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 Now, now. Can't we all get along? He's just bringing a middle of the road perspective. "Middle-Of-The-Road", that's a much better name. ;-)
 That's great UNLESS you don't want or like that feature. Live tiles are widgets and widgets on the desktop with a 21" screen sucked. It isn't better, IMO, on a smaller screen.  Personally, I'm not really sure how you had to see it believe how useful it is. Wouldn't imagination be enough? "I had no clue...". Great. But for those of us with better insight about our preferences, would you accept that we don't like live tiles or widgets? By the way, what's with the...
How bad must this thing be to use when built in, 24hr tech support is a marquee feature?
 No, no, you mean "S-TouchId" or "S-Scan" "S-Print". Get it right.
 Maybe Apple would have done this without the prodding. Maybe not. But they did it. Where's the blowback on the other vendors for doing nothing.
How can this be? Apple has no innovation and is no longer cool? The iPhone is struggling before the Android onslaught!
Apple has lost its innovation edge. How can it do any of this?
 That's exactly why. And when the phone ships, it won't work for everyone. That's also why they didn't demo Siri, iRadio or the camera. None of it works. Thank God you're here to set them straight.
 Everyone year, it doesn't fail. "That's it?" says someone, then, they go along and and sell 100m to cultist.
 They sold millions of iPhone 4 units, so clearly the antenna worked. And notice how the maps issue has disappeared too.  Maps worked form many out of the box.
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