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Possibly the greatest adversaries created for the good Doctor!
RIP JR. I loved your insights into the various legal proceedings Apple was involved in. I was wondering why you stopped posting. I was hoping you'd come back as jragostaX. Alas, sad that will not be the case. "Nobody knows where you are... how near or how far... shine on you crazy diamond".
So, Windows 9 then. Any bets that it won't be free?
OT, speaking of Android Fans vs. Apple Fans, I just read 'Dogfight' last week. It was pretty interesting, especially the bits that talk about the risks Apple took to get the iPhone launched and the final chapters that talk about how the release of the iPad shook so many industries up. It really makes you appreciate Steve Jobs much more. The only thing I didn't agree with was the author's claim that Apple sued Samsung because they didn't want any competitors. I really...
That reminds me of something one of my friends told me long back. She was working on developing software for hospitals and needed a database of dummy Staff details. So rather than settling for standard names like 'John Smith' or 'Joe Bloggs', they went creative. A couple of the names were 'Justin Foracheck' and 'Anurin Faraday'.
"This could be the start of a beautiful friendship"!
Dude. Just admit you made a mistake and move on. It's not like you are a troll here.
Well, to be fair, I did read about it on iLounge's review before I read the story from AnandTech.
Looks like synchronised reporting. I saw an article about this app on iLounge as well. That had a picture of the app showing cooking using the Sous Vide method. I know a restaurant in India that bought the Sous Vide cooking appliance for $45k. Looks like it is not just the cooking method and accessories, but also the recipes that are really expensive!
The first (the) iPod is still one of the most iconic designs of all time. I remember my cousin showing it to me and it seemed like a paradigm shift in personal music players. The fact that it packed 5GB of space meant that all my music would fit on it!! By the time I bought my (the) iPod, it was the 3G 40GB one. It clearly was not enough and I now have the latest (or last) iPod classic 160GB model. That still has about 40GB of free space for more music. I use it in my car.
New Posts  All Forums: