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 Hey, this is @Crowley you are responding to! He has a history..
2 things:   1 - the first few pictures are NSFW!! They look like condoms. 2 - Sog, try not to get banned again!
 I think Nolan did hit some real emotional highs with Inception and Intersteller.
 The Brits use 'bespoke' a lot.
This rumour pops up just as the new Sony sensor story broke...   Considering that the next iPhone release is the 'S' variant, it's inevitable that it will have upgrades like processor and camera. However, the body will remain the same and people will claim that it is an underwhelming release.
Well, Square has to be used somewhere...
Another factor is the constrained supply of iPhone 6s. But no matter how you cut it, the longer a platform stays the lower new version adoption rates will become.   There are a ton of iOS devices that cannot run iOS 8 because they are not built to handle it. These devices will never go away. When we get to the next-gen, the number of iOS devices that cannot run iOS 9 will be increase as one more generation is dropped.   The number of generations that are officially...
 IMO, allowing multiple accounts is against Apple's business model. Apple wants to  sell as much hardware as possible. Multiple accounts is a deciding factor in buying a tablet for very few people and may not be a market Apple is trying to address. Family Sharing is the closest you'll ever get to multiple accounts. I think it is a nifty solution. It addresses the exact problem you describe with kids above (of course, with an additional iPad for the kid). Having said that,...
 'Cos we don't have a choice? What are you going to do if you want the best tablet? Boycott the iPad because of tab reloads?
 Sog's been banned for some reason. Wonder what all that was about.
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