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It depends on where you are. My iPhone 5 is doing just fine where I am today.
Government can't do their job so they ask Apple to do it. At the same time they're suing them. Make up your mind. Is Apple a villain or a savior.
How did Apple's design cause monetary damage to THX? Would THX supplied Apple with parts or do they also want 2.5% of the cost if the iPhone? I bet the speakers only cost Apple 20-30 cents to make. Thin speakers. Do all the other phone manufactures already pay THX or do they use thick speakers?
It's time for Obama to get his big boy pants on and start punishing agencies who selectively comply with the law. Biased judges don't help either. Everyone wants to blame Obama for everything but in this case it's 4 judges who disagreed with the original judge. How many trials do we have to go through? Enough for Samsung to win? Seems like that's the answer.
Time to investigate the ITC and find out who's buying them off.
Correct but when PowerPoint crashes on the first slide they'll throw their surface into the trash, go get their iPad and use keynote instead.
And we should believe anything this person says? What's her angle?
For those of you who've never seen sapphire crystals, I have a Swiss Army watch with a sapphire crystal and titanium band I bought in Switzerland over 10 years ago. The crystal is not scratched while the titanium has many minor "usage" scratches. I've banged the watch on occasion and it's still in one piece. IF, and I repeat that word, IF Apple is actually considering using sapphire crystals for an iPhone (or any device) front screen, I can see it not scratching at all. Of...
Ok, then why isn't Amazon being investigated since it appears they did the same thing the DOJ is saying Apple did? Did those two publishers work independently with Amazon? Did they work together? 
I'd like to know how much government subsidies companies in those senator's two states are getting. Kettle calling the pot black! Apple is paying taxes while many companies (including big oil) are getting kickbacks from the government. Apple is getting reduced state taxes to build their server farms but this is the same thing that goes on in every state and  by every type of company.    I really don't understand why politicians are so upset with Apple. The...
New Posts  All Forums: