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 This is a business opportunity for case makers. Try engineering a case for the Apple Watch that is waterproof, like the Otterbox cases for the iPhone. Build apps that measure your laps and calculate the calories burnt when swimming.  Of course, much easier said than done. They will have to consider the way the strap attaches itself to the watch, whether they want to cover the watch + strap or only the watch, provide access to the digital crown, and a whole load of other...
 How do you pay for your travel cards using NFC? Is the NFC element on the iPhone limited to Apple's usage only? I wonder if they will open it up to third party apps like TouchId. We could then load the Oyster Card onto the Passbook app and use the iPhone to tap in and out of tube rides.  Either that, or the Oyster Card somehow is made compatible with Apple Pay.
You are missing context. The ad that @Slurpy posted showed that Pebble supports 'Apple, Samsung and Android'. The point being, in @Slurpy's own words, ""Android" has zero brand equity, and they know people are too fucking stupid to even realize their Samsung is running Android. "Android", with it's incredible marketshare, is placed dead-last. " @TheWhiteFalcon's point was that Samsung is listed there for supporting Android, not because Pebble supported Tizen, which is...
Prepping my photos for Photos and iCloud, it is amazing to see such a marked difference in the photos taken across the iPhone generations, from the first one to the 6 Plus. I used to think that the iPhone 4 photos seemed good enough, but then the 5, 5s and now the 6 Plus, are so much better.   When we go for holidays or have to cover some events, we always carry a Nikon along for better resolution photos, but the iPhones over the years captured almost all the historic...
It figures, this one was in Texas.
Apple are in a tearing hurry to get better battery tech. They need to shave a few mm off the next iPhone and at least maintain current battery life!!
Solips just forgot the sarcasm tag.
Unless I'm missing something, you can still option-click on the library and view individual files right? Is this not the case with Photos?
 I think you misunderstand @TheWhiteFalcon. He was just answering someone's query. His posts, as far as I can recall, are pretty good and he is an Apple user. You seem to have taken his comment out of context.
Boyhood is definitely on my watch list. The premise of Boyhood is intriguing and I have heard that beyond the central conceit, the movie itself is still pretty great so just can't wait to watch it.  Truffaut's Antoine Doinel  films had the same actor and were shot over a span of 20 years, but rather than one continuous movie, they were simply adventures of the same character at different points in his life. The 400 Blows is still an amazing movie 53 years later!
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