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I just checked and you're right. You can set encryption (WPA/WPA2) but these need a password. Of course, it wouldn't take much publicity to get people to use a standard password. This means a user would still have to enter the password for every password-protected guest network but maybe that could be automated.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but even if a hacker makes the guest connection using my password-protected guest connection, all they would see is their traffic and...
I haven't seen this requirement in the western country I live in and I have no way to provide this information if someone asked me. My Airport Extreme lists wireless clients but doesn't keep a log, at least not when running the current version of Airport Utility. 
I get them via Software Update. I changed to the App Store version with 1.6.4 January 2011. I don't do any updates automatically. I don't know of a way to find all the updates I've installed for each application so I posted a forum comment.  I know this post has nothing to do with Aperture or Lightroom so I'll stop my comments.
I checked out Pixelmator's Support/Updates page and found the following: ( I bought it at version 1.3.1, December 11, 2008)http://support.pixelmator.com/updatesPixelmator 3.2 Sandstone (Released on May 22, 2014)Pixelmator 3.1 Marble (Released on January 23, 2014)Pixelmator 3.0 FX (Released on October 22, 2013)Pixelmator 2.2.2 (Released on October 14, 2013)Pixelmator 2.2.1 (Released on September 24, 2013)Pixelmator 2.2 (Released on May 09, 2013)Pixelmator 2.1.4 (Released on...
True with me. I use the AI app as well as other site specific apps to stay away from as many ads as possible. Do you know if Chitika tracks ads on standalone apps, like AI's?
I'll wait to see how Photos shapes up and where it's going before even thinking about using an Adobe product ever again. Pixelmator and Acorn are getting better every day and iDraw does as much vector drawing as I need to do for a whole lot less money.
I hate to admit it but I'm starting to look at all Korean-based products with caution. I already won't buy Samsung products but am adding Hyundai and Kia as well as not even looking at tires made by Hankook. It brings me back to those days past where anything made in Japan was suspect. There's no way around buying products made in China but being made in a country can be different from being made by a company based in a foreign country (Samsung vs. Apple). 
16 posts in 8 years. What's kept you coming back and not commenting? As far as your statement, I think the exact opposite. Daniel is one of the few writers who actually researches the topics he writes.
Fun article for a Sunday. Brought out a lot of new posters and of course the old guys had to chip in as well. I know Daniel loves Apple products and have met him. What he's doing is the same thing Samsung and Microsoft do in their anti-Apple ads, which they get away with all the time. I haven't read that many comments about how these two companies make up things about Apple that everyone seems to take as gospel yet Daniel simply reports on something other sites have...
I don't think the DOJ has ever been that smart. They just continue to take protection money from Amazon and others and we have no way to stop them. It doesn't matter who the President is because the DOJ has always done their own thing. Until Apple shells out the required few million dollars, Amazon will be allowed to do whatever it wants to do. I have yet to hear any gripes from state AGs about Amazon, only about Apple. Amazon must be greasing those wheels as well.
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