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 Just this weekend I saw a sealed Xoom tablet sitting in a shop window, covered with dust, next to a sealed PS2. It reminded me of the Tablet Wars Part 01, Xoom, Slate (?), Playbook.... So many promises, so many crash-and-burns.
It's called 'laying the foundation' people. So what if they have 13 products only to sell? Soon they'll be selling contact lens, Google Glass, robots, self-drive cars... those things take up space!
As long as Valve keeps releasing Half-life for the Mac, I'm happy. My Windows Half-Life install discs were one of the main reasons why my Mac had a dual-boot.
  If this pans out, it is my next Mac!!
 You do realise that tweet was sent after his lawyer told him he'd have to return all the money he got from Samsung for endorsing their product, right? e&oe.
My wishlist for Maps is that they introduce Directions in India. Currently, I cannot search for any location and directions are out of the question. But it doesn't look like they are overly interested in it. Hopefully by iOS 10...
I have an Office 365 subscription and the old Office for Mac without Outlook (Home or something). I wonder if Microsoft will let me download the latest Office for Mac with this. Probably not. Anyway, I think the new CEO is trying to make Microsoft a player again and seems to not have the blind pig-headed hate for Apple like his predecessor.
 So even though the delta was only 265MB or so, it still needs 2.5 GiB to install? I installed it on 3 devices last night. The download itself said 265MB, but it took a pretty long time to install. Of course, all 3 devices had more than 3 GB of free space, so maybe that's why I didn't encounter any hiccups.  Amen! The day a 128GB iPhone releases will be the day I retire my 160GB iPod Classic.
 Hey, keep me posted on how your 4S performs. I have given mine to my mother and it is still on iOS 6. I'll update it to 7.1 over the weekend.
I think India is on a threshold right now. With some proper decisions and smart marketing Apple could really break out in the Indian market.   The launch of the 5c and 5s was a massive event. While carriers generally hype every iPhone launch, this was the first time that Apple directly launched the phone, with huge crowds on launch day, which forced Apple to start selling 2 hours earlier than expected.
New Posts  All Forums: