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  @konqerror, I really want to hear your rebuttal to this. Do you still stick to the "it's obvious" angle, or do you think Bloomberg actually posted evidence that @Suddenly Newton missed?It is pretty easy to ignore a post when you don't have a genuine response on the Internet. I thought you were better than that. 
 With the fact that the antennae are arranged the way they are on the iPhone, as well as the camera protruding out, I think Apple have demonstrated that form follows function, contrary to the common complaint against them that they prefer form over function. 
TS is a celebrity here man! He mowed down the trolls, got a licence to kill trolls from AI, then the licence was revoked 'cos he actually killed trolls and now he just posts intermittently . But he is a legend!!
A 5 year old wouldn't know the cultural significance of Back To The Future you know-it-all troll!
I wish they had a 16GB one instead of the 32GB one...
Well, you know, that's his "thang"!
I generally download any YouTube video I am interested in using YTD on the desktop. It gives me the option to retain the video if I like it. I don't watch Youtube on my mobile devices.
YouPorn and XTube!
He probably switched from Sprint recently.
True. But it is still 0.002%.
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