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AAPL is being heavily traded this morning with big spikes of transactions. I'm sure the short investors are bailing as fast as they can, which could be why the stock is dropping from its overnight high. Of course the DOW and NASDAQ are dropping this morning as well, pulling AAPL down in the process. 
The Airport Extreme doesn't run OSX, it runs VxWorks. Technically, Daniel was talking about Macs and iOS devices, not devices with embedded software. This is like talking about an Apple-branded printer (no longer available). You guys will do what you can to discredit anything Daniel says and anything Apple does, that's your right but please do it responsibly.
All Daniel did was post the actual transcripts and highlighted a few of the actual comments. How is this libel? Can't you see the proof in the court documented transcripts from a Google lawyer? How much more proof do you need? Publishing the truth is not libel, it's honest reporting, something all these people who post rumors and guesses aren't doing.
This doesn't really matter because 1) Apple can sue them over these at a later date, and 2) this shows that Google is actually supporting Samsung and this might give Apple the ammunition they need to sue Google directly even though they technically gave the software to Samsung for no charge. Google is now a co-conspirator in this lawsuit unless Judge Koh says it doesn't matter.
It might not even be Apple that's registering the trademark. Just because Brightflash was used by Apple before doesn't mean this time it's for Apple. Who knows, maybe Samsung or a stock analyst is using Brightflash to mess things up for Apple.
Sorry but this is just stupid. You need a display don't you?
This capability already exists in my 2013 Toyota Tacoma. The hands-free dialing capability (connected to my iPhone) won't function as long as the truck is moving. Stop and it works. I can use the music features through the touch-screen stereo but it doesn't handle text. I need to check this but I also believe the stereo takes over the phone so I can't use the music feature or maybe even text while it's connected to the stereo. I can still receive phone calls.   Yes, this...
I read this as being a bit of sarcasm but I think you're right, PC users will stick with USB because they don't know any better and it's good enough for them (cheap hardware throughout). As we all know, PCs are only used for non-creative things so they can exist with slower peripheral speeds.
Tried activating History channel and it doesn't list Comcast/Xfinity even though I get the History channel through them.
I already dropped Google for just about everything and after the email data mining revelation, I suggested dropping gmail to several family members and friends. Using Yahoo for search isn't that bad and I only occasionally use Google maps when something doesn't work in Apple Maps. I got rid of my gmail account months ago and am glad I did. gmail had all sorts of problems for me when managing email using Apple Mail (go ahead and say it way Apple Mail's fault, I don't care,...
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