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I wonder if Google will get nabbed by the FTC but they'd actually have to sell things through their store to do anything wrong. Last I read, the Google Play store didn't do much business so there might not be anything the FTC can do about them.
Philadelphia, great town, but now I know not to drive there because of all the road rage. The funny thing about drivers where I live is while they do have their stupid phone up to their ear, I also see them putting on makeup, shaving, eating, smoking with the other hand out the window, looking straight ahead and now scanning the street for potential problems, using paper maps in their lap, reading books, and of course yelling at their kids in the back seat. All of these...
$32.5M should be enough to pay for the FTC lawyers and management for a few months. This sounds like the police who have their ticket quota to offset reduction in funding. Hopefully Apple can write these phony fines off their taxes.
The next application I'd like to see get rid of Google maps is Costco's mobile app. When you get directions, it goes to maps.google.com. Come on Costco, you're carrying Apple devices again so reprogram your iOS app to use iOS native mapping.
The article is about a Google product losing to an Apple product. The irony is the author is using a Google product to discuss this loss. Will Chrome fall by the wayside? Only time will tell.
Like I said, using a simplified drawing that doesn't show exact dimensions or shapes allows Apple to use this patent for a wide range of devices without having to patent each of them. They patented a mechanical process, not a physical design. This will become very important when copiers use this patent. They won't have a leg to stand on.
Wind energy has several problems. It's mechanical so there are breakdowns and constant maintenance that can only be performed by people 100-ft off the ground. The propellers are also a danger to birds and low flying airplanes while solar panels don't hurt anyone. Contrary to what many people think, the vast majority of land in the US is vacant so covering it with solar farms doesn't take away inhabitable or farmable land. Once Apple tries to provide solar or biogas power...
I like the simple, hand drawn illustrations. These don't show any specific designs only engineering techniques, which should stand up to any challenges. Now that they have these patents, they can choose any design they want and by applying the engineering techniques, Samsung and others can't copy them because even Judge Koh can't ignore them.
"While Google will limit its response to the FTC to the domestic market, Apple said it would consider applying the revised contract terms globally,"    Typical of Google but I had to laugh when I read the first paragraph saying South Korea was ordering Apple to do something. I just wish Apple, or the US legal system, would turn around and order South Korea to force Samsung to pay the money it owes Apple. Oh wait, Samsung doesn't have to do anything it doesn't want to...
Like I said, when I started the project, none of this was available and Apple had restricted api's. I'm glad Apple is opening things up a bit and providing advanced capabilities. What I was working on had nothing to do with controlling the typical home, it had to do with controlling the capabilities of an iOS device depending on where it was located. If you look at the second graphic, first diagram, that's exactly what I was working on (location-based security). The...
New Posts  All Forums: