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Simple Xcode selection to make 32/64 bit application so it shouldn't be a big deal for programmers. Of course, this also means programs that are no longer being supported won't work once 2/1/2015 comes around.
You're talking about Bloomberg so it doesn't surprise me they don't understand what makes Apple tick. It's hardware as you well know. They probably see the IBM connection as being the only software and services that matter. Why give Apple any credit for developing the best mobile device infrastructure when you can always be right when giving IBM credit¡
Other than iPad sales continuing to slow I didn't see anything else that should cause any problems. Everything looks like it's full speed ahead. Mac sales up, store revenue up, IBM connection looking good, what could analysts use to justify downgrading the stock?
Or maybe people are just liking what Apple has to offer compared to non-Apple computers.
I didn't install the beta but I always update via iTunes and it almost always downloads the full installation. I'm waiting until later today to allow the servers to take a break. went ahead and just downloaded the update. 1.95GB on a 5s 
How true. Analysts never do anything that supports the growth of a company, they only worry about supporting themselves, which includes getting as much activity as they can to support their pocketbook. They haven't the faintest idea how any Apple products actually work or whether people actually use them. That's not their business. Their business is to buy and sell stock and all the other garbage allowed. The stock market is full of criminals and should be shut down, but...
This should also mean that almost none of the iPhones sold to China would be included unless Apple is including reservations. It will be interesting to hear what Apple projects for the December quarter. iPhone 6 sales, including China and all the other countries should put the 37M to shame. Of course, none of this matters because AAPL will go down because some analyst has a bug up their *** and wants to short AAPL.
That's new with iOS 8. It never used to be limited to 30 days, just 1000 photos.
In iPhoto, select an album, click on Share, select iCloud and it goes there. You can select other iPhoto users or open the iCloud photo stream to all users (random URL which should keep most people from easily finding photo streams).
"...WWDC, the company's confab for developers that has previously been strictly limited to partners under Non-Disclosure Agreements. Apple also opened up its WWDC session videos and actually encouraged its developers--and members of the media--to talk about the new technologies it was introducing, a marked departure from the days when even registered developers were advised not to say anything about anything, even to other developers."   Might as well give up on the NDA...
New Posts  All Forums: