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I read somewhere that Michael Dell's statement had nowhere the glee or malice that we generally associate with it. It appears like he was pressed for his opinion and gave his honest opinion without trying to take a dig at anyone.   Realistically, no other company had anyone like Jobs, so there is no way anyone could have guessed what happened to Apple, besides Jobs himself.
 Another old poster in a new guise with an axe to grind against DED? Get in line...
 This is probably one of the most clever, hilarious sentences I read in a long time! I loved reading the iPhone death watch and it's amazing how many times Dvorak is featured on it.
 I'm pretty sure TS counted you as well!
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to add a Table of Contents to a Pages document either on the Cloud or on my iPad. Is there an option to do so that I am unable to find, or is it simply not there?
 Ladies and Gentlemen - the Architect of the Matrix! Ergo! Vis-à-vis! Concordantly!
  Personally, I don't want Slurpy blocking anyone. I love it when he tears idiots a new one.
 Looks like @GatorGuy is reading Atlas Shrugged 50 years too late...
Stop f*cking listening to hip-hop, rap and Cannibal Corpse people!
 In the Indian iTMS, there is only one price for songs. It works out to about $0.25 per song.
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