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  That is even better than 'skating to where the puck will be' because sitting on the puck means you can control where it will be!
 You are too late! The goalpost has already been moved! 
To the people saying Brunner should have been a part of the deal, the way I see it, Apple was only interested in acquiring 1 company - Beats.   Brunner has his own design firm. His contribution to Beats was the iconic design it has now, which is copyrighted and owned by Beats, which is now a part of Apple.   The only thing Brunner would have brought was design know-how and that is something Apple doesn't really need right now. What sense would it make for Apple to buy...
 Both of you have points.You are right about questioning not being trolling.Patchy is right because quite a lot of us know Pazuzu's posting history.
I am seeing the first signs of falling service from Amazon now. I always loved their sales and after-sales service.   However, off late, there are too many items listed that are not fulfilled by Amazon. That means that most of them do not ship to where I stay. It really is frustrating.   They do have a search now for Amazon Fulfilled stuff, but there is just too many sellers there now.   As for Comixology, I never liked the app much anyway, but I'm in it for the free...
 You don't know Tallest Skil very well, do you?  @MRsneezy, now you do!
 Nothing compares to the Babel Fish!
 Wait, you have an Apple fanboy card? Damn! I lost all respect for you man.
So there are 3 major things that have been speculated upon:   1. Health 2. Home automation 3. Payment Gateway   I wonder what WWDC will truly bring us? 2nd June can't come fast enough!
 This is exactly what I want to get this year - the (almost) fully loaded 27 inch iMac. I hope there is some interesting updates before this year is out.
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