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I don't remember being able to view the WWDC videos unless I was logged into ADC but this year I can, https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2014/. I can view all the current and previous videos without being a developer. I understand being there is worth a lot but having the videos lets me watch everything that went on, replaying parts I needed to hear again. I wasn't presented with an NDA agreement so I'm looking at these presentations as being open to all.
"With the Beats deal, Apple is thought to have paid some $2.5 billion for Beats Music and only $500 million for the firm's headphone business." Wait a minute. I've read the cost distribution is the other way around. I've read only $500 million for Beats Music streaming and the rest for Beats Electronics. Who's correct? $500M is not that much for a new streaming music system.
So, do you feel AAPL will drop before COB Friday because of the current orders? Do these include shorts? I'm just wondering how much last minute insanity will happen before the split. Once the market opens Monday, do you see a lot of initial activity to reinstate equity and option orders? Will these mess everything up (stock down) or do you see it taking off? I'm just glad Apple doesn't run its business like the insane stock market.
I see the Sandy Bridge requirement as a CPU/GPU power requirement to stream 1080p videos over HTML5. They probably also haven't tested it on anything older to see if it runs well enough. As for encryption, I believe that is being handled by Yosemite's new CryptoWeb (and other new things mentioned in the keynote).
I actually have some information on testing Netflix under Yosemite. This doesn't violate the NDA because it has nothing to do with Yosemite but with Netflix.    I installed Yosemite this morning and accessed Netflix. It still asked for the Silverlight installation. I used their live chat and after the person checked with tech support I found out they are only allowing Macs with a Sandy Bridge or later CPU to run HTML5. I am hoping this is only for initial testing but...
I see the statement as saying Android doesn't have the same level of integration as all Apple devices will have. Android-powered laptops are available aren't they so they could say they could integrate between a phone, tablet, and laptop? Microsoft will say the Surface provides the integration in one computer. Of course Microsoft will say their servers (Sharepoint, gag me!) provide all the integration a "real" user needs. Apple devices will have so much more integration...
Katy, where were all of your rumored announcements? Bad guesses or money spent on poor inside information?   Maynard, why did you expect hardware to be announced? It's the software that makes things run and if you don't understand this, get a new job. There was enough software enhancements and new directions announced to drive plenty of new hardware. The hardware is easy, it's the software that's difficult. Of course, analysts can only analyze what they can see.
Bob, you'd need to be looking inside a window to see the TV in order to see the PIN to enter onto your iOS device.
from Google search to Microsoft Bing search, at least per a very good article on electronista through macnn, "Analysis: Apple launches total war against Android" I have no problem whatsoever with this change in search vendor. Let Apple grab the search results from someone else and present them in a more meaningful way (sans ads).
I agree but you'll also hear from Apple-loving people that hardware has been released at previous WWDCs so people have come to expect it. Of course, WWDC has just begun and there's a few more days where "One More Thing" might pop up.  (I don't have any inside information on this, I'm just repeating a typical Steve Job's statement.)
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