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This is the one thing that bothers me. I listen to a lot of concerts (bootlegs) and they are on my iPhone. iTunes Match takes too long to upload them, especially since the music on my phone is about 70GB. So I cannot turn on iCloud Music without losing all these, or uploading them first, which takes too long.   As of now, I'm just streaming the music, even though I have subscribed to the family plan. I need to prioritise and upload one playlist at a time, then turn on...
Much as I appreciate Ive's design of Apple products, that is one ugly car. Maybe I do not understand or appreciate the design aesthetics, but damn, that is still one ugly car.
Samsung is screwed. They hired the people who made that sucky Apple Maps!  /s
 Kind of like how the Mute/ Rotation Lock toggle switch disappeared from the iPad Air 2. "'Turn on screen, swipe up, tap icon' is easier than 'toggle switch'".
AI should publish all the iOS 8 tips as an App. It would probably be more useful than the current Tips app, which I hardly use. 
@Suddenly Newton, I agree. I love listening to the podcast. The only thing is that Mikey sounded really very embarrassed when trying to sell us shaving razors the last time around! That whole thing was very awkward till they got back to the topics on hand.   I miss Stephen too. I wonder why he isn't on anymore.
 Come iOS 9 Notes and the elephant is on its way out of my phone!
I bought a pair of PowerBeats2 Wireless over the weekend to replace my ageing earphones and in anticipation of the Apple Music launch come Wednesday!
You just gave some troll an idea...
These ads popped up in India as well. Every one of them is eye-catching.   Even the TV ads are pretty neat. Well done Apple!
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