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Amen! I've never had the chance to use Spotify, so I can't comment about it, but the rest of your post was absolutely spot on. I love the Interface and I find it very easy to use. Only my 18 month kid is getting frustrated with this. He used to love the landscape mode artwork scrolling to select music he wanted to listen to. Now he can't find it and it really aggravates him!
I really love Apple Music. It's almost like a full circle for me. My first Apple product was an iPod 3G. Now, the past 3 days, I have been using my iPhone mostly to listen to songs.    I downloaded a lot of playlists for off-line listening when I'm driving. I love that they have playlists by music magazines.    It is also pretty neat that they address the local market by having music categories and playlists specific to Indian music.    At the price, the fact that...
 What? Not even under your umbrella? (ella, ella, eh, eh)
 So how many times did you try it before you gave up? I am not dissing you (completely!) but it is strange that you have a 24K track library but lose interest in listening if you need to wait for 5-10 minutes. 
I take it back. Ive is not responsible for that monstrosity then! Thanks for the link.
India. Too soon for Greece jokes...
Well, it looks out like Apple has sorted my issue! I went ahead and tried to enable iTunes Music on iCloud, it said that, since I had local music, I could choose to either merge the local files to iCloud, or replace my local library with iCloud Music.   Awesome! The Music app just keeps getting better and better. 
 I want to thank all you esteemed members of the First World for subsidising Apple Music for us in the Third World. $9.99/ $14.99 becomes approximately $2/ $3 for us here! A no-brainer!!
Excellent service so far. I'm just loving it.   I love that there are playlists from Rolling Stone, PitchFork and Q Magazine. I love that there are so many artists that I can listen to. It really is an amazing service.   The iOS update went off very smoothly and the Music app is the best it has ever been.   I got my update notice at 8:15 PST. When I first opened the Music app, I got a small UI bug:  
New Posts  All Forums: