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Insignificant blue-green planet? It is the only planet with life on it!   And digital watches are cool!!   And I will transfer a lot of green pieces of paper to get me some digital watch!!!   Damn! So long Douglas. And Thanks for all the fish!
Looks like I jumped the gun. Siri still apologies and says she cannot give directions. Maps cannot do directions either. There is just the option to select English (Indian) now.
Only if it is illegal to have your iPhone in your pocket when driving.
Directions and Search in India at last?? Hopefully, it's bye bye to Google Maps now. Have to wait till evening to update iOS and try this out!
While Samsung is declining slowly, or slowing decline, Apple is declining up, in a slow slide to success according to the Macalope!
I'm surprised Sog hasn't said "if the PT exists, you ban yourself for a month, if not, I'll ban myself for a month".   OR   "SpamSandwich - Joined in May 2005. 20,193 Posts. Blocked!"
 Haven't you heard? Nirvana is no more. You'll have to do with The Foo Fighters.
Hey, this is Google. They'll sail through this. 
I think some 20-odd stores in China (including Greater China) and they are targeting around 40+ by mid-end next year. That's what I vaguely remember.
 The bastard child of Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan?
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