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In the immortal words of @GTR, Apple is BoomedTM!!
It's a pity Siri doesn't work in all countries. Then again, I only have the option of buying movies and music on the TV. No TV shows yet, no Hulu, Netflix yet, so I definitely am not the target market for this.   I'll still get it though!
 Sorry, I meant that I'd buy an off-the-shelf version of Adobe CS using a student discount, which over here used to cost about $250. I think that is the limit of what I'd pay.You are right that I wouldn't pay $750 for the non-student version. But if I had the choice of buying Adobe CS for the price it used to be available for here vs. buying Pixelmator, I'd definitely choose Adobe. For the other parts of the argument, I'll defer you to the posts of @bsenka. And like I...
2 awesome versions!!
I heard about Gary just a few hours back on MacHash. It's amazing how he'd go to every new Apple Retail Store. True passion. RIP.
Pixelmator - the perfect photo editing app for guys like me who'd buy an off-the shelf version of Adobe CS in a heartbeat, but don't do so much editing that we'd subscribe to Adobe CC.
I was at the midnight launch of the new iPhones here in India and I did see the Rose Gold option. It does look like copper, but it isn't a colour I'd buy.  Personally, I got fed-up of seeing a while front on my iPhone, which is why I opted for the Space Grey model this time around.
The low-tier pricing in India is ridiculously low, something equivalent to $0.15! You get some very good games at that price.   On the flip side, I had to pay ~$1400 for my new iPhone 6s Plus 128GB! I could have bought an entry level iMac for that price!
Something that is unique to Apple. They drag the tech industry kicking and screaming into the future and at the same time take their customers step-by-(baby)step into the future.
 I watch it all the time. I admit it isn't as funny as some other shows, but it grows on you (me). It isn't as funny as Scrubs or Coupling (UK). I just love those two shows.Still, I read a lot of valid criticism about TBBT. I suppose to each his own, but I can perfectly understand your reaction to the show.  Well, The Flintstones cartoon had a laugh track, as did Scooby Doo. I'm sure a lot of people found The Flintstones funny regardless of the laugh track.
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