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 I think it was when you pointed this out on another thread that I started seeing through his posts. There was always something off about his 'Apple is awesome' shtick. I hate to say it but Apple ][ seemed to be more toned down compared to him!
The Apple TV remote is a problem is search of a solution, but this is definitely not it. The existing remote is sleek, but all form over function.   As many have pointed out in various threads, neither is the Remote App on the iPhone.   Apple should revamp the dedicated remote to do a lot more. Maybe it will come with the Apple TV refresh. Or maybe they are not investing much into it since the Apple TV hardware itself is only $99 and they never used to pull in enough...
Love the headline!   "Shall in these confines with Tony's voice - cry havoc and let slip the gorillas of war"!   The fact that Corning is making these statements makes me think that iPhones will move to Sapphire either this year or the next. Some contract was not extended or some clause was raised and Corning is gagged from saying anything about the situation. Hence they are running down Sapphire.
 You're still trying to reason with Patpatpat? I gave up a long time ago.
 Someone had posted this on a different thread and I saved it since I knew it would come in handy sometime. I cannot find a thread more appropriate or a post more appropriate for this. Thanks to the original poster of this image and apologies I forgot who it was.  
 Cool! I'm waiting for Song Of The South to show up on the catalogue soon!
Well, Off-current-topic, but I caved in and subscribed to the WWE network, if only to support this kind of content delivery. That and the fact that WWE Old School and WWE Legends are on-demand!
 You mean like what happened with the iBooks case in USA?
Announce to the market, ok. Arrive at the market? A whole different thing. This is Google we are talking about.
Nice to see an article like this about Tim. Seems like a gentleman. We get very few of them nowadays.
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