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 Assuming this even exists, another question is whether Apple can indeed make 58 million of them in 2014.They would have to average approximately 2 a second for a year to make that many of them.
 Flash Ah-A, saviour of the Universe.
 And you know this how? iOuija Board?
 This is what I am interested in as well. How is it that UW is certain the A7 infringed but not the A6? Can the A7 be reverse engineered to figure out how it works? Does UW have the technology to do that? Even if they did get that far, how did they determine that the implementation is the same? I admit I don't have the patience to read up the patents, but I'm looking forward to the discussions here.
 Yes, but they'd better be careful not to let Tim Cook near the fries... On topic though, I think Thomson just won the thread. Perfectly balanced and calm posts. A joy to read!
 For some reason I was thinking about the way Egyptians walk when I read this comment...
Too bad The Undertaker is all but retired. I wouldn't want to subscribe to this just to watch one match at Wrestlemania each year!   Then again, the on-demand service sounds good. I could stream the old matches from the eighties and nineties - the pre-Attitude era.   Of course, it may not even be launched in India, so it's back to Youtube then!
 Moffat's safety is under threat mainly due to the underwhelming Sherlock S3. The final episode was really so disappointing and the final bit/ twist seemed so forced. Hope S4 is better and comes quicker. Till then, I'll watch S1 and S2 again. And there's the 12th Doctor to look forward to (though I'm sad to see Matt Smith go).
 I must be getting old. I am getting fed up of people referring to this site as 'SamsungInsider', 'GoogleInsider', 'AndroidInsider', etc., whenever there is a non-Apple story. It's almost as irritating as seeing people trying to be creative with names, like 'Samesung', 'Samdung', 'Micro$oft', whatever.
 I agree. That's exactly what I did. I saw his first post and hit the red flag.
New Posts  All Forums: