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Why is it a threat to the music industry? If anything, the premium rates are much better than the competitors, which means more money for the music industry.   The free radio station is akin to the free Pandora and Spotify tiers, so it doesn't move the needle for the music industry, so to speak.   Why should they feel threatened by it?   I may have missed a few things due to a power outage for me during the stream.
By the sound of it, half the Internet will have a collective orgasm if Phil Shchiller previews a new Apple TV and says "No Apple TV my ass!"
  You're being too polite.
I have a bootcamp partition on my 5K iMac with Windows 8.1 and I'll get Windows 10 when it is ready.   How is Microsoft going to make money? Cloud Servers? Data Centres? Hardware? 
The guy really got bitch-slapped for his whining about the Apple TV. Thanks to all your people for making this forum a better place!
That's one of the most original and creative complaints about Man Of Steel! I got tired of reading all the regular complains so it really is refreshing to read this one!
Props to Jonathan Lace for calling his iPhone H.A.L 9000!
The Internet of Things. I find that phrase so damn irritating.
OT, welcome back. IIRC, you had some very informative posts and then you suddenly just dropped off. I was wondering where you went!
 Amen! The Cardboard reeks of smugness and "cleverness". "Too clever by half", my English teacher used to say.
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