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 I generally enjoy your posts, but I cannot understand your contempt/ irritation with DED. Best to ignore if you don't like it right?
I still need to get around to installing Mavericks on one Mac Mini and my MBP. I'm using it on my iMac and second Mini and I haven't had any issues with it.   I'm gonna keep upgrading as long as my computers are eligible for the upgrades!
 Almost the same calculations I made when my wife wanted Access... buy a copy of Office 2011 (or something), or opt for a 365 subscription. I went for the subscription and now I have an added bonus of being able to use this on my iPad!
 God, I hope not. Buying 3 iPhones a year will kill me.
  In Frood's case, I think he chooses to fall for it.
Except for my photos, there is nothing on my computers that I cannot download again, so I use Time Machine for painless backups.   The 2 things I would love to see on Time Machine:   1. Ability to backup just a single folder. 2. Ability to have some kind of a setting that ensures that no file is deleted completely. The way I understand it, once the backup drive is full, Time Machine starts deleting the oldest backups, so if I have a file that is only on the oldest...
  Well, hopefully they have that part sorted out with 4.4. HTC was one of the last phones I was considering before the iPhone released. They were making some neat phones during that time. Then the iPhone happened.
Yes, yes, but when is it coming out?   The surprising thing will not be that it comes with Ray-ban. The surprising thing will be if it comes out.
I had said this in a previous thread - I wonder how the battle would have panned out if Android was released before Jobs unveiled the iPhone.   Google would beat their drum and tout how advanced their Blackberry-inspired OS was, everybody would be in awe.   Then Jobs unveils the iPhone catching Google (along with everybody else) flatfooted.   Android 2.0 would then be a direct copy of the iPhone OS, thereby showing where the inspiration came from.
 Amen bro! I stopped there too. Then I skimmed through the comments and saw some pretty daft posts as well! Anyway, Digitimes - the Macalope took a swipe at them again last weekend. 2 things to always look forward to on weekends - a new Macalope entry and DED tearing a new one to idiotic reports. Is DED Macalope...
New Posts  All Forums: