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@charlituna, I give your post a thumbs up. But that is because I just read the first 4 words. Bisexual Females are the best!
Actually, LGBT stands for... oh wait, it's Haggar. What was I thinking?
 I keep my classic around and use it during my commutes mainly because it has 160 gigs. The moment I finally get my iPhone 128 GB model, I'll ditch the classic. Of course, when the phone arrives is anybody's guess at this point...
The way I read the news was that BoA said it was Apple's screw up, there was some back and forth but then BoA will be able to refund everybody that was doubled-charged.   I read it on MacHash, so I don't remember if the actual news was from MacRumors or not.
 Oh, he's all covered on that front. His head is hidden, so no one can see it and identify him.He is wearing pants, so that is covered too, so no one can identify him that way either! Personally, I'm getting sick of these armchair PR specialists and armchair Human Rights activists.
 This is the reason why I can never use my iPad for everything I need. My enemy list just cannot be accessed on it without the 5.25" floppy drive.
 What are the CPU specs of the Nexus 9 compared to the iPad Air 2? Better on paper? Same on paper? Worse on paper? Can a Nexus branded tablet actually be lesser spec'd than an iPad? Assuming the Nexus 9 is similar in specs to the original iPad Air and that the performances are comparable and that the prices are the same, are you saying that Apple does not make overpriced junk? If the Nexus 9 is similar in specs to the iPad Air 2, but is priced like the original iPad Air...
 That may be a bit of a stretch. Some deluded Google fans may try to enter dummy locations but I don't think Google would be bothered to actively do something like that. But this is another piece of the puzzle that falls nicely into place. Good thing that Apple is doing this.
I just discovered my new pet peeve - 'colourable'. When the f**k did the text books change to add that usage?   And it is literally wrong as well - the iPad Air 2 comes in Gold - that colour was not available on iPads before.   No colourable difference, my a**.
 Yes, it is only full of dead mice!
New Posts  All Forums: