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Amortized over the life of the loan. Actually, larger homes are being built with multiple AC units instead of one large one. This makes it more efficient to run them only when they are needed in a specific part of the house. I don't have AC, I just open the windows and enjoy the breeze. The heater is a different story.
Wouldn't surprise me, especially when most browsers have a private browsing mode. Apps will capture as much information as they can get away with so they can push targeted advertising at you. Users don't like this but businesses depend on it so we're out of luck.
You're right. When was the last time the signature on those terminals actually looked anything like your signature? Most people just scrawl a few loops and lines and call it a signature. They are useless and even the people running the cash register just have to see an attempt. I bet an "X" would be acceptable. One step forward and two steps back. Just can't get some companies to break from tradition.
Have you tried turning on Safari's Autofill preferences? I just use it for logons and passwords but you can have it fill from Contacts and credit cards you've saved. I haven't looked to see how ApplePay works online to see how much comes from your identified credit card.
A 2-pack of remote sensors is another $79 but you can buy the ecobee3 with 3 remote sensors for $313 (the ecobee3 comes with one remote sensor). That's a stiff price but not as bad as the Nest smoke detectors. Of course, I don't believe a single ecobee3 can control an HVAC that includes multiple zones so all you're getting with the remotes is something that will work even when you have an ironing board with a hot iron near the only thermostat. I just wish these units...
China still has a long ways to go regarding human rights but it appears they are finally cracking down on some illegal behavior and that's a good sign. Time we give them a second chance to prove themselves.
Finally, progress!!! Retailers spend so much money on potentially frivolous things and totally forget about upgrading their financial system, which ultimately is what protects their income.
Thank you. This means AAPL has blown past its previous market cap because of all the shares Apple bought back. So market cap really doesn't mean all that much. If you take the current market cap ($660.791B) and add back in all the shares Apple bought, AAPL would be well over $700B+ wouldn't it? Of course, that's not how things work but it would be interesting if someone were able to calculate this. oops, now at $661.85B
So does mine but why does anything Apple sells or doesn't sell affect AAPL? It affects Apple's bottom line but AAPL's market cap really doesn't have anything to do with Apple's actual worth. When Apple buys back AAPL stock, they retire them don't they or do they actually own shares in AAPL (I hate calling AAPL their own company because it really isn't, this is the fallacy about being public owned because the money in the stock market isn't available for Apple's use).
I know this started out as an article about Staple's but I like the fact it's turned into an article about all the places you can use ApplePay since it shows people are using it.   I was at Wells Fargo yesterday and jokingly asked about using ApplePay and the person said they didn't think it would come to our town, only a large town like Seattle because the terminals cost too much. I find this hilarious since Wells Fargo is a huge and profitable bank. Our bank only has...
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