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Since when? Amazon doesn't sell every e-book for the same price and neither does the iBookstore. Every book isn't worth the same price the same way every other item people buy isn't worth the same and doesn't sell for the same. A publisher and the books author have every right to set a price for their work. Amazon pays the publishers some amount but sells them for less, thereby forcing other vendors out of the market. Apple allowed publishers to set a price, like in any...
There aren't any drivers necessary. They do include a management application. Like all hardware RAIDs, the Promise systems manage everything inside the box. RAID level is configured using their application but once created, it should be able to operate on any computer that can write to an HFS+ partition. There are RAIDs available that use a switch on the box to configure the RAID setting but the Promise RAIDs have more features so a management application make more sense....
Some of this was covered elsewhere but I believe Promise warranties the entire unit, not specific parts, so having them fix or replace the entire unit (maybe also drives, not sure) means you should get a working replacement instead of dealing with other possible problems (nickel and dime yourself to death).  http://www.promise.com/single_page_session/page.aspx?region=en-US&m=608&&rsn=64
Phil, not sure if you mean what you said but you always want to use matched drives in a RAID. This way they are all spinning the same and work the same, achieving the best performance. Promise sells most of their RAID systems with drives, not drive-less (like Areca). Apple sells a diskless version meant to be used with the old Mac Pro's 4 disks, http://store.apple.com/us/product/HE150VC/A/promise-pegasus2-r4-diskless-4bay-thunderbolt-2-raid-system?fnode=5f but everything...
Mine found it. I have my settings to not run Flash unless I approve it but I can't believe how many websites have it running and it's not apparent where it's running. I can see the typical notification on some sites but other on other ones it's not as apparent.
Did you check OWC/MacSales? They show 24-48 hrs. I know Promise has an online store but it doesn't look like they sell the Pegasus line through their store, only through resellers. I don't work for Promise Technology but I did contact them on December 11, 2013, asking about the part number for an empty 4-bay Pegasus2 (P/N P2R4HD0US) and I got a response the next day. Maybe I was asking an easy question. :-) 
Look's like she'd be a good fit for Fox News. Don't know anything about her private life. :-) 
Watch AAPL stockholders and analysts complain about "losing" $100M of "their" money to kids. They'll find a way to crush Apple for doing something really good with their extra cash.
Haven't received any help but did find an iPhone holder from Grip&Shoot that controls zoom and the shutter via buttons on the handle grip using Bluetooth. Cost is $99 but it includes two rubberized cases with a grip mount. http://www.gripandshoot.com/product.html
Does anyone know what brand of iPhone holder the videographer used in the photo above? Hopefully it costs less than the great stuff at Zacuto.
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