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It would help if there were some screenshots of actual usage. Can I also drag and drop from one screen to the other? Can I use the Touchpad on the Mac to control the stuff on the iPad? Will the stuff displayed on the iPad respond to touch or will it remain a passive screen as long as I am in the app? 
I am in the exact opposite camp right now. For about 5 years I have been using an iMac at home and a MBP with Windows 7 at work.  Now that my actual coding has reduced, I have removed Windows completely. I just have an AWS setup for the occasional debugging, but now I work on OS X and it is amazing!    Sure, I still am tied to MS services like TFS, Outlook and Office. But working with them on the Mac environment is probably the best compromise.   All said and done, MS...
 This is the foremost question on my mind right now. When is the next Mac Pro going to release? When will the next generation of Xeon chips release? When will TB3 come out?  Apple resellers have stopped selling BTO options here in India due to some Customs issues, which means that I have no option of getting an i7 based desktop - never mind my dream souped up 5K iMac. I have started considering the Mac Pro but given that it has been over a year since the model released, I...
There have been some rumblings that Apple Pay may be introduced in India. That has me excited. While I have never seen an NFC terminal in any shop I've been to in India, I assume online payments will support Apple Pay. If that does happen, it'll be really neat.
I liked her in Holy Smoke. She was great in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. I liked her in Holy Smoke. She was the only bright spot in Revolutionary Road. I liked her in Holy Smoke.  She was pretty awesome in Heavenly Creatures as well.   Did I mention, I liked her in Holy Smoke.
@SolipsismY made a pretty straightforward statement. I don't know why it is being construed as anti-Apple.    @muppetry hit the nail on the head with respect to the Watch. The update on the website is definitely not going to get the same coverage as the introduction event. And the website update was the only significant official Apple Watch related thing that has happened recently.   @Tallest Skil wins the thread as usual.
I always wanted to buy a TAG Heuer and I probably will buy one someday. But it will be a mechanical watch. Those things are works of art that TAG has tremendous experience in.   I will definitely buy the Apple Watch because that is something Apple has a lot of expertise in.    What I won't be buying is a TAG Smartwatch. The only ecosystem I want is the Apple one.
I finally got my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus and am totally blown away by it! The screen is just gorgeous. With the power button on the side and the Reachability feature, I have been able to use it pretty well with one hand.   I have been splurging on the App Store with stuff like Workflow and CarrotFit and have started moving all my music into it - finally retiring my iPod Classic. It was worth the wait!!
  I think your Nexus 5 is pissed off with you because of your love for Apple. I am pretty surprised you'd be using a Nexus 5 rather than an earlier model of the iPhone.  However, now that I know you have been to the dark side, I'll respect your opinions a lot more.
I think Apple entering a category reaffirms that the arena is ripe with profits. It is like Apple does the research and the others decide to piggyback on it. 
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