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That's not what the article says and that's never what Google has in mind. All they want to do is to push another way to force advertising onto everything they can. Just think, they'll be able to map everywhere you drive and let the NSA grab their data.
It would be helpful if someone had included which patent(s) Blackberry says Typo is violating. I found an article from 2011 talking about a Blackberry patent (8224393 B2) for the Q10 but when I looked at it, the keyboard used two characters per key. The Typo keyboard is an industry standard qwerty layout with one character per key. RIM/Blackberry has a lot of patents and a quick search of the USPTO gave too many to review but I'm sure Typo will be able to find keyboard...
I find it really silly your first post was worthless and that it took 3 months for you to come up with nothing. As for your lame attempt at a joke, suggesting legal action against anyone is something you need to be careful about as is criticizing AI and somehow blaming a computer for the posting when your post wasn't worth reading. Yes I did read it and took offense to it, which is why I posted my comment.
All that's left is the 6-core model. Check that, I went back to confirm the model and it also shows as being out of stock so AI might as well delete this article.
What this article is confirming is the use of non-Apple-supplied parts in the new Mac Pro. The MP doesn't require a custom CPU, it uses OTS hardware. Memory has never been a problem but CPUs have. Now they aren't. I'm surprised nobody seems to understand why OWC did this. Who knows, maybe OWC will start reselling CPUs. They might be able to get a better discount than newegg or other resellers.    OWC score:   MP memory, available MP CPU, possible, but we'll wait to...
Exactly, and Wall Street drives the entire world's economy not just our pension funds. That's why stock manipulation can be so bad for everyone except those who are manipulating it. The SEC does nothing to monitor how these people get their information and which is blatantly false. 
This is what worries me about iCahn. I don't want some short-termer destroying Apple to make money for himself. I would rather see Apple go private and get rid of all these outside distractions. 
Since I finally own some AAPL stock, I should be getting any voting forms and will definitely vote NO. Apple management might not be perfect but at least they care about Apple and not whether some stock manipulator like Icahn makes any more money than he already has with the raising stock prices. Talk about being greedy!
I checked and most PCIe flash storage devices are mounted on PCI cards. I did find an Intel 525 series SSD but they only go up to 240GB. The form factor looks very similar, it's just a lot longer. This doesn't mean I looked at all of them but something like the Intel 525 SSD might be able to work.   
User accessible means you can get to it easily without violating any covered screws or adhesive. It also means you could upgrade to a large PCIe flash-storage device with something from Apple. It doesn't have to mean you could upgrade to a third-party flash-storage device.
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