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While Samsung is declining slowly, or slowing decline, Apple is declining up, in a slow slide to success according to the Macalope!
I'm surprised Sog hasn't said "if the PT exists, you ban yourself for a month, if not, I'll ban myself for a month".   OR   "SpamSandwich - Joined in May 2005. 20,193 Posts. Blocked!"
 Haven't you heard? Nirvana is no more. You'll have to do with The Foo Fighters.
Hey, this is Google. They'll sail through this. 
I think some 20-odd stores in China (including Greater China) and they are targeting around 40+ by mid-end next year. That's what I vaguely remember.
 The bastard child of Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan?
 I agree. There is a timeless quality to the SFX and the movies hold up very, very well. In fact, Superman - The Movie, while one of the best superhero movies ever made, came out after Star Wars, but the FX really pale when compared.  There are parts of the LOTR trilogy where the SFX was dodgy even on first viewing it, but the movies still do entertain. I feel FOTR is the best of all the 6 Middle-Earth films. 
Way to miss the entire context of the post Doc. Before flying off the handle and looking like an idiot, why don't you see the context in which I mentioned that. I never implied that the quality of iTunes movies is the same as the Blu-rays. Quite the opposite. Take a chill pill before you get all worked up.
  Imagine - one developer submits a new fart app. Apple declines to host it on the App Store. The reason given is "there are already too many fart apps". The developer then goes on to argue that his app is better than most. "My app farts better than his app". An App Store review board then sits and listens to the farting of 24,673 apps and compares it to the new one and then decides to drop one of the existing ones to include the new one. The guy whose app was dropped gets...
If that is the 38mm version, I'm glad I'm hoping to get the 42mm version.  I got a thing for big watches!
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