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Most likely, people, myself included don't care about it HERE. Take it somewhere else.
Please, PLEASE check your politics at the door. This is a tech site. There are plenty of sites available if you want to talk politics. Be an adult and take it elsewhere.
Yes. Flash has really been a big selling point of the Android, the Playbook and the Touchpad. Android users are, most likely, interested in BOGO sales and free phones. You can go to supercuts and get a free Android phone with a hair cut and a two year contract. Unless someone offers such a subsidy for Android tablets, the sales will continue to stagnate. Very few people are getting Android phones to get wifi analyser, card readers, or file managers. If you think that, I...
Sure. Always next version. In 2010, we were going to see something and now its 2012. You put a 1280x800 resolution designed interface on a 5" screen and you'll get a great user experience to be sure. I think you need to think it through a bit more.
Then, respectfully, you still aren't paying attention. If by deliver, you mean producing a product that almost no one buys, then you are correct. If by deliver, you mean a product that sells to anything reasonable degree relative to the iPad that you are...misguided at best.
If it doesn't make since, then you are not paying attention. A simple google search of tablet PCs prior to the iPad will paint a pretty clear picture.Apple demonstrated the form factor that will sell and now, everyone is tripping over themselves to copy.Perhaps more research into this will help you "get it".
Don't agree. I think carrier subsidies are the reason why Android phones are selling. Without those, Android tablets aren't proving to be compelling.I think the iPod model will carry the day.Your example, I think is the best reason why. It will be very difficult to write software to scale across all those devices and there is little to know incentive for devs to do so.
While 'incompetent' is strong stuff, 'unable to deliver' seems reasonable and accurate. What's wrong with that?
I'm curious. Had the iPad tanked, do you think we'll see other tablets? If so, what do you think they would look like?oh, and google this: Philips Launched the CliniScape Tablet PC. Doesn't look like an iPad, does it? It can be done. Search for Cisco tablet. Heck, look at any episode of Star trek:TNG, Voyager or DS9.
I'm not sure how brushed silver, grey, red or green would compromise the display any more than white or black. I have two Samsung sets and I like them, but they are clearly copying. And I'm not quite sure I would agree. PCs have many different shapes. Of course, with TVs the name is right on the front. Samsung could do this, I suppose. Probably would if Apple put the name 'Apple' on the front.Again, there were tablets before the iPad just as there were phones before the...
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