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Yes they do/did but they were also the first conduit for actual viruses on the Mac back in the pre-OSX days. My reference to Microsoft was for historical reasons.
Exactly my point why this article is looking in the wrong direction. Show many any other tablet manufacturer who's actually making any money and I'll show you Apple's "terrible" numbers and lack of direction that's making such a huge profit they don't know what to do with all the money. The people saying Apple is doomed are those trying to short the stock, plain and simple. 20 years ago, Apple's numbers and stock growth would have blown everyone away, yet today nothing is...
Actually I do get the article and I'm reading a variety of suggestions from other commenters. Neil simply said he doesn't know and came up with a conclusion that doesn't give Apple any credit for coming up with new products. I call that defeatist. 
"If the "iPad Pro" goes the way of the Apple television and other heavily rumored, nonexistent products, it's unclear what else Apple may have on tap to reignite sales of its market leading tablet.Five years after its launch, the iPad finds itself at a crossroads. But while the future of Apple's tablet is currently unclear, the iPad's astounding success remains indisputable." Sounds pretty defeatist to me.
Historically, Apple products were never viewed as being short-life consumables but this article portrays the iPad as just that. A hugely successful product that's already done in five short years. My iMac is six years old and I still have older Macs in my closet that are still functional yet the iPad is now history because nothing lasts for more than an instant in this day and age (a very short age at that). This article is very defeatist, especially the garbage at the end...
Sounds like the next generation malware trojan horse software. Once loaded, it will act like Flash, Java, Word macros and all the other cross platform software that messes with your system and never really delivers anything of value but opens up your Mac to all sorts of trouble. I don't trust Google to deliver clean software that isn't trying to grab my personal information for sale. Simple as that.
Did some srfing as well and there's several articles from mid 2014 about IBM and Epic combining for a DoD medical records system as well as Epic being a beneficiary of an Apple/IBM partnership. Of course, the most difficult piece of the puzzle is getting non-profit hospitals (oxymoron if there ever was one) to actually spend money on anything other than cheap PCs for its workers. I bet most of the doctors use iPhones yet they probably can't use them for hospital work even...
Epic is supposed to be involved as well. Can't speak about its security but it's in use at a lot of hospital (for better or worse). IF Apple/IBM can get the Epic programmers to program for something other than Windows PCs, it would allow Apple devices of all types to become first-class users, thereby allowing medical personnel the ability to get rid of the garbage PCs they have to use for documentation. (My daughter has asked about using iPads at work but the way these are...
Debit charges either don't cost them anything and/or they can make money on them while credit card purchases always cost them money. This is why they push debit. It all has to do with their bottom line and nothing to do with the customer.
Unless the cashier selects this for me, I usually just put my phone to the terminal without selecting my purchase type and it uses whatever type of card I have defined (both credit, none debit).
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