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Katy, where were all of your rumored announcements? Bad guesses or money spent on poor inside information?   Maynard, why did you expect hardware to be announced? It's the software that makes things run and if you don't understand this, get a new job. There was enough software enhancements and new directions announced to drive plenty of new hardware. The hardware is easy, it's the software that's difficult. Of course, analysts can only analyze what they can see.
Bob, you'd need to be looking inside a window to see the TV in order to see the PIN to enter onto your iOS device.
from Google search to Microsoft Bing search, at least per a very good article on electronista through macnn, "Analysis: Apple launches total war against Android" I have no problem whatsoever with this change in search vendor. Let Apple grab the search results from someone else and present them in a more meaningful way (sans ads).
I agree but you'll also hear from Apple-loving people that hardware has been released at previous WWDCs so people have come to expect it. Of course, WWDC has just begun and there's a few more days where "One More Thing" might pop up.  (I don't have any inside information on this, I'm just repeating a typical Steve Job's statement.)
I'm watching the comments on Yahoo finance market pulse, something that usually makes me sick to my stomach but this morning it seems to be very positive. Of course there still are comments about iOS fast reply (Messages) being taken from Blackberry but who cares. When Apple incorporates something it usually benefits the user and makes things easier to use. On other platforms it's usually a gimmick. From Yahoo market pulse: "Lesson for bears: when you see this stock up...
As with most things Apple waits until it can do things right before releasing something. iCloud Drive works with Continuity across all Apple products not just one. Apple had already allowed documents on iCloud storage for Macs but the new version is much better and a more complete cloud-based file system. I just wish they would release a version running on OSX server for enterprise use.
Unfortunately the stock market listens to them and did yesterday. I agree we not only need to ignore them but find a way to get rid of them.
What are the odds he'll try and move the Clippers to Seattle his first year?
I couldn't get the link on my phone but I assume you meant she got her numbers from a personal place. Correct me if I misunderstood.
So where did Katy get these numbers? Did Apple release them or is she just making them up like all the other analysts and their "estimates"? Unless I get info directly from Apple I'm not believing any if this garbage.
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