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Apple, and others, are not cheating the US government out of anything. This money was earned outside the US so why should the US be able to tax it? I used to work for a company in California, moved to Washington state and telecommuted to the CA company. Since I always worked in WA I never had to pay CA state income tax even though my business was in CA. This is the same thing for Apple. They live in CA/USA but their "job" paid them money outside the US, therefore, why...
http://www.lyric.honeywell.com/ lots of info and videos
Finally got into their website and found dimensions; 3' dia x 1" thick, just about the same as the Nest. One thing I noticed was the battery it uses. It looks like a typical AA battery while the Nest uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is supposed to work for several years.   I really wish Honeywell would have entered with a much lower price, something under $200 would have been better than almost $300. This isn't an iWatch after all. :-)    
Yes in some ways. I should include equitable way of taxing but at least in the US too many people could care less about supporting the country, other than to pay for guns and bombs, and simply insist they should get all kinds of support without contributing. I'm not talking about the disadvantaged people, I'm talking about corporations, investors, people who have more money than they need (made on the backs of others), farmers, grossly high paid athletes and crazy owners,...
I understand Apple is obeying the local laws but I know the real reason the EU is going after Apple and others is because they don't have any money and haven't figured out a legal and fair way of taxing their people to finance their countries.
It was funny over the weekend when my account showed the additional shares but with the closing price on Friday. I know this will change this morning but it was a fun thrill. It will take some time to adjust to the reduced share price when a 1 point rise is close to a 1% change instead of it being a 1/7% rise.
If John actually got any information from Apple, then the Apple employee will end up being fired, especially after Apple got all those "cops" to check on leaks in China. John isn't above the law and neither are the Apple employees.   So, until Apple announces it, it isn't FACT.
I would rather see more developer days in Cupertino and around the world than packing more people into one auditorium. Apple could rent the new Levi Stadium (49ers new home) and show the keynote on their 13,000 sq-ft Jumbotron before 68,500 developers but how are those developers supposed to have any one-on-one time with Apple engineers? Apple brought 1000 engineers to WWDC but Apple would need to empty out Cupertino to satisfy everyone's needs. How many developers (and...
I don't remember being able to view the WWDC videos unless I was logged into ADC but this year I can, https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2014/. I can view all the current and previous videos without being a developer. I understand being there is worth a lot but having the videos lets me watch everything that went on, replaying parts I needed to hear again. I wasn't presented with an NDA agreement so I'm looking at these presentations as being open to all.
"With the Beats deal, Apple is thought to have paid some $2.5 billion for Beats Music and only $500 million for the firm's headphone business." Wait a minute. I've read the cost distribution is the other way around. I've read only $500 million for Beats Music streaming and the rest for Beats Electronics. Who's correct? $500M is not that much for a new streaming music system.
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