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Why why not?
Now that the new Trackpad is out, I hope someone like Mobee puts out a product to extend it as a numeric keypad and also allows it to be used as the trackpad.    Using the Mouse on a 27" 5K iMac really requires a lot of space for the Mouse to move. The Trackpad is much better for this. I'm really looking forward to picking it up when it's available here.
Sad thing is that he is the host on the AI Podcast. I'd expected him to at least acknowledge all the posts that pointed out his mistake. Guess he'll just dust it off on the next Podcast with some faux-witty comment or justification.
Isn't this the sequel to "Eat, Pray, Love" that everyone is talking about?
 That wouldn't be very easy to implement right? Every time you buy a new iOS device, your Cloud Storage is increased. What happens when you sell your device? Do you continue to have that storage and the person who you sell your iOS device to is not entitled to it?Should Apple provide a means to transfer storage bytes to another Apple ID when you sell your device? There are too many complications with tying your Cloud Storage allowance to your iOS device. Apple's current...
 He wasn't the devil either. What's your point again?
If I don't get my 6S+ this Friday, heads will roll....
@nhughes, I'd love to hear more about the story you guys did that Steve forwarded to Eddie. Which one was it?
The "Making Of" series of the Star Wars OT were released with interactive content on iBooks and on Kindle.One of the low rated reviews (1 star) for the physical copies of the books on Amazon are complaints about how the Interactive versions on Kindle are piss-poor when compared to the iBooks versions. So I think Amazon can release these on Kindle, but I'm not sure what keeps them for being as good as the iBooks stuff. Of course, I'm only basing this on the Star Wars...
There is only one "-Gate" and that is Gate. Anything that Apple releases will have some horrendous problem. Every other "-Gate" is just a subset! /s
New Posts  All Forums: