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At first I thought it was 2 stacked MacPros. It looks pretty nice.   Amazon's 2 biggest strengths are it's customer service and AWS. I myself use EC2 a lot.   I guess CloudFront will be the major Web Service driving this. Considering this is one-way, Glacier won't come into play just yet.
iPad Usage - Dominates N.A. Android Usage - N/A
@digitalclips thank you so much for the information.   I think those numbers make sense. After all, it is only the initial upload of existing photos that will take time and be huge. After that, 1000 photos per day in Family Sharing, 100 shared albums, etc., sound pretty decent.   No doubt the numbers will go up once all the kinks are worked out.   I am already paying for 500GB iCloud storage in anticipation of storing photos on iCloud.
Yay! My off-site backup is almost ready!   Movies I lose, I can re-buy. Comics that get erased from the system, I can re-download. Music that goes will come again via iTunes Match. For me, photos were the only endangered files. If I lose them, they are gone. I keep them on 2 different machines + a Time Machine backup on a drive. With iCloud Photos I will have off-site backup as well. I'm just waiting for it to get polished before I go all out.
I've already seen this on The Big Bang Theory.
The only thing I have a complaint about is the name 'Edition'. It seems incomplete. Call it the 'Gold Edition', the 'Limited Edition', some edition.   I was blown away by the presentation and I intend to pick up a couple of them - one for me and one for the significant other. Not the Edition one, but the stainless steel one. I actually wished there were more health-related sensors on the thing but I guess it will come in the next release.   As for buying an Apple Watch...
Beats + iTunes Radio + Trent Renzor Secret Project = iTunes 2.0 (I know we are on v12 right now).   What is on the Apple anvil is a significant overhaul of the music service/ store. The only thing is that they have to roll out their streaming service to other countries as well.
This is pretty good news. I plan on picking up the 5K iMac and already have an Office 365 subscription.   That said, as someone mentioned earlier on the thread, Office for Mac is not nearly as important as it was a couple of years back.   I assume this will really be a good update given how Nadella seems to be focused on revamping the aging cash cows that are Windows and Office. While 100% feature parity is improbable, this should still be a good release.   I only...
  No, no, you misunderstood. He just had a revelation and final clarity on what he has to do. He wasn't talking about Joswiak.
 A definite altruism. This is true for just about anything typed on the Internet! +1!
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