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Well, I have hunch that Disney will clean up and release the unaltered OT to hype the release of The Force Awakens. I've held off buying the blu-rays.   The good news is that I already have the OT special editions on iTunes!!
Thanks. I stand corrected. The point I was trying to make was that, so-called 1080p movies on iTunes are already compressed to almost a 10th of the blu-ray size. So there obviously would be some additional compression if 4K becomes available for streaming (when compared to the theoretical 4K disc), which would negate all the space/ bandwidth constraints that @jameskatt2 mentioned. @herbapou's post is a lot clearer though.
 I never did understand the point of curved screens. I fail to see how it would be more immersive. A building-sized cinerama, I can understand. But a 108" home TV being curved doesn't make sense. As a wise man once said - "fuçk Neil Young"!
Yes, I have to agree that compression was ignored in the arguments put forth by @jameskatt2. Even now, if I copy a Blu-ray uncompressed to my hard drive, it is 30-40 GB, but the same movie on iTunes would be about 4-5 GB for the same 1080p definition.
As long as you didn't buy that ridiculously expensive "I Am Rich" app, you're fine!!
 I see they are giving out apples at Sentosa Island in Singapore.You either use the apple to open your room, or you trade an apple to get a room key, based on this Watch app.
 Now where's TS with the Jonathan "not sure if serious" Ive pic?
Actually, I use Google Maps all the time here. It allows for good searches, directions and dynamic re-routing as well.  Apple Maps is very finicky about searches and I have no idea what format it is expecting it in. Addresses sometime aren't very straight forward, so more often than not I get nothing in the search results.And if I try to look for directions, it says directions are not available. I keep checking Apple Maps on and off to see if the services have opened up,...
I would love the Pro to have a digitiser on the screen to account for lag and accuracy. In fact, if the Pro does turn out to be a reality this year, for me it will be the Apple product of the year, even though I am really excited about the Apple Watch. P.S. Hope you are feeling better now. Someone has quoted you!
Apple Maps is practically unusable here in India, but when I was in London, I used it all the time and never once had to go to Google Maps.    In terms of usability and UI, Apple Maps really is ahead of Google Maps. When it works!
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