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My first home computer was a Performa 400 but we started integrating Macs at work in the late 80's, first to compliment then replace our commercial Atex system.    The 30th anniversary movie shows more about Apple, its ad agency and Macs (I'm sure it was created entirely on Macs) than any other computer company could possibly show. Apple provides tools for creative people and this movie really demonstrates that. Microsoft could never produce a video like this about its...
There will always be those in constant denial over the impact Apple has and will continue to have in this world. People will always be apathetic towards all sorts of things mainly because there are lots of bored people, however, Apple is a highly recognized world-wide brand name so a large majority of people know who they are. They might not like their products but that's their choice.  As for the title being hyperbolic, that couldn't be further from the truth. ChiA's...
Where have you been? The WSJ is a joke. They are no different than any other "newspaper" making up stuff to sell clicks. From the sound of your comment, you probably are a WSJ employee. When someone says "sources" they are simply hiding the fact they either made up the information of someone inside Apple or a supplier is committing a crime by releasing the information. Apple employees are fired for things like this. You must be a new to all the garbage coming out of places...
At least Taiwan has laws against this. I wonder if South Korea would ever investigate anything like this against Samsung. Of course, Samsung probably own most of their suppliers anyway.
Judge Koh was trying to be fair the first time but leaned over backwards in her support for Samsung. After Samsung lawyers distributed confidential information and didn't think anything of it, Koh got really upset (you know the other word, pi**ed) and now I see her opening her eyes to the kind of company Samsung really is. The gloves are off and this time she's not going to take anything from Samsung. That's why people are celebrating.
This is the best response of the day. As for the person complaining about it being non-news, what's wrong with a little fun?
Just like delivery trucks that double park and get away with it. The whole point of this article is that some activists think they have the right to complain about companies trying to improve the environment by taking cars off the road. If these busses go away, it will cost everyone more money.
Totally agree. Do taxis get charged when they stop to pick up customers? What if I pull over to drop off someone or pick someone up. Will I be charged the $1? It's a racket that cities can block off public streets for public buses yet they want to charge others for using the street taxpayers already paid for.
Of course Cote's opinion reads very well -- to you. She wrote it and choose what she wanted to include and what she didn't want to. I wasn't at the trial and I doubt you were either, therefore, neither one of us can speak on exactly what was and wasn't said. We have to rely on what was reported, which as everyone knows is always bias one way or the other. No, I haven't read her filing and am not going to since I know it's full of legalese that the vast majority of people...
Once this 3-judge motions panel reads how Cote was prejudicial to Apple, they should throw out the decision and at least give Apple another trial. A second trial better include an impartial judge who will listen to all the facts instead of picking the ones they want to use against Apple. This is supposed to be the US where we're supposed to have fair and impartial courts. 
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