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Announce to the market, ok. Arrive at the market? A whole different thing. This is Google we are talking about.
Nice to see an article like this about Tim. Seems like a gentleman. We get very few of them nowadays.
 Not trying to be a snob, but the short story by Philip K. Dick was really much better. Maybe 'cos when I read the story, I didn't have to picture Tom Cruise in my head!
 Exhibit A:  Exhibit B: 
Slightly OT, but I wish Apple would provide the ability to send SMS/ MMS to a group without me having to select each contact individually. I was just looking at this as an alternative to Whatsapp, but it isn't too feasible.   FWIW, I did leave Feedback on the Apple website for this.
We should let Apple][ duke it out with Apple///...
I found WhatsApp useful to keep in touch with my relatives. We created a group and it was very nice to have everyone being able to read everyone's messages at once.   When I found out Facebook bought WhatsApp, I deleted my account, pissing off a few of the relatives who took it personally!   I went through hoops to delete my Facebook account a couple of years ago. I didn't want that to happen to my WhatsApp account as well.
@gwmac - Dude, you're losing it. Just get a grip. Relax.
 SolipsismX is trying to cut down to 2 postings per thread. The moment he posted for the 3rd time on this thread, he realised and quickly cut back. That's why he hasn't clarified anything. He may link to this thread on another one and clarify it if he has nothing to say on the other one! JK of course!
I remember almost a decade ago there were a lot of articles about how the iPod is probably more popular and loved in the UK than the US. Guess things have changed now.   The Regent Street Apple Store is always packed but it is huge. I didn't know there was another in Covent Garden. I need to look it up the next time around.
New Posts  All Forums: