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Apple is doomed!
You sign up just to post that? Have you nothing better to do?
 I had no issues running 7 on the iPhone 4S, so "many" is anecdotal. Everyone I know with an iPhone is on iOS 7. In fact, at 78%, you and your acquaintances are distinctively in the minority on  this.
I have the same things. But my justification are my kids. Basically, I sold my original iPad 16gb wifi for $200 to Target.  And I'm selling some old iPhones to Gazelle. Selling that old hardware reduces my cost to less than $100(including smart cover). It's been said before...Apple hardware really holds on to its value!
 I spent yesterday evening using it, without a cover, for several hours. For me, I could do it with one hand, something I could not do with my iPad 3, even without a cover.  It was stark how thick my iPad3, with cover, felt when I picked it up.  I'm probably going for a Smart Cover this go round, to keep it as thin and light as it can get. I'll by a traveling cover for those occasions when I want to take it out the house. So far, I am impressed. Thin. Light. Fast. And if...
I still use Pandora. There isn't a way to migrate your stations over, so it takes time to "seed" the iTunes Radio stations and frankly, see how close it sounds to my Pandora ones. However, considering iRadio is $14 less and I get iTunes match, I've paid my last yearly amount to Pandora and will be moving.
 "Running on" and "taking advantage of" are two different things. Software can run on a multi-core processor and not take advantage of it.
 Talk about fallacious. We're not talking about a drug.  HEROIN has quantifiable negative physiological and psychological effects and no positive ones. It is also illegal. iOS is not illegal and what we have is a difference of opinion. You don't like it.  Fine. I do. It works for me at least as well in most cases and better in others than iOS 7.   I think the originals poster's point is that in his judgment, most complaints fade with experience with the product. While...
No issue on the 4S I gave to my daughter. 4 works too.
 Closest thing to black. Personally, the closer they get to a solid back, shiny, obsidian slab, the more I like it. Space Gray, to me(just me) is a step by in terms of color. I want a Monolith.
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