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      Thanks guys. You reminded me about one of the most enjoyable books I ever read!So long Douglas.. and thanks for all the books!
  You seriously do not have to answer GatorGuy. His stupid trolling is getting very, very irritating.I understood that your statement was in jest. He knew it as well, but decide to state some shit just because 'the Apple fanbois' heckle Ballmer's short-sighted view of the iPhone. I have put him on my ignore list but sometimes when I see his comments in other people's replies, I notice that his crusade of trolling AI is endless.
 iTime by Pink Floyd!
Looks pretty good.   I'm waiting for the real action to start - this thread is still in it's infancy.
Nadella has a certain resemblance to Robert Zemeckis.   I know - I'm not adding anything to the discussion...
 Anything I download from Apple downloads at the fastest possible speed that my connection allows. It is one of the things that really is great about Apple. The other stuff I download never reaches the same speeds. And I'm not talking just torrents....
I read recently that one of the alleged 10 sensors on the iWatch will be a sweat monitor! It can allegedly tell a lot of personal things about you, but to interpret the data you need some wizardry on the unit.   And with perfect synergy of HealthKit and HomeKit, a snarky Siri will say 'You need a bath! I have just turned on the water heater at home. The water will be your preferred temperature when you get home in 20 minutes, since I see traffic is a bit on the heavy...
This thread has actually been derailed, so back on topic, Tim seems to be getting a certain swagger! He seems so confident about what comes next.   This Fall is going to be very interesting and very expensive!
 And the 5s has a better camera than the 5. Every time I see snaps taken on my wife's 5s and compare them with the ones taken on my 5, I feel like crying! God knows how I survived taking pics on the 3G and 3GS!
I actually thought the reverse was true - overall sales were declining and Macs were picking up. Well, over the years I have read many times how eggs are great for you and how eggs are really bad for you, so I take all this with a pinch of salt.   I'm currently running Yosemite on my late 2009 27" iMac and for the first time it is slow. Of course, I don't expect it to be the same once Yosemite is out of beta, but the fact is that I need to upgrade my desktop.   I was...
New Posts  All Forums: