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  I would tend to agree that Win7 is the best of the Window OS releases. And again, no comparison to Mountain Lion. I am tied to Windows since I develop on Visual Studio, but at home I shifted to OS X almost 4 years ago.   My office laptop is a MBP that has Win.7 installed via Bootcamp. Booting to Windows takes easily 4-5 times the amount of time booting to ML takes.   To be fair though, Win.7 is pretty stable. It must have crashed maybe 3 times at the most in the past 2...
  You can bet that Dr. Rajesh Koothrapali would be as turned on by the male voice as he was by the female voice!   I'm downloading the iPad Mini iOS 7 beta right now!
  Wonderful!! So not only does watching video hog your battery life, you now have a motion sensor that remains active for the length of the video on the outside chance that you may nod off and the video should be paused automatically. Twice the battery drain for a 1% gain in "functionality"!   Does this officially make rewind button passé now?
    I may a bit confused but wasn't this a comparison that Tim Cook had made at the WWDC 2013 Keynote? It may not be the actual pie charts, but he did say something about how more than 90% were on the latest iOS, but only a third were on the latest Android.
So when do rumours of a low cost S4 begin? Or is this already covered by the Samsung Grand or whatever?
Cool! TS is back. Now what's up with SolipsismX? He's been pretty quiet through the past few days, even though there were so many interesting announcements at WWDC.
My wife keeps looking at the Apple TV Remote and saying how Apple seems to be the only company that is moving towards something like the Monolith from 2001. Looks like the new Time Capsule and Mac Pro are heading that way too!
Yes, I was wondering that as well. I'm sure I saw 1Pasaword on the graphic to this story.Anyway, I'm waiting for more details on iCloud password integration.Any idea when iOS 7 is available to devs?
Very good announcements today. Everything gets rebooted, more or less, including the trolls. Now they have new stuff to whine about or try to fit into their usual arguments.
Ad-free with Match is great. Now, I just have to wait till they roll it out worldwide. With all these streaming video and music sites and services, the ISPs seem to be the ones holding us back!
New Posts  All Forums: