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Your comment shows the sad side of website posters. You have tons of posts yet refuse to read articles that actually contain documented information in them. You might as well read the news and financial websites since their stories are much more informative. /s
http://www.pcworld.com/article/2099421/report-malwareinfected-android-apps-spike-in-the-google-play-store.html (not an Apple-friendly website)"In 2011, there were approximately 11,000 apps in Google’s mobile marketplace that contained malicious software capable of stealing people’s data and committing fraud, according to the results of a study published Wednesday by RiskIQ, an online security services company. By 2013, more than 42,000 apps in Google’s store contained...
Not surprising because they know AAPL is being manipulated and they need a long term growth stock to be successful. This analysis points out the magnitude of the manipulation. I don't think it has to do with analysts views about lack of new products from Apple.
Actually he does because it was an easy fix and it now works properly. If you actually know everything (vs being know it all who knows nothing) then why didn't you find it first????
Thanks. I am now Safe. 
Not at work so I updated. What's a safe site to test to make sure it works?
Good old common sense by the good old boy's is what created slavery, a multiple class system, the degradation of women, wars and hatred throughout the world. The problem with your rights are they aren't your rights but ours. Nobody is on this earth alone, WE are here to work together to exist. When the special interest group (SIG) of intolerant bigots attempt to take away the rights of others to live the way they want to, everyone needs to stand up and remind this SIG that...
AI has every right to take any side they want to. Your favorite "news" site, Fox News only knows one side, that of the bigot, racist, homophobe, and everything else that Jesus would have been against. God cares about everyone, even people like you. Jesus was one of the first radically liberal person in the world yet conservatives like you latch onto him as a regressive, anti-everything person. The next time you talk to God, ask whether the way you're treating other people...
Paget left Apple in February for Tesla (interesting since Apple has been talking to Tesla). iOS 7 received its NIST FIPS 140-2 validation in November while Paget was still at Apple. The interesting thing is the iOS CoreCrypto Module more than likely contains the SSL coding and the NIST test lab didn't find it. They also didn't find the error in iOS 6, which was approved awhile ago. If you feel like this is an NSA conspiracy, it would make sense, since the NIST test lab...
So what cellular company has 5G stations available today? Any planning on upgrading in the next year or is this something that will be available on an iPhone but not usable?
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