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Tyler Durdan had the wrong idea. He should have blown up the Google Data centers!
 Not to mention, The Hobbit Trilogy underperforming as well...
Steve Jobs was wrong. Flash was amazing all those years ago. It's only this year that it developed a serious issue. /s
 That's always the case. However, I wouldn't say that @Woochifer is one of those guys. He seems to have genuine concerns/ issues. I just base this off my memories of his posts. They never seemed trollish to me.
The moment Apple Music was on my iPhone, Shake It Off was one of the songs I streamed and saved for off-line listening. Just because!
I think Apple really have a home run with Apple Music.    I don't understand why people find it so convoluted. I heard a comment that the pop-up menu on the iPhone should only have 3-4 rows and now it is a case of Apple throwing out their own UI guidelines by having so many options there. So the question is, what is better? Would you rather have 3-4 levels of menu options with just 4 rows each? Then you'd complain that it is too complicated.   It really is simple....
As long as Jules is talking to Marcellus Wallace, he can always say "Shit Negro, that's all I wanted you to say".
  I had the same question as @Yojimbo007. What both of you said makes sense.
Amen! I've never had the chance to use Spotify, so I can't comment about it, but the rest of your post was absolutely spot on. I love the Interface and I find it very easy to use. Only my 18 month kid is getting frustrated with this. He used to love the landscape mode artwork scrolling to select music he wanted to listen to. Now he can't find it and it really aggravates him!
New Posts  All Forums: