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Beats + iTunes Radio + Trent Renzor Secret Project = iTunes 2.0 (I know we are on v12 right now).   What is on the Apple anvil is a significant overhaul of the music service/ store. The only thing is that they have to roll out their streaming service to other countries as well.
This is pretty good news. I plan on picking up the 5K iMac and already have an Office 365 subscription.   That said, as someone mentioned earlier on the thread, Office for Mac is not nearly as important as it was a couple of years back.   I assume this will really be a good update given how Nadella seems to be focused on revamping the aging cash cows that are Windows and Office. While 100% feature parity is improbable, this should still be a good release.   I only...
  No, no, you misunderstood. He just had a revelation and final clarity on what he has to do. He wasn't talking about Joswiak.
 A definite altruism. This is true for just about anything typed on the Internet! +1!
@charlituna, I give your post a thumbs up. But that is because I just read the first 4 words. Bisexual Females are the best!
Actually, LGBT stands for... oh wait, it's Haggar. What was I thinking?
 I keep my classic around and use it during my commutes mainly because it has 160 gigs. The moment I finally get my iPhone 128 GB model, I'll ditch the classic. Of course, when the phone arrives is anybody's guess at this point...
The way I read the news was that BoA said it was Apple's screw up, there was some back and forth but then BoA will be able to refund everybody that was doubled-charged.   I read it on MacHash, so I don't remember if the actual news was from MacRumors or not.
 Oh, he's all covered on that front. His head is hidden, so no one can see it and identify him.He is wearing pants, so that is covered too, so no one can identify him that way either! Personally, I'm getting sick of these armchair PR specialists and armchair Human Rights activists.
 This is the reason why I can never use my iPad for everything I need. My enemy list just cannot be accessed on it without the 5.25" floppy drive.
New Posts  All Forums: