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 People who listen to "propogandists" and then decide to buy a phone are foolish. If you switch from iPhone to Android and are happy, then good for you.If you switch from Android to an iPhone and are happy, then, again, good for you. But for God's sake, do your own research before you buy. And I don't mean you in particular. I am talking about the people who are listening to "the Apple propogandists". I am invested in the Apple ecosystem and it is great. With things like...
I am pissed off. How the f* am I going to justify buying 2 phones? I'm still having sleepless nights about not having bought the 5c yet.
This reminds me of an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Howard does a "card trick" insinuating that he can telepathically find a card selected by anyone and Sheldon tries all sorts of things to do the same trick.   The Apple TV itself was not Apple's finest hour upon release and it took time for it to evolve. That didn't stop Google from trying so many times to compete with it.   One thing I'd give credit to Google for is that it can recognise a threat when it sees...
 Not me. I'm fine with the ads on AI. It is the least I can do for the entertainment that this site offers!
 Having separate accounts gives you privacy with respect to emails, documents and bookmarks, not to mention a better address book without the 100s of contact details belonging to someone else that are of no use to you. The only drawback of separate accounts was that you had to buy the same 3rd party apps (now that iWork for iOS is free with new iOS devices!). This is what Family Sharing will hopefully mitigate.
 Each article on this is for a particular time zone. Sometimes you jump into a thread when it has already died because you are in a different time zone.This way, people from every time zone can complain about this iMac! You can say that AI is an equal opportunity click-bait site!
 The more I hear about MacRumors, the more I am glad I don't visit that site. I personally think it makes no sense to try and listen to music on the iPad or iPhone speakers. Use earphones/ headphones/ speakers/ Air-play.I mean, really, what kind of stereo separation are you expecting along the width of an iPad?
 You know that is besides the point TS was making. But I agree with you. I love buying physical copies of books - hardbacks, paperbacks, coffee table books, digests, comics, TPBs. Wherever I can, I stick to reading physical books. Of course, when I am travelling, nothing better than my iPad Air. It holds hundreds of comics and dozens of novels. It is a pity Apple still isn't selling books in India. I hope they start soon.
How does that saying go.... the more things change, the more they remain the same.Of course, that isn't valid here actually. I love this screenshot. I want to buy some really old OS versions and get them running on virtual machine if I can. I joined the Apple eco-system too late - during the Snow Leopard days.I do have a MacMini running Tiger, but I would love to get my hands on OS 9 and stuff before that...  
 @pazuzu, is that response satisfactory?
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