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Can you just report a troll, or do I have to wait till he says something specific?
 Dammit! I knew I should have palmed off the iPhone 5 to my wife and kept the 5s for myself!Oh Well, the next one is mine!!
 EDIT: Never Mind.
 I don't think so. I am a paid iOS developer and am part of the Mavericks Beta program and I did get the email.
 Well, you did say it was a rant, so I think everybody except for @PhilBoogie avoided reading it!
 Wrong. Google countered Apple's Beats acquisition. They were filled with righteous anger - all hell-fire and brimstone because the press was making a big deal of how much Apple spent on Beats. A  well placed source said these were the exact words by Larry:"What the f***? We are the big spenders. We spend billions on acquisitions. Why is the press making such a big deal of 3 billion? We use that much to wipe our snot when we sneeze. Why, if I was that bald guy I'd throw...
 That would be Fries...
 I've flagged him. If he left out the 'gay boy' part, I would have let his post slide.
 It is just a joke that stems from recent rumors that state that the supposed 4.7" iPhone will have some features handicapped when compared to the supposed 5.5" model.
 What so confusing about the sentence? The review says that it looks like a safe (as in 'safety deposit box') where you keep your jewellery. Then it says that is fitting, considering that this is something like a safe (as in 'safety deposit box') for your data.
New Posts  All Forums: