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The Microsoft hack, if there was one, might also have been done with Redmond's approval. Even though malicious articles have been posted saying Windows and linux are more secure than OSX, that's a bunch of garbage. Everyone who's ever had to manage Windows systems knows there's plenty of holes, especially in the last decade when the NSA might have been allowed to hack Microsoft.  disclaimer: I have no knowledge of any Microsoft hacking, I'm just offering a possible scenario. 
Have you worked for the US military or other government agency? The vast majority of computers used by the US government are OTS devices. They don't make their computers anymore. The only powerful ones are the supercomputer systems, which generally are still assembled by a third party. Apple's Mac Pro and even iMac are purchased by some branches of the US government and they are some of the most powerful desktop computers in use. Where I worked, desktop Dells and HPs...
Wall Street might have been happy but it didn't last through the end of yesterday's trading and definitely disappeared this morning with a total selloff across the entire market hitting AAPL very hard. What were they expecting, free watches?
It's also not the CIA. It operates for NNSA, a branch of the DOE. Why was it lumped in with the CIA in this article? SNL, along with all government agencies and contractors (SNL is a NNSA/DOE contractor) perform security analysis of all software code. This doesn't mean they're trying to break the code, only make sure it's secure enough for classified work.
Yes. This was described when the watch was announced. The watch requires an iPhone for almost everything.
As soon as I saw the article said Texas I knew Ericsson had nothing to stand on or not enough money to use a real court. The eastern court of Texas should be shut down permanently.
So two people can't have the same intellectual idea at different times and the only one who actually gets it patented even if they never license it or demonstrate the idea wins? Doesn't make sense. From what others have said the patents are very general in wording. Apple has a very specific design. How does the general one even relate? It's like patenting a piece of metal and saying it applies to everything made of metal, even though the patent owner never made anything...
The 7 patents are owned by the guy who patented them. They weren't bought but until I see something other than some drawings that prove his ideas even work I feel they should be invalidated. 15 years and all he has are his ideas.
Show me a product. Show me where his patented ideas were actually used. How generalized are his patents? Apple should go after the USPTO directly and challenge them to justify giving this guy patents just for ideas that he never tried translating into a product.
iPhones dropping but an Apple car? If I had any money with this guy I'd get out now.
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