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Why didn't Apple file for a mis-trial? If the judge is opinionated, wouldn't they have had grounds to appeal for a mis-trial? I wonder why they didn't.
 Yes @lkrupp, get serious. This is Apple we are talking about. If anything, they'd rather be tied to Wayne Industries, not a pale imitation like Stark...
Why is the Watch in a Game Center icon diorama in the first picture?
The issue I've had with the 6 Plus is that, if I have it on me and am rocking on my La-z-boy, it counts each rock as a step. That means I can rack up the step count by just lazing around.    Of course, there is probably no way currently to avoid that, but it would be nice if there was a way to toggle the recording of steps.
A small correction. It should be "the other 10% is currently controlled by our competitors". Remember, there is 103% profits for the taking...
I said a while back that photos are probably the most precious files I have. I can download my songs and my movies and books if I lose them, but not snaps.    I bought Aperture a year back since my photo library got really large and I wanted something that could handle it. It is sad that Aperture is EOL'd.   But I'll wait till I Photos is officially released. It could probably suffice for me. 
All I can say is that if Apple Watch killed his dog, it is very lucky the guy isn't called John Wick. There'd be a dinner reservation waiting for it then...
When I hear that 4 million people got lucky, it warms my heart.
Am I missing something? The Apple Store on Regent Street in London does have seating and I have been there, resting my tired feet after all the walking. It sounds like this is rare and not many Apple stores have seating.
Looking at the pics, it seems like the producers desperately wanted Bale. They got Fassbender to look like Bale rather than Jobs!   I can't stand Seth Rogan. I couldn't stand him in any movie I've seen him in. Heck, Jonah Hill would have been a better Woz.    Agree on the bad makeup jobs on Pierce in Prometheus and Nixon from Watchmen. I find makeup jobs to be pretty substandard in general. I mean way back in 1992 we had godawful old age makeup on Linda Hamilton as...
New Posts  All Forums: