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The Galaxy S3 was lightning in a bottle and Samsung should have realised that and done things differently.   It was nice while it lasted, but I've now moved on from laughing at Samsung's expense. I'm on the verge of ordering a Retina 5K iMac and plan to start working with FCP X and am really excited about it!
@Benjamin Frost, what happened man? Your comments went from harmless Fight Club to full blown Project Mayhem in under a year!!
@512ke, the iPhone and iPad death watch lists are amazing, aren't they? I also love reading Techpinions - some of their articles are amazing. And the good ol' Macalope on the weekends.   The people will never apologise, but as long as we have the Internet, all their stupidity will be recorded for the ages.   They'll be the first against the Wall when Apple takes over the universe. Resistance is futile... oh crap! I slipped up. It's not 2104 right?
I thought Boyle dropped out of the project as well? I can't stand Seth Rogan. Still, he will not be the deciding factor for me, it will be the director.
 Apologies for quoting the entire post, but I'm filing this one for future reference.
I love seeing thumbs up on troll comments. It helps me block more of these guys at one shot rather than running through them in the forum.
Mine is expected end of this month. 128GB 6 Plus. I hope it comes. My 5c is only a couple of months old but I'm getting pangs for the new one!
From a psychological perspective, 'Free' would be more beneficial since people love free stuff. So more apps are downloaded and people choose to do IAP if they want to (or their kids, if they are not responsible enough).   'Get' may take some getting used to, but it won't be as easy as 'Free'.   Still, I think it serves the purpose. Now people will think twice before downloading the apps.   Personally, I never had a problem with IAP until almost every f'in thing on...
 Hey, this is @Crowley you are responding to! He has a history..
2 things:   1 - the first few pictures are NSFW!! They look like condoms. 2 - Sog, try not to get banned again!
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