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I just can't understand why people think that Apple will not hire the right people for the job. It's foolish to think they'd go out of their way to hire someone less competent because of his ethnic origin just to score some brownie points. Would Apple jeopardise their position by wilfully hiring less competent people? It doesn't make any sense to me.
I just wanted to give a shout out to @Crowley and @Anome. I think what they said makes a lot of sense.  All Apple is trying to do is ensure that they are hiring the best from everywhere.
Yeah, no idea what happened to @TheWhiteFalcon. His posts started off ok but now they are lamenting the state of Apple too often. Guess that's just one more name in my block list now.
Well, to be fair, I once created a free Anglefire page years before Google came to being and that really had unwanted ads everywhere. There were banner ads on top, the bottom and the side, with pop-up ads on every hyperlink click to boot. The scary thing that Google did was actively track your web usage and change those unwanted ads to ads of things you just bought on Amazon or a site you just browsed.
 "UBS Claims that Watch sales are 'Smooth'"!
Once the free trial is over, will Apple count a subscription to the Family plan as 6 subscribers, or just a single one? Or would they consider the different accounts that are using the Family Plan and only count those? That seems like the logical thing to do.
I'll wait for the WWE version with the 80s/ 90s "superheroes and villains" playing the cast. Woz = The Bastian Booger and Steve = I.R.S.
 This just made me laugh. "It's just a modest update because the only differences are better camera, faster processors, more RAM and Force Touch". Meaning "the outside is the same, so it is just a modest update". In other words, "revolutionary" means "different shape".  If Force Touch is not revolutionary, then by the same logic, there hasn't been anything revolutionary since the first iPhone. I just can't get over how stupid the paragraph reads. I need to Major in...
Their set of apps are pretty neat. Good for them.
I'm waiting for the Force Touch Magic Trackpad. My trackpad has a lovely cracked pattern after it fell off the table. It still works though.
New Posts  All Forums: