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All the major new features require your Mac to be on WiFi, which isn't the way I have mine set up. I wish these things would work with the Mac on ethernet since my wired network reaches more areas of the house than WiFi does.
I understand some server farms want everything in one box but the new mini had some major upgrades including TB2. I can see the new mini being able to handle larger raids and more clients so adding a raid shouldn't cause any more hardware space.
I don't have my Promise RAIDs yet so I'm looking at a 512GB flash drive with the rest probably the same as your configuration. Might as well max it out and have it last longer. I haven't seen any comments on the new AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB GDDR5 GPUs. How do they compare to the base AMD D300 GPUs other than the fact we only get one of them? 
Looks like it's time for the public to request the removal of this guy. He's obviously overreaching his authority and needs to understand the limits imposed on his department by our constitution. Just because Bush illegally instituted the Patriot Act doesn't mean people with some common sense can't get rid of it and bring back some protection for regular people.
Most of the companies listed are worthless anyway. I refuse to go to Walmart. The companies that want business from people with iPhones will adopt apple pay and the others can continue to desl with people without much buying power.
Other way around, at least until we hear results of settlement. Apple pulls Bose hardware from best sales locations in world then Bose settles out of court. I think Apple won this round.
It's now under 1 at 0,80. What happens if it hits 0?
Time to buy GTAT? It's less than $2/share.
Amazing how fast spam hits the web. ZDNet seems to have been the first to announce this then AI, 9to5Mac, and MacRumors have jumped on the bandwagon. ZDNet says: "Kim Ki-nam, president of the Korean electronic giant’s semiconductor business and head of System LSI business, told reporters at Samsung’s headquarters in Seoul that once the company begins to supply Apple with chips using its latest technology, profits “will improve positively”." Of course, everything Kim says...
If you were talking about my comments, I wasn't talking about an entry level iMac. The base 27" 3.4GHz iMac starts at $1999 Apple store list. It quickly grows to $3449 when you upgrade to the 3.5GHz i7, 32GB RAM (I know I can get RAM for lower), 512GB flash storage, and GTX 780M GPU. If Apple is talking about a 5K iMac, I can't see them starting with the same base configuration and just a better screen. They'd almost need to start with my configuration and go from there....
New Posts  All Forums: