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  I think your Nexus 5 is pissed off with you because of your love for Apple. I am pretty surprised you'd be using a Nexus 5 rather than an earlier model of the iPhone.  However, now that I know you have been to the dark side, I'll respect your opinions a lot more.
I think Apple entering a category reaffirms that the arena is ripe with profits. It is like Apple does the research and the others decide to piggyback on it. 
I like the graphic. The fonts suggest the handwritten creative stuff found at small stores and restaurants and the "services" US map is clever.
I think Mark is still sour that Apple didn't want anything to do with the Facebook Skin/ Phone UI he thought was the next big thing.   Pure speculation on my part. @DroidFTW, don't crucify me! 
I'd say politics are still the lowest and vilest profession but journalism comes a close second. Of course, we are talking about the so-called acceptable professions.   OT, @Slurpy, welcome back! 
Wow, I didn't know AI had a mole in Android Police!
It has to be legal everywhere... everyone has one!
Pretty always comes first! Talent is next. That is why I preferred Katie Holmes' Rachael Dawes to Maggie Gylenhall's in Nolan's Batman films! Katie was a lot cuter.
The Ecosystem A movie about Tim Cook  Directed by David Fincher Tagline - You don't sell 500 Million Devices without pissing off a few CEOs.
 Since I lack verifiable facts, I stated it as a belief. How difficult is it to parse that? Did I say it was a fact? It still doesn't change the fact that were trolling as usual.
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