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 Well, that was unnecessarily harsh.
Either Microsoft is as pigheaded as Samsung is (what with Samsung announcing an event based on the rumour of an Apple event), or this spot is actually a dance school where they teach you to do the clickity-click with the Surface cover.
 I have a stylus for the iPad but I stopped using it after the first few days.The fact is that, until there is a digitizer on the screen, it is very difficult to get precision, especially for drawing. There are a lot of new styluses (stylii?) with a lot of pressure points, but you still get a noticeable lag when using them. An iPad with a Wacom-like digitizer is one thing I really want. Whether it happens or not is up in the (iPad) air.
 Apple doesn't seem to differentiate between iOS devs and Mac devs. I am a paid iOS dev and have Yosemite beta and I was able to upgrade the latest DP this morning.
 Your ex-co-worker just proved that there is something called a free lunch!
 It'll be a golden parachute. She has nothing to worry about!
 Unless they are trying to pull an 'Apple' and giving a low guidance. However, with the way the Corning head has been talking crap about Sapphire, I think your inference is good.
Back when Samsung made the Matrix phone, they were cool. They even got the guy who played an Agent in the movie in an ad. The sad part is that if they had diverted half their ad budget to their R&D dept., they may have still had something cool. I, for one, am still disappointed with the outcome of the lawsuits against Samsung by Apple. I think Apple wuz robbed.
  Where's @Slurpy when you need him?
 Absolutely true. If I had TS's talent, I'd clip that bit of the Joker lighting the pile of cash on fire and saying 'It's not about the money. It's about sending a message' from 'The Dark Knight'! EDIT: @sog35 - love reading your posts. Props to you!
New Posts  All Forums: