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 Surprising that there is no official word about it, unless I missed it. I checked the Apple TV a couple of hours back and there was no icon (yet) for Special Events.
If U2 is indeed performing tonight, they should have just shut up rather than deny the rumour earlier.   My main concern for tonight is, why the f**k isn't this on Apple TV? I'd rather lounge on my La-Z-Boy and watch on my HDTV than slouch in front of my iMac.
 You are looking at it wrong!Initially I saw the stick arms too. Just look sideways. It definitely looks like a watch, as @VL-Tone mentioned! EDIT: The stick arms indicate that you can do a "hands on" of the new iWearable.
I expect this will be available on the Apple TV as well. I just can't wait to watch this one.   WWDC 2014 was a blockbuster.  This is the yin to WWDC's yang. The features they couldn't demo at WWDC will finally be unveiled!
Looks like the analysts are waking up and smelling the coffee.   Samsung, Karma is a bitch.
 I thought Angels get Harleys...
 Considering the fact that The Dark Side Of The Moon spent over a 1000 (non-consecutive) weeks on the Billboard charts, I think it already has a huge base!
 This is the kind of thing other companies should emulate. Customer Care and Services are going down the toilet. If other companies emulate Apple it would be a better market.
 O ye of little cognizance! I'm not sure you noticed, but the 5th Ave. Apple Store is in USA, not New Zealand. Obviously you cannot stroll into the shop on launch day and expect to buy one, so obviously they are lining up there. Just because you can walk into a store in New Zealand to buy one, doesn't mean it is the same everywhere.
 "Fab Fall" is the perfect Analyst phrase. An analyst can never fail or be wrong when he says 'Fab Fall' with reference to Apple. Scenario 01: Apple blows everyone away with its Fall line-up and Wall Street and analysts are happy - it is a fabulous Fall. Scenario 02: Apple does not deliver every single overblown, over-the-top analyst expectation/ prediction - the stock free falls, it is a fabulous (free) fall. Scenario 03: There is no Scenario 03!
New Posts  All Forums: