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People need to actually read the NIAP Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme Validation Report found at https://www.niap-ccevs.org/st/st_vid10562-vr.pdf as well as with the other approvals at https://www.nsa.gov/ia/programs/csfc_program/component_list.shtml. You need to understand that this isn't simply NSA approval but approval through NIST using supposedly independent evaluators, in this case four people from Aerospace Corporation, Columbia, MD. These are the...
I look at it a different way. Software used to cost as much of more than the computer it ran on. Apple started changing this perception when applications like Final Cut Pro were brought down from the false stratosphere of the elite to a level where everyone could enjoy the benefits of using good software. Some companies continue to try and overcharge (Adobe, Microsoft, AutoDesk) for their software because of ego and the need to pay for their overpriced mansions, boats, and...
I'm tired of hearing things about Pros. Pixelmator, like anything offered on an iPad or iPhone, is meant for editing files created on that device. If you can grab RAW files off a camera using a WiFi card from a DSLR, fine, but this isn't the intended audience. There are a lot more non-Pros taking perfectly acceptable photographs using iOS devices than there are self proclaimed Pro. No reason to insult a very good application that gets better every day, pushing Photoshop...
I can send you some photos of the Great Wall if you'd like.  just kidding
Just checked AT&T. You'll need to search their crazy site but I searched just for "tethering" and found this information, https://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB410606&cv=820&_requestid=2597787#fbid=u0POqPm-tFt. It says with the proper plan, you get tethering for free, you just have to watch your data usage. I'm sure changing plans affects your grandfathered plan but how much data do you use per month? btw: I have 5 iPhones on my 10GB Mobile Share plan and it costs...
Of course, you also need a newer Mac since Continuity doesn't work on pre-Bluetooth 4 Macs. I can use Personal Hotspot but I still need to enter a passcode.   @digitalclips I don't have unlimited data plans anymore but our Mobile Share plan at 10GB has been way more than enough for our 5 iPhones and we're not charged for tethering.
Simple Xcode selection to make 32/64 bit application so it shouldn't be a big deal for programmers. Of course, this also means programs that are no longer being supported won't work once 2/1/2015 comes around.
You're talking about Bloomberg so it doesn't surprise me they don't understand what makes Apple tick. It's hardware as you well know. They probably see the IBM connection as being the only software and services that matter. Why give Apple any credit for developing the best mobile device infrastructure when you can always be right when giving IBM credit¡
Other than iPad sales continuing to slow I didn't see anything else that should cause any problems. Everything looks like it's full speed ahead. Mac sales up, store revenue up, IBM connection looking good, what could analysts use to justify downgrading the stock?
Or maybe people are just liking what Apple has to offer compared to non-Apple computers.
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