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As with most things Apple waits until it can do things right before releasing something. iCloud Drive works with Continuity across all Apple products not just one. Apple had already allowed documents on iCloud storage for Macs but the new version is much better and a more complete cloud-based file system. I just wish they would release a version running on OSX server for enterprise use.
Unfortunately the stock market listens to them and did yesterday. I agree we not only need to ignore them but find a way to get rid of them.
What are the odds he'll try and move the Clippers to Seattle his first year?
I couldn't get the link on my phone but I assume you meant she got her numbers from a personal place. Correct me if I misunderstood.
So where did Katy get these numbers? Did Apple release them or is she just making them up like all the other analysts and their "estimates"? Unless I get info directly from Apple I'm not believing any if this garbage.
Or maybe Reuters is just making everything up. Why would anyone discuss anything with them anyway.
The smoke detector doesn't currently have a display but google could force one on. You'd need good eyes to see them but you never know.The thermostat is different. It has a display and the iOS app definitely could have pop ups ads forced on them.
Not necessarily. The Nest has a display and an Internet connection. Google could push ads to the display any time they wanted to. The iOS Nest app could have pop up ads just like nearly every app. Anything with a display is free game to google.
Does OSX server allow iWork collaboration like iCloud? If not it would be a nice feature for enterprise users.
How is next week on a rumor pushing anything back?
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