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This is a thunderbolt ROM issue, which I believe is something Apple buys and doesn't code themselves. It's like the USB issue. Apple can't fix that issue either. Intel is responsible for fixing both and they haven't.
Yes, it was a joke. As for the colonists being brits, weren't most of them kicked out of their country (criminals, like those sent to Australia) or others who didn't believe in the politics and were looking for a fresh start?  I wasn't aware of the BBC Micro, I would have thought that was a small car. (ok that was another attempt at a joke.) It appears that everyone wants to copy everything Apple does no matter what business they are in. Perfect example is Amazon. They're...
From the little presented to us, I'd say your comment is correct. However, I don't believe there is a single Far East supplier that works exclusively for Apple so this was basically a hit piece by the BBC. If they wanted to be fair, they would have included the other consumers of these facilities instead of blaming everything on Apple but that wouldn't have created the number of "hits" for the BBC. Of course, the Brits are still pissed we kicked them out of the new world. 
Anticompetitive practices. Who is affected? If any company wants to charge a million dollars for a phone, what's stopping them from doing that? The carriers don't have to carry anything they don't want to. They also don't have to sign anything they don't want to. Saying because Apple mobile products have "substantial market sway" they have to be investigated for doing something every other company does is a crock. Why don't they investigate Samsung's practices, or Amazon's...
What the extra video didn't say was how she got the recording into Garageband. If she just played it on a record player and let her Mac record the sound through it's microphone might have been inferred but I was hoping for a reference to an analog-to-digital input device.    Still like both videos.
Nice product. I have to plug in a device into my stereo jack to make it work. That should work very well for all those <11 kids who will have to actually unhook their earbuds to make a purchase. As usual, it's just another thing to lose. Does this fob have the users credentials in them so it could be moved from one phone to another? Wonder how many banks will sign up for this system. All it will take is one piece of Android malware and your bank account is emptied.
Does your Home Depot accept ApplePay? Mine says it hasn't been configured yet. Glad you're changing to Petco regardless of ApplePay. PetSmart isn't as ethical a store. I haven't been able to find a store to use it at yet but I live in a small town and even the Wells Fargo bank said they didn't think it would be available in a small town. Typical small town mentality. The town I live in has plenty of retirees with money. I see lots of them with iPhone6's already. As for...
The bigger problem is what is happening right now. AAPL should still be going up but the market won't let. Between end of year positioning to the drop in oil, everyone has a reason for why AAPL is dropping but the biggest reason is that Wall Street hates Apple and they want to punish them, at least when they don't have any holdings with them.
Ironic ad. I just got digital files back from a vendor that scanned my father-in-law's old 8mm film and found what was on an unlabeled reel. My wife's aunt when she was 4 years old. My wife had never seen this reel and she was elated. This reel was from the 40's in Oakland. I made a DVD and sent it to her aunt for Christmas. It will probably make her and her sister, my mother-in-law cry. Some people on this list are Scrooges and need a life.
This sounds like AirPlay to me, especially for speakers and things like that. Also AppleTV. I don't see it as being part of any iPod project, if that was what you were inferring. As for NDA material, most of what he wrote looks like it's already in released products. He's using technical terms but that doesn't necessarily mean he's using NDA-covered descriptions. As for Apple and NDA, they really opened up after last year's WWDC when just about everything was available to...
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