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Oh FFS! Guess I'll just go to sleep.
Ok. Finally!
I have to eat my words. What a **** up.
I guess the live blog is for the poor suckers who can't watch the live stream. 25 minutes to go.
Wow! Stephen Fry is in the building!!
I thought they were called Freedom Fries?
I guess it is a matter of opinion. I thought WWDC this year was historic.
If an iPhone 5.5" is announced, you'll have to replace Steve with Sog35!
I was getting worked up needlessly! Advantage of being GMT+ 5.5 hours is that I can watch this with peace of mind at Home after the kids are all asleep, not trying to watch it stealthily in the office, looking over my shoulder! Of course, that's where the advantage ends. When it comes to getting the iThing in the hands, you guys have all the advantage!
 I really hope this is the case. And I am particularly hoping there will be non-invasive blood-glucose monitoring, though it may not pan out tonight. But Health is something I really think will take Apple to the next level. Of course, as with everything else, non-US countries may not get all the benefits, but even the things on the Health app currently on the Betas is something I love.
New Posts  All Forums: