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All those "kids" with way too much money, that's who! 
When I look at the GPS navigation head units on Crutchfield, it appears CarPlay would replace a lot of the capabilities these units already have. Maybe the head-unit manufacturers don't feel the need to change what they already have. Most of the existing iPod integration is fairly simple to almost the same as an iPod but to do a CarPlay head unit properly, they'd have to make sure all their existing hardware actually performs correctly and that could mean a totally new...
Just because a reported Samsung official says they still are building the A8 doesn't mean they are or that TSMC isn't. Who do you believe, Samsung or TSMC? Everything related to the A8 has been rumors and until it's actually built, we won't know for sure and even then we might not know everything about who and where it's being manufactured.
Judge Koh will never change her mind making it nearly impossible to get any relief from her court. Everyone knows Samsung copied the iPhone and continues to copy changes Apple makes but finding that one piece of law to convince a partial judge has been illusive. Maybe they need to file the case in the eastern district of Texas. /s
I have yet to see information showing Android use all four cores or a quad core at the same time. OS X does this with many applications so I have no doubt iOS will be adjusted (if not already) to use more than two cores at the same time. Couple this with 64bit and I agree Android will be even further behind. The quad-core would be great for an iPad and possibly for a MBP Air if Apple sees any advantage in using an A8 over an Intel chip.
In addition to the way the silicon is grown, they spin the disk while applying each layer of coating. Having a square disk would cause uneven distribution of the coating and would require a larger machine to spin it.
How does the remote work when it's behind the TV? I have everything going through my receiver to my home theater speaker system. This Roku would need to plug into my receiver to work and would only work if the remote uses something other than infrared. I doubt it uses the TVs remote sensor, or does it?
The author was correct until a few minutes ago when AAPL dropped back down to almost where it started today. Anything related to Apple will mess up AAPL, good or bad.
When I bought my 2013 Tacoma, I opted for the basic touch screen stereo instead of the much more expensive navigation system (I believe Entune navigation is now included in everything except the basic truck package for 2014). I like their iPhone interface but the display wouldn't be good enough for maps and other things. My point is this option was going to be an extra $1500 at least, much more than the cost of an iPad or iPad mini, which could fit right into my dash. I...
I'd like to know how many people actually press the home key when they want it to check their fingerprint. It doesn't require a lot of pressure to read, just get your finger close and it reads it. I've found not pressing the home key allows my fingerprint to be read almost all the time while pressing hard causes it to not read (flattening out my fingerprint).    As for the person who reboots every day, why would you only enter your passcode once a day? Do you always have...
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