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Yes, I was wondering that as well. I'm sure I saw 1Pasaword on the graphic to this story.Anyway, I'm waiting for more details on iCloud password integration.Any idea when iOS 7 is available to devs?
Very good announcements today. Everything gets rebooted, more or less, including the trolls. Now they have new stuff to whine about or try to fit into their usual arguments.
Ad-free with Match is great. Now, I just have to wait till they roll it out worldwide. With all these streaming video and music sites and services, the ISPs seem to be the ones holding us back!
Could it be that this was the update that was to come last year and Lion was truly to be the last of the 'cats' OS? Maybe they couldn't get it all in and went for a last minute 'Mountain Lion'.
    Like everything else Apple does - improves upon inventions!
I'm in London and will be flying BA back to India in a week. I think I'll try the BA app. It will be the first time I use Passport!
I tried Plex for a while with my MacMini and TV, but it somehow just didn't gel well. Apple then re-released the Apple TV in India and I went for it. Guess I am Apple's target market - make it simple enough!!
  Kind of obvious right? He'll buy the watch!
  Having just bought an Apple TV a month ago, I'd be pretty pissed if they released one now!   I'm looking forward to a Mac Pro too. I'm not sure whether it will debut in June, or later this year, but I really want one!
  Well that sounds like a deal-breaker to me. I was looking forward to this so I could get my kid a Kinect. But this does seem like a shady thing to do. I generally do not buy used games but it just seems wrong that they tax people from using used games.   Maybe I'll just wait till I actually see the PS4 and then decide whether to go for it, or just stick to my PS3 with Move for the kid.   On another topic, I really wish Blu-ray becomes region free. I mean what is the...
New Posts  All Forums: