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Sure Macky! Just PM your address, phone number, what times you are at home, who all live with you, what times they are there at home and whether you have a dog and/ or any other tame/ wild animal!
If 3D Touch lets you peek into an email from the Lock Screen, it'll be really powerful in terms of convenience.
That is a perfectly reasonable response. But: This is totally unnecessary.  A lot of your posts lose their value due to remarks like this and your perchance to issue ban challenges.
 Could be something along those lines. But rather than constantly recording, it probably only starts when the Camera App is opened and stops when the app is closed. Or, it could be a combination of TouchID and the Camera App - that some algorithm tells it that the person is in the Camera App and is about to use the button. That doesn't account for the volume button trigger though.
 Take a little time to read the article before you comment on it. It stops you from saying something stupid and gives us one less idiotic post to comment on/ ignore.   I'm just guessing, but I think Live Photos only works with the rear camera. Just my guess though.
I found the AirStrip (?) demo very cool. I think it just shows the tip of the iceberg as far as the disruption Apple could cause in Healthcare. Probably was my favourite demo from the event.   I love that tan leather strap for the Apple Watch. I'd love to get one. It looks very nice.
Don't be starting no shit now Hagger!
Well, I have to wait for a couple of months after it launches in the US. 
Well, the beating of Apple by the US Judicial System continues. No pun intended.
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