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Well, I know @Ireland is going to be disappointed with this rumour.
For now it is a US-centric story, so obviously @jfc1138's observation was valid. 
LifeProof? WTF? They are hell-bent on killing your phone?
 You're doing it wrong. You shouldn't say 'lol'. You should say 'Yuck, yuck, yuck..' 9 times. You know, like Reggie in Archie comics.
I thought iTunes Match was limited to 25k songs? And only MP3/ AAC right?Of course it'd make no sense to store WAV files online and FLAC/ SHN doesn't play on iTunes straight off the bat, so Match is good for what it offers.
 You mean making the network only minimally intrusive?  I think it makes sense to not allow Users to create their own profile. All the User needs is his/ her Apple Id. I'm expecting some minimal customisation, such as preferred artists to make sure you see only what you want to see. Overall though, with artists making announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Official Websites, email lists, etc., I'm not too sure how this would differentiate itself. Still, if there's one thing I...
Must have been his house that was burgled, from where the prototype iPad was stolen!
I don't love Visual Studio, but it is what I earn my money on, so I am happy it is coming to the Mac. That means I do not have to depend on a Virtual Machine, a Bootcamp partition or an Amazon Workspace.  I have downloaded it and will give it a spin over the weekend.
Not sure why you think they won't. The signs that this is not definite: 1. Apple "is targeting" late-June - meaning they don't have a firm plan or do have a plan provided Supply is up to the task.2. "Late-June" - meaning no firm launch date, unlike when they have a specific date for the second set of roll-outs.3. "Some countries" - again, nothing firm. Just vague plans. The main giveaway is this line in the story - "conditional to supply". So yes, Apple has a plan in place...
And someone from the beauty parlour to manicure and wax hands...
New Posts  All Forums: