I'm not sure you noticed, but the 5th Ave. Apple Store is in USA, not New Zealand. Obviously you cannot stroll into the shop on launch day and expect to buy one, so obviously they are lining up there. Just because you can walk into a store in New Zealand to buy one, doesn't mean it is the same everywhere.
 "Fab Fall" is the perfect Analyst phrase. An analyst can never fail or be wrong when he says 'Fab Fall' with reference to Apple. Scenario 01: Apple blows everyone away with its Fall line-up and Wall Street and analysts are happy - it is a fabulous Fall. Scenario 02: Apple does not deliver every single overblown, over-the-top analyst expectation/ prediction - the stock free falls, it is a fabulous (free) fall. Scenario 03: There is no Scenario 03!
 And 2/3 of 2014 as well.
 I notice that the Gazelle story keeps getting bumped up. It looks like AI is getting paid for it. I don't have a problem with that. However, it would have been better if they mentioned that it was an ad, rather than a 'feature'.
It looks like Yosemite is the version that will finally kill off my 2009 iMac. The machine has become very, very slow.   I plan to do a complete re-install once the GM is out. I guess a reset is long overdue.
 Actually Office 365 isn't too expensive for what it offers. I am against subscription software in general, but if companies that deal mostly with software are moving in that direction, then that is how it is. There was a time when amateur photographers/ videographers could buy a licence for Adobe's Creative Suite and use it. The subscription plans now are high enough to separate the men from the boys, so guys like me have to look for alternatives like...
 OT, but I hope things get better for Benedict soon. He's been in a sub-standard Sherlock season, a toothless Star Trek movie, a critically 'meh'  Middle Earth film (even though I immensely enjoyed The Hobbit films so far) and a bomb biography (The Fourth Estate). He is absolutely watchable, but things just don't seem to be working out for him.
New Posts  All Forums: