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 So a kind of 'smart meter' then. Sounds interesting. Hope it is not vapourware!
The thing that makes people read FCUK as FUÇK... it makes me read B.K.Yoon as 'Booyah' every time.    I am in the market for a new refrigerator. It is a pity that Apple doesn't make any!
Sales of vinyl have gone up for the first time since 1997. However, if you look at the entire pie, the sales were only some million+ or so, making it just a blip on the radar.   Vinyl is still a niche medium. If you look at the top 10 sellers for 2014, 5 of them are old albums (2 by Oasis, 1 by Led Zep, 1 by The Stone Roses and 1 by Floyd) and one is a new album by an old band (Floyd). So it is more of a novelty than something that will rescue the music industry.
A digitizer on the screen is what is needed from a hardware perspective. You would then not have any of the lag and control issues that the current crop of stylii have. The Samsung Galaxy Note has one but I read that it is not widely supported by all apps. As with all things Samsung, the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. If it turns up on the iPad Pro I assume Apple will do a much better job with the integration and implementation.
Not really talking about the topic directly, but the MO of the competitors seems to be some half-baked "solution" and then point and laugh at Apple.   Our OS takes up too much space - we will support SD cards - yeah! Better than Apple. Our phone operations eat up the battery very fast - include an additional battery in our package - yeah! Better than Apple. Our phone operations eat up the battery very fast - turn off everything on the phone, leave a B/W screen where a...
Moving forward, I see at least a couple of things that Apple is doing to address the storage issue:   1. All Apps need to be 64-bit. If I read that correctly, they do not have to support 32-bit mode and based on some vague memories, it should theoretically reduce the App sizes, which would reduce their footprint on the device.   2. iCloud Photos - Store on iCloud at full resolution and have a lo-res version on the device.   These are as far as known/ confirmed...
As someone who does have a modicum of understanding in why I do not get 16GB for myself when I buy a 16GB device, I still end up dreaming about using the entire 16GB space. It is just that the average customers are wired that way.   The only way to properly drill the difference in would be for almost PSA style campaigns highlighting the difference in what is advertised and what you actually get. People seem to accept 16/32/64/128 pretty well now, rather than 10/100/1000....
 I've grown pretty used to the size now. So much so that I find my wife's 5S tiny whenever I use it. I also keep toggling the mute/ orientation lock switch on my iPad Air whenever I want to turn it off. And I hold the home button a little longer expecting it to unlock till I realise it does not have a fingerprint scanner! I have never used any iPhone as much as I have used my 6Plus. And I have used all of them except the 6.  DON'T. DO. IT! I think the Gold shine has worn...
OT, so apologies for this.   @GTR, nice way to start the new year. A Happy New Year to you and to all the other forum members as well!   This is the only Apple site I visit on a daily basis and I love it here!
 Of course we hate free stuff. We drink Apple Koolaid! We overpay for all our stuff. What, are we 'Droid-heads here? We don't want free stuff. Just in case... /s
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