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You know, @Gatorguy will use anything if it suits his flawed logic. DED is the source of all mis-information in the universe when he says something against Google, but he is a very reliable source when he mentions something that suits @Gatorguy's agenda.  I put him on block, but the sheer number of people he baits means that I still do read all his posts, which is really frustrating. I just wish he stops posting here. It's a real f'in pain!
  They're all pirates. The pic caught Steve in front of the IBM office, just before he folded 4 of his fingers...
Why are you even here? Don't you have anything better to do with your time?
Give them a little more credit. They'll call it PalPay!
Well, to be fair, I did pay for my Photoshop installs before CC. 
 I wonder where the damn DED editorials are? I'm sure he's back from his travels since I heard him on a recent Podcast. Stop slacking off DED!
Only Apple could get people to queue up to buy straps!!
When Adobe went with CC and subscription, what they lost were non-professionals like me who used Photoshop for personal stuff. I don't think they really are interested in that segment. Professionals who earn a living using using Adobe products will continue to use CC, either paid for by the employer, or paid for by themselves, if they are self-employed.   I'm just glad Pixelmator is there to pick up the slack for people like me, though I do wish they had more filter...
I wish Apple Watch would roll out faster. I know I'm not the only one.
@Inkling, why is it that you are always whining about Apple products? The only posts I see of yours are ones where you are dissing Apple.   There is a reason why there is a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. If it is really that important to you, you'd opt for it, irrespective of whether you can get your work done on a MacMini.  But I guess, if you think the MacMini is a rip-off now, then you must hate that the new Mac Pro is so expandable but at a cost.   Worst case...
New Posts  All Forums: