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What about using it to pay for a NYC cab? No more cash and easier than using a credit card.
I would like to see this happen. They we wouldn't have to worry about replacing the key fob. I'd also go with garage door openers and door locks. Why not use the device you carry to do these things instead of having to carry a bunch of openers and remotes?
 Found a website (http://bestmobs.com/section/phones/) listing all phone manufacturers/brands (or as many as they could find). Here they are in alphabetical order. Acer, Alcatel, AllWinnner, Amazon, Apple, Asus, Blackberry, BLU, Celkon, Coolpad, Cubot, Dell, Evolio, G-Tide, Gigabyte, Gionee, Google, Goophone, Haier, Hike, HP, HTC, Huawei, iBall, Infinix, InnJoo, Intex, iOcean, Jiake, Jiayu, Jivi, Jolla, Kabonn, Karbonn, Kingzone, Kyocera, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Micromax,...
I don't want to drop the "Others" question. I'd like to know what products IDC includes under "Others" because it's absolutely huge. I also think this chart should be divided into classes of phones, which would show what's really happening and who has to potential to actually make any money. Apple doesn't sell a throwaway phone but I'm sure Samsung, Xiaomi and the Others group. Just because the phone has a display on it doesn't mean it's a smartphone. Why can't IDC make...
Didn't take long did it!!!! The fun starts now.
Exactly! There are so many channels on cable that have no business being there. I like the fact there are non-english channels for those people who really want to watch them but I don't so I see no reason to pay for them. Add all those stupid shopping channels and biased news channels and I'd trim my channels down to the bare minimum.
And yet, analysts still can't get their heads out of the dark place and give Apple its due. They will continue to do anything they can to drive AAPL down simply because Apple is on the left coast and they aren't. Those right coast financial people just can't accept the fact that the left coast is where all the money is: Apple, (ugh) Google, even Microsoft, (ugh) Amazon, Facebook, and just about every other meaningful American technology company. They're simply jealous. :-)
Has anyone heard whether the executives who sold (out) their stocks prior to bankruptcy have been questioned by the court and SEC over their actions? All we're hearing is GTA wants to sue Apple but nothing about the potentially criminal action their executives were involved in. Even Martha Stewart got caught and had to serve time for doing something similar. Of course, they did it against Apple so the DOJ isn't going to lift a finger.
It depends on what screen you're talking about. If you have a navigation system that includes lots of controlling features for your vehicle, then waiting for that manufacturer to patch their system with the CarPlay application would be the best way to go. If your screen is part of your vehicle stereo system, you would end up taking that out and replacing it with the Alpine or Pioneer head units. These typically don't have input ports for non-stereo types of things. I just...
$2/day for any single channel (I know ESPN has a ton of specialized channels) is too much for me but I do like the idea of unhooking channels from cable/satellite and letting people pay for what they want without having to also have a cable/satellite subscription. Hopefully this is coming soon with the recent announcements but I'd hope for something less than streaming Netflix, or around $4-$5/month per channel.
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