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Oh great! Why punish the rest of us? We don't work for Google.
I took it seriously too! I was about to post "where's the down vote button when you need it"!
OS X Ventura - Pet Detective!
You are delusional if you think that is only $19,999!
Where have you been and why aren't you posting more frequently? 
 OK. I believe you.
Shocking! And that too on an Apple fan website! The nerve! Why I oughta...
I bit the bullet and bought the new 5K iMac. My late 2009 27" became dead slow after I updated the OS to Yosemite. So I'm hoping they don't release an 8K iMac soon! Performance improvements on the next iteration, I can live with though!
 I really wonder what Scott Forstall is upto. He was hardly mentioned in the Becoming Steve Jobs book either.
Unfortunately, this guy will never ban himself. If the mods do ban him, he will re-appear under a different name. 
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