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It figures, this one was in Texas.
Apple are in a tearing hurry to get better battery tech. They need to shave a few mm off the next iPhone and at least maintain current battery life!!
Solips just forgot the sarcasm tag.
Unless I'm missing something, you can still option-click on the library and view individual files right? Is this not the case with Photos?
 I think you misunderstand @TheWhiteFalcon. He was just answering someone's query. His posts, as far as I can recall, are pretty good and he is an Apple user. You seem to have taken his comment out of context.
Boyhood is definitely on my watch list. The premise of Boyhood is intriguing and I have heard that beyond the central conceit, the movie itself is still pretty great so just can't wait to watch it.  Truffaut's Antoine Doinel  films had the same actor and were shot over a span of 20 years, but rather than one continuous movie, they were simply adventures of the same character at different points in his life. The 400 Blows is still an amazing movie 53 years later!
 The 2014 movie I loved was Interstellar. Despite what anyone's opinion is about the 3rd act, it was one hell of a ride.  That seems to be a running theme with Nolan's movies though... the 3rd act really divides movie goers. Another little underrated gem was John Wick. Nothing too complex. Just a nice, tight revenge flick.
So why jump onto the announcement bandwagon if you aren't sure? I don't think something drastic went wrong with CarPlay for them to change their minds about it later.
 I downloaded the beta version of Affinity Photo. The one thing that really intrigued me was that it supports CMYK, something that Pixelmator lacks.I still need to play around with it, but it really looks interesting.
I think you underestimate the trolls and haters...
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