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Are all these artists and labels on Spotify? Do they get paid for the freely streamed music on Spotify or others? If they do, then I can understand their beef. If they aren't anyway paid for the free streaming, then I don't understand what they are trying to do here.   Having said that, I think Apple will earn a lot of goodwill from the artists if they pay during the 3 month trial period as well. Apple is trying to differentiate its service and I think paying artists in...
Some artists will be hold-outs till the first 3 months are out.   Personally, I'm just looking forward to listening to some 70s prog rock and possibly some 90s alternative. There are tons of albums and songs I really want to listen to but am loth to buy without giving them a listen first.   Of course, that's assuming I'm in one of the 100 launch countries.
Yay Taco Emoji!!
 Oh no, I really loved it. I recently had a marathon session watching all of them.  What I meant was that people should stop dragging out this campaign every time there is a discussion about Apple's new ads and how they do not blatantly lampoon competitors, unlike Samsung or Microsoft.  The ads are over 6 years old and Apple has moved on. If trolls wheel this out as exhibit A whenever we mention an Apple campaign not taking potshots at competitors, then the trolls have to...
  Could also be due to availability. Apple Music will launch in 100 countries. Spotify does not have that coverage. I am waiting to subscribe to Apple Music. I think people in a lot of countries without access to Pandora or Spotify will jump on board. If rumours are to be believed, Apple Music will be priced to suit the local markets. The rumoured price here in India is approximately $2 per month.  Apple is aiming very big with this. They even promised an Android version...
People seriously need to get over the "I'm A Mac, I'm A PC" campaign. 
A release concentrating on stability and performance enhancements is good. I got off Photoshop when it started following the subscription model, but I'd love to use the software again. Pity I cannot justify the cost.
I see 2 advantages of this, if it happens:   Firstly, since they are manufactured in India, the products will not have the 30-35% import duty levied on them. I paid a little over $1300 for my 128GB iPhone 6+. That will dramatically fall in price. While it may have little impact on the higher priced models, the saving will really help the low-end ones, thereby driving more sales.   Secondly, if the phones are manufactured here, then Apple can actually open retail...
 The one thing I would have liked on the iPhone 6+ is that the top icons coming halfway down on the 2-tap should remain like that till another 2-tap is done. As of now, the screen goes back to the original after a single click, which makes it slightly cumbersome. Of course, it may be a technical limitation, given that we open different apps.  Well no. Enjoy and Android don't go too well together!!
I really hoped the Nano would support Apple Music. Apple Music + FM is a very, very nice proposition.
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