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You won't read it if it is not e-ink. Then you immediately say that the Kindle app lets you read on a lot of devices including Apple's. Why? Isn't the Kindle app pointless for you since, besides the Kindle, Nook and Kobo (and some obscure readers) no other tablet is e-ink?  You can't even read it on the Kindle Fire can you, given that it isn't e-ink? You have a Kindle and buy books off Kindle, but it is not something you use on other tablets anyway. So why even comment...
I can perfectly understand how you feel. I am not great at programming either but have some very nice ideas for apps that I know are useful. It is pretty difficult to sell an idea. People tend to think of consultants for app ideas as con artists...
I am not sure if touchscreen keyboards are better than physical keyboards as far as eduction is concerned. Typing out notes and class reports is a lot quicker on a physical keyboard I presume.   Or maybe there may be a paradigm shift in how the human body adapts and touchscreen typing will become as quick as typing on a standard keyboard.    As of now, I find it a lot easier to do the major work on my Mac (as far as Pages and Numbers are concerned) and then fine-tuning...
 Don't you think you are over-reacting a little bit by getting pissed off at Apple based on a rumour?
 What the F? So the "advanced selfie features" are that you can take automatic selfies of your hand? To trigger a selfie, I have the "convenience" to wave my hand in front of the lens? Who thought that was a bright idea? There really is many a slip 'tween the cup and the lip.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
I wonder how many of the products showcased at CES finally make it to the market.    On another topic, I am a bit underwhelmed by the screenshots I have seen of CarPlay. I get that the idea is to not draw attention to itself, given that the foremost thing a driver must be doing is drive, but the UI seems like the older version of the Apple TV Interface, with "glowy" icons and hazy text.  The Apple TV UI now has crisper text so it is much better. I hope CarPlay is...
As of now, the 5K Retina Display iMac cannot be used as an external monitor owing to the power requirements. The question is, once Macs start shipping with Thunderbolt 3 (which would have enough juice to drive the monitor), would the current 5K iMacs support them (since they are not Thunderbolt 3), or will it suffice if just the connecting Mac had Thunderbolt 3, making the 5K iMac a passive screen?
   Yup, it's for Tim's other passion - Fries!
If it is nonsense, he's definitely serious about it.
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