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Pre-market activity made up for the huge last minute drop on Friday so maybe the analysts will treat this as good news. Wait, most analysts want to short the stock so who knows what will happen.
I get lazy and leave folders with large files on the desktop. 256GB is probably enough for all non-video work but this is why I need to do some research ahead of time to figure out a proper work flow. I'm not against working on video files on the RAID, especially since TB2 with a RAID will be a whole lot faster than what I'm using now but I need to get info and data first. Thanks for the suggestion.
I'm waiting for a real upgrade to the iMacs, one that will decide whether I get and iMac or Mac Pro. If the iMac upgrade is simply an update and the Mac Pro comes out with a better update and a monitor that doesn't cost as must as the Pro, then I just might go that direction. I know I'm going to be buying some kind of a RAID anyway so I'll focus on getting the proper size flash storage and figuring out which RAID is the quietest and best value. I'll probably end up...
And we all know PayPal has never had a security breach. ;-)   I also love their professional advertisement. Makes me really feel warm and fuzzy. /s
You're probably right. He keeps the AC at 85 degrees so a little extra warmth wouldn't hurt him. :-) I don't know how much internal heat his unit gives off anyway, especially since I'm sure it runs quite often for him. Of course, he'd complain about needing to charge an iPod or Apple Watch daily so he probably wouldn't even use the products under development if they were available to him. This will continue to be the biggest problem with any HealthKit type of product from...
Glad it was easy for you. My father in law is 87 and had to have extra leads inserted at the same time. He was depressed afterward and it took several weeks before he was back to full strength. Of course his doctor relented and said he could drive again after only a few days.
These studies push past the idea of using an Apple Watch to monitor a patient's health, it includes the use of "invasive" diagnostic devices tied to a local receiver (an iTouch for cost reason's?). My father in law has an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (more than just a pacemaker). I believe it includes a base station next to his bed that captures data and is able to send it to his doctor or a specialized service. This would be a perfect device to include an iOS...
Are you asking for a single 4TB SSD or a tightly packed set of 4-1TB SSDs? What does ultra-portable mean to you? Someone should be able to put four SSDs into a 3x5 pack 2" thick, which should be enough to handle I/O, RAID and other circuitry. That's a bit bulky to me but I'd want a safe to hold a 4TB single drive. I also wonder whether an SSD can actually handle TB2 throughput or if TB1 is fast enough for a single drive.
Looked at LaCie's implementation and have a few comments/questions. They include dual power supplies and a cable management arm, which are both good. I personally like the fact it's pre-configured as RAID 5. Their advertising shows a 36U rack but this requires a boatload of jumper cables. They say they include one TB cable so it appears you'd have enough to properly attach all of these RAID cabinets to the six ports on a Mac Pro. I guess using these in an Xsan...
I agree, I had problems with their old cartridge drives and have never bought from them again.
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