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 I think he is talking about the buttons that were in iOS 7 for Answer, Decline when a call came. They were just 2 rectangular buttons. Now we have circular icons that seem more defined/ refined in iOS 7.1. Don't know what he meant by 'hard to read' though.
Something I didn't quite figure out in iOS7 was why the keyboard is black in certain apps and grey in others. There must be some logic to it that I missed, or have been to lazy to grasp.
 But if you didn't do this, Gatorguy would stop posting entirely! Wait a min.... sorry I interrupted.
My carrier has introduced 4G connectivity at 3G rate plans, but only for the 5c and 5s. Since my wife has the 5s and is pretty much always connected to Wifi, it looks like I'll end up buying the 5c finally! As long as the internals compare to my 5, it is good.   The only step back would be going from 64GB to 32GB, but over the years the number of apps I actually use has reduced so hopefully I should manage.   I'm eyeing the blue one or the green one...
I'm confused. He suggested I block him, I thought it was a good tip and I blocked him.
 Even if Apple implemented something to fix that, what happens when the battery is spent?
Thanks for the tip man!
In 6 months time, when the new iPhone is released, this story will be debunked and we'll find out that Samsung designed the A8 as well.
At first I wanted to say something snarky, like 'so when are paraplegics going to file a lawsuit, or those who are comatose?'. But then, reading @Woochifer's comments, I think I see what the lawsuit is trying to do and am confident Apple will do something positive.   I remember playing around with the vibration alerts when they were first made customizable in iOS and thought how helpful it would be for the visually impaired.   I always wished for tactile feedback on my...
 I think it was when you pointed this out on another thread that I started seeing through his posts. There was always something off about his 'Apple is awesome' shtick. I hate to say it but Apple ][ seemed to be more toned down compared to him!
New Posts  All Forums: