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This should also mean that almost none of the iPhones sold to China would be included unless Apple is including reservations. It will be interesting to hear what Apple projects for the December quarter. iPhone 6 sales, including China and all the other countries should put the 37M to shame. Of course, none of this matters because AAPL will go down because some analyst has a bug up their *** and wants to short AAPL.
That's new with iOS 8. It never used to be limited to 30 days, just 1000 photos.
In iPhoto, select an album, click on Share, select iCloud and it goes there. You can select other iPhoto users or open the iCloud photo stream to all users (random URL which should keep most people from easily finding photo streams).
"...WWDC, the company's confab for developers that has previously been strictly limited to partners under Non-Disclosure Agreements. Apple also opened up its WWDC session videos and actually encouraged its developers--and members of the media--to talk about the new technologies it was introducing, a marked departure from the days when even registered developers were advised not to say anything about anything, even to other developers."   Might as well give up on the NDA...
Which drone was used for the movies? They were very steady and looked great. My only question is whether Apple has a no-fly zone over the project or gets mad when it sees drones flying over. The September shot looks like it was almost right over the spaceship and could have dropped down for some closeups.
Upgraded CPUs and GPUs, Thunderbolt 2 plus the 5K display all for only a few hundred dollars more than the old version makes for a great upgrade. iFixit mentioned finding a lot the same but I see the similar/identical items (flash storage, RAM, cooling system, etc.) to simply be stock items that don't need upgrading at this time. The skeleton of the iMac doesn't have to change either, it's fine how it is (except for those who want to open them up all the time). Except for...
Turned off WiFi on my iMac and can still call. My bigger problem was not having an identical iCloud account name (so much for aliases). I can't test Continuity because my iMac is from 2009.
In other words, the M295X is a decent GPU. There's no room or ventilation in the iMac for a second GPU (to be used exclusively for computing) so I'll need to determine just how fast I want/need to go. I re-ran the numbers for a non-5K iMac vs a iMac 5K and for $350 more, I get the 5K monitor, TB2, faster CPU, faster GPU. Sounds to me like it's worth the "spare change." I also compared the iMac 5K to the equivalent (kind of) nMP and without any monitor, the cost would be...
Didn't realize I could have both running at same time. I have ethernet set in the Network prefs as the first service to connect and speedtest only ran on ethernet, not WiFi, which seems to show it defaults to using ethernet for most things. I also had to play around with my iCloud settings since at one time iCloud must not have worked with my mac.com domain, instead requiring me.com so because I was logged in with mac.com on Facetime and me.com on iCloud it wouldn't work...
All the major new features require your Mac to be on WiFi, which isn't the way I have mine set up. I wish these things would work with the Mac on ethernet since my wired network reaches more areas of the house than WiFi does.
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