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  They really look nice, except for a couple of daft things like the game on the watch and the emails. If this does pan out, then Google/ Motorola does have a nice product on their (and hopefully, customers') hands. I noticed, however, that none of the mockups seem to show any health-tracking stuff. Wonder what Apple will come up with.
 In all probability, with Ive as the designer, the chances of a round face seem more. People talk about how iOS 7 is 'flat', but what about how it is 'rounded'? The numeric keypad now has circles, the call-related buttons are round, the contact photo is in a circle... It all started off with the iPod Nano and its round icons...
 ... or see for that matter. I think it made about $21 Million at the box office.
  On a related note, something I have been wondering recently about is, what if things panned out in such a way that the iPhone was unveiled after Android was released? People would have immediately noticed that Android was a Blackberry-based OS and nothing like the iPhone OS. That may have really changed the perceptions of people and the way the whole war unfolded.
 I believe he just left off the /s tag.
You gotta love British titles. "Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury of the United Kingdom"!   One look at the title and you're compelled to do whatever he says!
Personal Fact: I will consider a phone with a larger display when Apple makes it.   Personal Fact: I got a smaller screened tablet the moment Apple made it.   There was a time when I couldn't decide whether I preferred the weight and ease of the iPad Mini, or the screen estate area and resolution of the iPad 4th Gen. That changed when the iPad Air released.
Has anyone actually been able to purchase an clean install version of Windows 8? The 2 options available for purchase here are only for upgrades.   So, if there is no clean install version of Windows 8, how does one install it on Bootcamp, or on VMware/ Parallels for that matter?   When our office called up Microsoft to enquire about installing Windows 8 on Bootcamp for a MBP, the person said that we will need to buy an install disc from Microsoft, which is priced...
I already have an Office 365 subscription so I'm hoping the apps are free for the iPad.   Given the differing strategies that Microsoft and Apple have, I think Microsoft may consider every installation on iOS as one of the 5 computers the subscription can be used on. If that is the case, it is limiting, but considering that's how MS makes its money, I won't be surprised.   What I am concerned about is what happens going forward. MS are notorious of being very unhelpful...
 Just this weekend I saw a sealed Xoom tablet sitting in a shop window, covered with dust, next to a sealed PS2. It reminded me of the Tablet Wars Part 01, Xoom, Slate (?), Playbook.... So many promises, so many crash-and-burns.
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