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That pic looks like the innards of an Android phone.
Yup! Will be shortened to "gyr'ate". The Youtube videos will feature the Surface ads with the kids dancing.
And then Modi said to Tim Cook - "What about us? We are primarily Hindus".Tim Cook responded: "Don't have  a cow man!". After realising that Modi is a vegetarian, Tim decided to release the iPhone on 16/10 (DD/MM) in India.
 As opposed to a watch with worse performance? Awesome Cowen. 
The latest artillery for them is that the numbers include China, so it isn't all that great. 
So this is what Kevin Smith does between making shitty movies and getting thrown off flights!
   I've always wanted to use my iPhone to listen to lossless audio. I keep downloading a lot of shows in FLAC and SHN. I've got a pair of PowerBeats2 Wireless. Does the iPhone have the power to output audio at that bitrate, or will it get attenuated?  
 Anal about tracking stuff... now there's an orifice we don't want to go into...
 How can we ever forget that?  See? We just can't!
Another reason for Sined O'Conner to get pissed off with the pope!
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