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iBooks Author probably was put on the back burner after the (illegal) court ruling on the bookstore. Once judges who aren't Apple-haters get their say, I could see Apple putting more time to resurrect the whole eBooks market. Of course, the fiasco in LA didn't help things reducing the likelihood that authors will write eBooks for the education market.
Surprised nobody has mentioned DVR capability. If Apple is going to increase the local storage, then why not include DVR capability (at least four channels at same time). This would put them in direct competition with Comcast's X1, which costs $11/mo to rent. Make the new AppleTV cost $130 or so (comparable to one year's X1 rent) and I think they'd have a winner.
I bet part of that 40% sleeping per day is done at work. Who sleeps 9.6 hrs per day? Definitely not those watching 2.88 hrs of TV. And only 3.12 hrs/day working. Who did they interview?
This is the first time I've read about any new product Apple has released where nobody involved in the development of the product has spilled the beans. It gives me hope that there still are people in this country/world who can keep their mouths shut when told to do so.   I also really like the idea of ResearchKit and hope it doesn't get sidetracked by some Apple-hating government official who will demand access to the data.
I disagree with your assumption that self-driving (and self-crashing) cars will be the norm in 10 years, especially in snowy conditions. The only way to make self-driving cars safe is to put them on a series of tracks forcing them to run like the cars at Disney Land years ago. Police won't ever have self-driving cars and the road infrastructure will never be such that self-driving cars will operate on anywhere near 100% of the roads anytime soon. I don't car how good...
I'm ok with a small thud, I'm just hoping the analysts won't make up things about the move causing AAPL to drop for no reason. It started off the day with a little bang then fell into the typical slow drop. We'll see how it goes in the next week or so.
Pencils are still the easiest design implement to design and edit with. It's a lot easier to draw something, especially ideas, by hand with a pencil than to "program" it on a computer. 
This is fine with me. The more companies demanding NFC point of sale connections the better for Apple Pay. The only issue I see is whether US retailers will continue to keep this function turned off to push their lousy mobile payment (non)solutions. 
Generally, the only non-Apple things sold in Apple Stores are items people want/need when purchasing an Apple product. That's why they sell external drives, non-Apple software, and specialized hardware people can take home with them right away. As others have said, the Apple Store isn't a Best Buy or Target, they get to choose which extra items they feel would be useful (and don't compete with Apple products).
I agree but how often do researchers cherry-pick their participants to ensure the results they seek? How often do they skew the results so they get FDA approval? I'm not saying having a lot of totally random participants is necessarily better but isn't it better to have more "normal" people participating than supposedly affected ones to really be able to compare what's going on? What if some of these extra participants were found to have the disease they were trying to fix...
New Posts  All Forums: