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When I tried using my card that has a chip on it abroad (UK), every terminal where I shoved it into the card reader, the transaction was approved without my entering the PIN but asked for a signature verification.  I wonder if card PINs are country-specific, i.e., only work in the country where the card was issued.
 And I can attest that the experiment will be a success!
Wish I discovered this website when the iPad was going to be launched... I would have loved to see what the ratio of optimists to skeptics was back then.   I have a trip scheduled to the UK shortly. It would have been nice if it was a couple of weeks later and co-incided with the release of the Apple Watch in the UK. I would have picked it up in a hurry!
I remember quite a few times when I installed Java on my iMac and then after just a couple of days, it would be outdated.    I don't bother with Java now. If I run into some website that says I don't have the latest version of Java installed, I simply navigate away. 
Tallest Skil
And speaking of Civil War, it was a pretty bad storyline. The ending was so lame, with one protagonist just deciding to give up. It was out of the blue and completely killed a tale that was already on life-support. Marvel - where our heroes are always fighting each other.
WTF?? Now I HAVE to buy the iPad Air 2!!
 I am yet to figure out Spotlight as well. For something that is just supposed to work, it is frustrating to look for something with it. I probably need to spend some time playing with it, but as of now I dread having to search for a file on my Mac. It's probably easier to setup an Automator Folder Action than get Spotlight working.
 If this did indeed pan out, then Google would probably start an ad-blitz of how to switch back to Google on iOS! 
 Has Dvorak said anything a all about the Watch? Has the Apple Watch Death Watch started?
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