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Wow! Sog35's off the deep end. I heard that even Constable Odo send him a PM asking him to tone down his 'fire Timid Cook' rants!
 Weren't you arguing on another thread a week back saying that 100 years from now people will still use Google Search, whereas Apple may not be there because they are not exploring new products? Now that you have spoken to an Apple engineer, you think they are exploring new products?
 No matter how much you seem to by trying, I don't think anyone else is going to call the 5c iPhone IIvx. I'm sure you think it is really clever but no, not that clever.
 Regarding touchscreen iMac displays, I can straight away see how it isn't very intuitive. I charge my iPhone on a dock so it is vertical. When I try to reply to a message or take a note when it is charging, it is very cumbersome. Working with a vertical touchscreen is ok for random selections of buttons, but not if you want to actually type or work for extended periods of time.  I think something along these lines will be the solution. A touchscreen trackpad sounds like a...
Is this Galaxy Gear? Where did this picture come from? It definitely isn't a shipped product. All the screw-heads are properly aligned.
 I recall a David Gilmour show from 2000 where he was taking a very long time tuning his guitar between songs and the audience was very quiet, until one guy loudly said 'you are the weakest link. Good night!', followed by huge laughter! It was pretty funny.
I can vouch for the Safari crashes on my iPad Air. However, I don't recall seeing Safari crash on my iPhone 5, even though I use it more than Safari on my iPad.   Neither my iPhone 5, nor my iPad Air got the B/W SOD.
 A dead thread now, but yeah, everything Google does seems like a PR exercise. To top it all, I read a couple of days back that Diabetics are specifically advised NOT to use contact lens! So, it looks a bit like making electric combs for bald people. I still do feel the tech is pretty cool.
What a wasted thread. While it's good to see people trying to set facts right, this thread went downhill quickly and never came up again.   I'll admit I went through all 5 pages. It's  like an accident.... I try hard to look away but I can't. Does @ItsTheInternet ever sleep? He/ She's ruffled quite a few feathers and seems to respond to every post. It's like Bizzaro TS.
You guys are missing the big story here. See how secure Win CE is? That's the phone to get.
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