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It performs better but don't expect radical range increases. I've just found overall signal strength to be better at moderate ranges. At long range it's about the same. Where I used to get two bars, I now get three and I have two where I used to get one but I'm not heading up the street with it. That said for a house like mine, which is a wireless nightmare, it has given me the best wireless signal I've had of my 3 routers.
There becomes a point at which the cost of not purchasing the patents is actually cheaper than buying them, ie. the cost of licenses or re-engineering is less and probably better for overall cashflow. I must say I love Google's bid values. Any number is as good as another so why not bid pi.
The answer is yes and no. You'll be able to share a calendar and get it pushed to an iPhone the problem is to share a calendar you are going to likely need to go through CalDAV. As previously mentioned the answer is probably to subscribe to her calendar and get that pushed to your iPhone instead. She won't be able to strictly change your appointments but it is a bit easier to set up. You may also be able to play with file locations so you both read off the same...
I have...kinda. Pre-ordered SG:Continuum on BD and Batman Begins too.
Right now I just use a DVI to HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my tv. That siad I can't say I see a huge rush for an HDMI port to be added as a lot of projectors still lack support in the corporate environments. I do see it as only a matter of time as it is certainly the way the market is headed.
It shouldn't use the battery if it is plugged into the wall as the adaptor supplies enough power to power the computer and still charge the battery at a slightly reduced rate. I have noticed from personal experience with a MBP there is a lot more heat produced if a fully charged battery is plugged in than if you take it out so it clearly does do something. Generally it shouldn't hurt as Li batteries are designed to stop charging once they hit a certain charge meaning...
For me it became very simple when they removed VBA from Office 2008 I ceased to use the Mac version of office. I simply could no longer use it and I think that's a very sad state. That said I've found VMWare very good with Office 2007 but I am still appalled at the lack of support now for people with more advanced needs in spreadsheets on the mac.
I had an older Panasonic plasma that I found very resistant to burn-in, especially if switched to standard instead of dynamic, and I have a new Full HD one that I have to say I've found nigh on impossible to burn. The new Panasonic's really are tough to burn, it has really surprised me. I left a DVD menu stagnant on it overnight when I fell asleep by accident and it didn't leave a trace. That said I would never buy any plasma other than Panasonic or Pioneer. I have...
For me it was a simple choice. I wanted a PS3, I bought it, the inbuilt BD Player is a bonus and a money saver. My choice for the format war is made.
Didn't they just announce 22 releases for France, several of which are unreleased in the rest of the world currently. Strewth. Just thought I'd throw that in
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