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Does your Home Depot accept ApplePay? Mine says it hasn't been configured yet. Glad you're changing to Petco regardless of ApplePay. PetSmart isn't as ethical a store. I haven't been able to find a store to use it at yet but I live in a small town and even the Wells Fargo bank said they didn't think it would be available in a small town. Typical small town mentality. The town I live in has plenty of retirees with money. I see lots of them with iPhone6's already. As for...
The bigger problem is what is happening right now. AAPL should still be going up but the market won't let. Between end of year positioning to the drop in oil, everyone has a reason for why AAPL is dropping but the biggest reason is that Wall Street hates Apple and they want to punish them, at least when they don't have any holdings with them.
Ironic ad. I just got digital files back from a vendor that scanned my father-in-law's old 8mm film and found what was on an unlabeled reel. My wife's aunt when she was 4 years old. My wife had never seen this reel and she was elated. This reel was from the 40's in Oakland. I made a DVD and sent it to her aunt for Christmas. It will probably make her and her sister, my mother-in-law cry. Some people on this list are Scrooges and need a life.
This sounds like AirPlay to me, especially for speakers and things like that. Also AppleTV. I don't see it as being part of any iPod project, if that was what you were inferring. As for NDA material, most of what he wrote looks like it's already in released products. He's using technical terms but that doesn't necessarily mean he's using NDA-covered descriptions. As for Apple and NDA, they really opened up after last year's WWDC when just about everything was available to...
Third time's a charm. I guess Ford just needed to try everything and get the bad ones out of the way before finally admitting they should go with Apple. Once they change, they'll still have to support the other technology in older vehicles. I wonder if they will be able to provide a retrofit kit for these vehicles.
Still there, http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/12/nation-backed-malware-targets-diplomats-iphones-androids-and-pcs/ Not on front page but link works.
They also released an updated version of Microsoft Remote Desktop that works with Yosemite so you can remote into PCs without needing third-party software, running a simply window client. Check out the App Store.
There's no such thing as an economics expert anymore, especially someone from Stanford. "Normal" economics went out the window years ago. Some things are constant, like 1+1=2, but nothing is normal anymore with economics. Supply and demand is a joke. And of course, you can find anyone who will say what you want them to say (or judge for that matter) for a price.
I have a 3rd gen iPod classic that I don't even remember how to turn on. With 16GB, it still has more storage than most base iPhones. The problem with building a new iPod classic is what form factor do you use? The iPod Touch could be altered to include more memory but do users want all the capabilities of the Touch on a simply iPod? If no, then you're back to the Nano form factor and I don't think that could be re-engineered to hold 10-20x more RAM. If people only want...
This is going to mess up the iPod lawsuit. Now those crazy lawyers will be able to use these prices as justification that Apple always intended on locking people into their ecosystem and raised their prices accordingly. I'm sure people who buy these iPods will demand that Apple let them install Real DRM-based music on them. /s
New Posts  All Forums: