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When Adobe went with CC and subscription, what they lost were non-professionals like me who used Photoshop for personal stuff. I don't think they really are interested in that segment. Professionals who earn a living using using Adobe products will continue to use CC, either paid for by the employer, or paid for by themselves, if they are self-employed.   I'm just glad Pixelmator is there to pick up the slack for people like me, though I do wish they had more filter...
I wish Apple Watch would roll out faster. I know I'm not the only one.
@Inkling, why is it that you are always whining about Apple products? The only posts I see of yours are ones where you are dissing Apple.   There is a reason why there is a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. If it is really that important to you, you'd opt for it, irrespective of whether you can get your work done on a MacMini.  But I guess, if you think the MacMini is a rip-off now, then you must hate that the new Mac Pro is so expandable but at a cost.   Worst case...
Well, I know @Ireland is going to be disappointed with this rumour.
For now it is a US-centric story, so obviously @jfc1138's observation was valid. 
LifeProof? WTF? They are hell-bent on killing your phone?
 You're doing it wrong. You shouldn't say 'lol'. You should say 'Yuck, yuck, yuck..' 9 times. You know, like Reggie in Archie comics.
I thought iTunes Match was limited to 25k songs? And only MP3/ AAC right?Of course it'd make no sense to store WAV files online and FLAC/ SHN doesn't play on iTunes straight off the bat, so Match is good for what it offers.
 You mean making the network only minimally intrusive?  I think it makes sense to not allow Users to create their own profile. All the User needs is his/ her Apple Id. I'm expecting some minimal customisation, such as preferred artists to make sure you see only what you want to see. Overall though, with artists making announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Official Websites, email lists, etc., I'm not too sure how this would differentiate itself. Still, if there's one thing I...
Must have been his house that was burgled, from where the prototype iPad was stolen!
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