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I know this could probably go into general discussion but I'm posting it in the new hardware because I believe it is an indication that no new hardware will be introduced. http://www.thinksecret.com/news/mwny03.html See thinksecret's article. [Hmmm]
I think if Apple releases a 40 GB hard drive it will be more expensive than the low end iBook. [Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing]
Fire. Then you can say, "I'm on Fire."
You know what was cool? Was the URL post someone included recently about how to get the debug menu to appear in Safari!!! So this is a post where people can include any cool tricks for terminal. URL's or Detailed instructions please. Let's have some fun and take a break from perusing these boards for a while. [surprised] [Laughing] [edit:...
Oh, I get it.
Apple.com has a powermac update. Has anyone else seen this?
When is this thread going to go away? [Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing]
So which product will get the G5 or 970 or whatever first??? The xServe or the Powermac?
Quark is the worst. I don't know who is running that company but they act like they deserve a thanks for developing their products??? Where does this mentality come from. I am a happy InDesign 2.0.1 user and lovin' it. The tables work great for me and when I am done, I just go with a Press Ready PDF. BOOH Quark and their superiority complex. Ya, thanks a lot for multiple undoes, every other product has only been doing it for about 5 years now. Also, "If you...
Great, iTunes 4 only works with one song. HAHAHA
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