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Apple is all out, supporting Product RED. It even ensured that its stocks go into the Red for a bit.   Then, as usual, Carl Ichan spoiled the party by buying more and more and propped up the value again!
Is cursive writing going to be a lost art with the next generation? Is "reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic" going to be replaced by "reading, rendering and 'rithmatic"?   Maybe it will become just another subject that is taught in Liberal Arts. Oh the Humanities!   The march of civilisation continues...
 Correction, Chromebooks are the Harry Knowles of Netbooks!
 Something like Synecdoche, New York. They could get Khaufman and Spike Jonze together for it! Not a bad idea at all. Speaking of which, why isn't John Malkovich being considered for the role of Jobs? He'd literally tear everyone a new hole...
The sorry commentary of my life... besides Serena Williams, I do not know even a single person mentioned in the celebrity list.
I'm actually a little disappointed with iOS 8 on my 5c. It seems to lag a little, sometimes does not register touch, lock screen music controls don't respond at times and other little things like that. The phone rings and vibrates a split second longer after you take the call. I may have been spoilt silly by the Apple devices, but these small things are really irritating.
I'm just not too excited about Star Wars right now. The best thing probably about the release is that Disney will look to milk the franchise and may release the pre-special edition OT on Blu-ray.   Now they don't have to worry about paying George Lucas' wife.
Spent a good half an hour ogling the site! There are a few repeated superlatives, but the screenshots and the feature-list made me drool! I want this soon.   The good news is that it still says 'Early 2015'! With luck we'll see it on 30th of June 2015!!
#TwitterGate is 3....2...
   I love Goooooooooooooold!
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