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Is this being done to appease the US government or to actually help developers provide even stronger encryption?
Costco is dropping Amex, changing to Visa (I've heard Citibank) in March so I doubt you'll hear anything about them accepting ApplePay until then. Of course, Costco and Apple had a tif awhile back so it could take even longer before Costco agrees to work with Apple on anything new. The new Visa card will be a reward card and customers with Amex will be automatically transferred to the new card. I've asked cashiers before and they either didn't know what ApplePay was or...
Apple's products are not way behind Office, especially Keynote, which knocks the socks off anything Powerpoint ever envisioned. Too many people try and make Excel into a database program and end up with a huge mess that nobody else can maintain. I like Pages a whole lot better than Word because Word, like all Microsoft products, keeps trying to do what's "best" for me instead of what I want done. As others have said, Microsoft keeps adding unnecessary features that...
So what can we do to take our rights back? This bill is being supported by both democrats and republicans so we can't blame one side. It's obvious Washington DC has no concern for our rights. No government agency does.
Get Home Depot and Costco on board and I'd use it for 80% of my purchases. Until then I rarely shop anywhere where they have ApplePay available. I have found registers where the cashier didn't even know they took ApplePay, which shows how little retailers care about it.
Can you line up the Apple keyboard and retake the photo? Should show the main part is the same size as IBM keyboard.
While I agree, your comment about free WiFi in NYC worries me a bit. I am getting upset with the proliferation of slow xfinitywifi hotspots, which needs a Comcast account and hopefully somewhat secure, but also am hoping that any cellular over WiFi connection has some kind of encryption (at least between cellular users) that protects it from being snooped by our friendly three-letter government agencies. Wait! That's illegal isn't it! :s
Sorry, everyone doesn't have to be a nerd to use a phone. They just need to take responsibility to understand how one works. It's the same with anything. You buy it, you learn how to use it. You buy a car, refrigerator, washing machine, etc., and it comes with a manual. RTFM and learn how it works before using it. Phones and computers are no different.
Sorry, it's your responsibility to manage your kid's activities, which includes their phones. It's the same as having them buy movies on cable TV without your permission. The features are there for your benefit but as with everything else, you need to weigh the benefits over the cost and that's your responsibility.
Apple has a support page. Not sure when it was actually first posted: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205296. I was also able to quickly find articles talking about WiFi Assist during the iOS 9 beta period, including this one: http://www.informationweek.com/software/operating-systems/ios-9-beta-wifi-assist-app-revamps/d/d-id/1321671   "As reported on 9to5Mac, WiFi Assist is a new setting for maintaining a strong online connection. If you're in an area with bad WiFi,...
New Posts  All Forums: