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He's desperately trying, isn't he? Been noticing his posts but I'm really not in a mood to feed him. I took the easier route of just flagging the message.
 I really hope Apple supports a hard drive directly connected to AirPort/ Time Capsule. I have a Mac Mini sitting below the TV right now, from which all my content is streamed to the TV. Put iTunes into AirPort directly and modify the AirPort app to enable configuring a hard drive easily. Still, I wonder how it would identify file types. If I wanted to play some movies from a Memory Stick on the PS3/ PSP. it had to be in some specific folder structure order, which was...
Nice acid test for both the companies!
Doesn't Samsung now have new ammo to fire in the SCOTUS, with the USPTO invalidating a couple of Apple's patents? Or is that something else?   I'm wondering if Apple really is a US company, the way the US courts, government and all other official agencies are forever trying to bring it down, or cut it down to size. I thought everyone in the US loved a great US success story.
Yeah, what was the point of that little story?Sometimes even putting someone in the Block List is useless when others quote them. I like how you handled the quote though. Thanks!
I just got a nice refurb iPhone 5. My original one had severe issues with calls so I paid to have it exchanged. The black iPhone 5 is really an amazing piece of work!I'm actually using an iPhone 6+ but couldn't bear to have a non-working iPhone in the house!
 Thanks for the update. I was wondering how 64GB + no expansion + 4K recording was going to pan out in terms of storage. So you can record at 4K and stream at that resolution to Youtube? Wow! Way to burn through your battery and data plan at one go! Still, as long as they can check off an item on the checklist without worrying about actual usability and usefulness, it is the same old Samsung.
Remember when the iPhone 5S launched in Gold? Samsung then went through its archives and came out with examples of how it used Gold before and then proceeded to release their ridiculous Galaxy model in Gold? Same shit here.
Clever, given that you were replying to a pastor!
Unlike Apple, Microsoft is actually thinking about the children!   Looks like it is a good thing I've held off installing Win10.
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