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I have an Office 365 subscription and the old Office for Mac without Outlook (Home or something). I wonder if Microsoft will let me download the latest Office for Mac with this. Probably not. Anyway, I think the new CEO is trying to make Microsoft a player again and seems to not have the blind pig-headed hate for Apple like his predecessor.
 So even though the delta was only 265MB or so, it still needs 2.5 GiB to install? I installed it on 3 devices last night. The download itself said 265MB, but it took a pretty long time to install. Of course, all 3 devices had more than 3 GB of free space, so maybe that's why I didn't encounter any hiccups.  Amen! The day a 128GB iPhone releases will be the day I retire my 160GB iPod Classic.
 Hey, keep me posted on how your 4S performs. I have given mine to my mother and it is still on iOS 6. I'll update it to 7.1 over the weekend.
I think India is on a threshold right now. With some proper decisions and smart marketing Apple could really break out in the Indian market.   The launch of the 5c and 5s was a massive event. While carriers generally hype every iPhone launch, this was the first time that Apple directly launched the phone, with huge crowds on launch day, which forced Apple to start selling 2 hours earlier than expected.
 In a world of Capitalism, Apple at least has some semblance of responsibility to customers and the environment. Whether it is reimbursing people for their own negligence of not monitoring their kids, or whether it is building products that are user friendly and have great accessibility options, or whether it is trying to reduce their carbon footprint. To paraphrase Tim Cook, they do some things without worrying about the bloody ROI.
 I think he is talking about the buttons that were in iOS 7 for Answer, Decline when a call came. They were just 2 rectangular buttons. Now we have circular icons that seem more defined/ refined in iOS 7.1. Don't know what he meant by 'hard to read' though.
Something I didn't quite figure out in iOS7 was why the keyboard is black in certain apps and grey in others. There must be some logic to it that I missed, or have been to lazy to grasp.
 But if you didn't do this, Gatorguy would stop posting entirely! Wait a min.... sorry I interrupted.
My carrier has introduced 4G connectivity at 3G rate plans, but only for the 5c and 5s. Since my wife has the 5s and is pretty much always connected to Wifi, it looks like I'll end up buying the 5c finally! As long as the internals compare to my 5, it is good.   The only step back would be going from 64GB to 32GB, but over the years the number of apps I actually use has reduced so hopefully I should manage.   I'm eyeing the blue one or the green one...
I'm confused. He suggested I block him, I thought it was a good tip and I blocked him.
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