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When will the US government and judicial system actually force Samsung to pay up or risk an ban on all Samsung devices? Samsung has shown it has no intention of paying any of its fines or contractual responsibilities (royalties). Isn't this enough for an import ban?
The Beats deal included two departments/sections/whatever you want to call them. The Beats Music part was the lesser of the two by a wide margin. Maybe Apple could decide to split their original offer and not take Beats Music, at least until Bose backs off. Of course, Bose has to prove Beats is using their patented technology while Beats needs to prove it isn't. There usually are more than one way to do things and I can't believe Beats Music would have been so dumb as to...
The download servers aren't the only thing getting hammered. My email isn't working either. Tried both Mail and through the web using iCloud and it isn't connecting. This started a bit ago. My wife's iCloud email is still working, however. It would have been nice if Apple would have moved the download server to somewhere other than the same ones used for iCloud. :-)  
Apple isn't finished adding or changing things so my answer is no, I wouldn't put it on a production machine. It's good enough (no offense but I've always hated this slogan because it shows how people are willing to accept something that isn't very good) for testing.
Actually I agree with Tallest Skil on this one. Apple is taking a huge chance opening up the Yosemite beta testing to anyone who signs up for free. If they've never dealt with beta software, and I'm not talking about some applications that are always in beta, they aren't aware of how much damage you can do to your Mac. Even though Apple states not to put this on a production system (I run all my betas on an external drive), people will ignore what they (don't) read and do...
Like I've said before, who is responsible for false rumors effect on stock prices? When will some government agency step in and protect investors from this ever escalating pile of rumors, lies, and half truths.
Well the Market must not be too concerned because AAPL opened up and is hanging on, up over 1 point. Last night it took a dive, flushing out the shorters, so now we can watch to see if it climbs over 100. The Market has answered all those concerns with a resounding YES!
Can anyone show me another company who's quarterly revenue was greater than $37.4B with a net profit of $7.7B? Add to this 35M real smartphones, not those throwaway phones that keep being added to Samsung's and other's statistics. Even their $1.32B in accessories blows my mind since these are cable, adaptors, and cases. Top it off with margins of 39%, something I bet no other computer company can even dream about. Why are these not good enough? Why do they always nitpick...
"As usual, interest accrued and applicable attorneys' fees are also being sought." Of course the lawyers will get a bunch more than the employees. None of the issues seem to be over what they got paid, only how quickly. As for breaks, how do you put a dollar figure on these? 20K employees, some of which sound like they no longer work at an Apple Store (final paychecks), doesn't sound like a lot of money but when you factor in the lawyers costs, it will be huge.
For those of you who haven't read through the slides presented by Jonathan Zdziarski, a former McAfee research scientist turned jailbreaker, it's worth the time wading through 58 pages. http://www.zdziarski.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/iOS_Backdoors_Attack_Points_Surveillance_Mechanisms.pdf     One of the more interesting paragraphs was: ... Please note the only categories of user generated active files that can be provided to law enforcement, pursuant to a...
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