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If you read the actual patent filing, this system isn't exactly small. "x-length of the deflector, zoom lens system, light splitter and image sensors is in the range 18 mm-32 mm." (See first diagram, it's the total length of the optical system.) At a max of over 1" long, it would take up most of the top portion of an iPhone. The patent also talks a lot about the zoom capability, which conceivably could be the greatest enhancement with this system. We're talking optical...
Because Apple Pay is more than just the NFC connection, it's the secure connection between the iPhone, credit card company, and bank and non-US banks and credit cards have been approved yet. Doing it right takes more effort than just throwing it out there and collecting money along with major problems. Other than the problems caused by the banks lack of a stringent credit card approval process, I don't believe I've heard of any Apple Pay problems. This is how something...
I wish someone at Apple would contact Home Depot and help them properly program their system. I've used Apple Pay at different locations and some require a signature while others don't. The cashiers are surprised when I'm able to use Apple Pay, which shows they haven't been told it even works. Home Depot's servers were hacked and they still don't know what's going on with their POS terminals (point of sale). It's not just the users that need to be educated, it's the stores.
No, it's the parts that Apple rejects that make every other watch.
What this means, if true, is that Apple has a much higher quality requirement than all the junk knockoffs coming out of China. I see it as a positive article. If Quanta can't make them, then Apple needs to find a different manufacturing company who can deal with small items. Simple as that. 
And if you search using DuckDuckGo, theapp-store.com comes up first followed by pages of references to the only official App Store by Apple. I scrolled down and got tired searching for a reference to a different applications store. This is one of the reasons I don't use Google or Bing search. I seem to just get results instead of tailored results. (At least I tell myself I'm getting good results.)
Hopefully Microsoft is paying Apple to drop support for older OSes to push their new ones.
iBooks Author probably was put on the back burner after the (illegal) court ruling on the bookstore. Once judges who aren't Apple-haters get their say, I could see Apple putting more time to resurrect the whole eBooks market. Of course, the fiasco in LA didn't help things reducing the likelihood that authors will write eBooks for the education market.
Surprised nobody has mentioned DVR capability. If Apple is going to increase the local storage, then why not include DVR capability (at least four channels at same time). This would put them in direct competition with Comcast's X1, which costs $11/mo to rent. Make the new AppleTV cost $130 or so (comparable to one year's X1 rent) and I think they'd have a winner.
I bet part of that 40% sleeping per day is done at work. Who sleeps 9.6 hrs per day? Definitely not those watching 2.88 hrs of TV. And only 3.12 hrs/day working. Who did they interview?
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