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You could check some of these shops to see if they have the model you want, buy it and cancel your pre-order?
 I sent an email to Apple, asking them when they plan to release the Watch in India. They said they had to push the launch by a month because Dick Applebaum pre-ordered a shit-load of them!
 I love the White one. It looks very neat. But, like you said, don't know how long it would stay white. I'll probably get this for the wife. The Stainless Link Bracelet Watch is for me!
And Product RED. Don't forget the Apple-Bono love fest!!
 The story is that Nokia invested about 8.1 Billion on Here Maps. Even selling at 3.2 is a huge loss. That being said, there is no solid information that Apple is even considering this offer. The rumour is that Nokia wants to sell and is courting Apple, among others.  As you and others here have rightly said, Apple has invested a lot into its mapping app and this would be pointless, unless they work out a deal for "rest of the world" where Apple Maps isn't that great.
 Welcome back!
You lucky buggers!
 I have all the 30 movies made by Kurosawa. The Hidden Fortress is among the most enjoyable, along with Yojimbo, Sanjuro and Seven Samurai. But my personal favourite is Ran. That movie is epic!
That picture right there shows how well matched the Watch and Phone are. Amazing!
I didn't find anything offensive about @DanielSW's post at all. He made a point about only buying Apple products because they are good, not because he has an opinion on the CEO's social/ humanitarian stance.   He is neutral about homosexuality, so why is that a problem? No need to get all worked up about the post. 
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