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You do realize that numbers can be manipulated by anyone. In the early days of the iPhone it was easy to have 50% growth YoY because there were much fewer iPhones. Now there are millions of iPhones. Growth of 6.7% can easily be the equivalent number of iPhones as 50% was a couple years ago. Apple is selling iPhones but it gets more difficult to sell the same percentage more every year. This is simple math.
What a bunch of garbage. Apple has never competed in the low end of any product they have ever made. Apple continues to grow anyway. It develops new products it sees fit to market. It doesn't drop a ton of garbage every third Wednesday like others do. Do you realize how many of these low end products end up being sold at throw-away stores a few weeks after they are released? Apple isn't involved in this market because it doesn't have to be. The winner isn't the company...
Thank you for saying what I've been saying for a long time. My father-in-law was an old time broker and always bought stock for the long term. He finally retired at age 82 because he couldn't keep up with the new age brokers who bought and sold at lightning speed while collecting very small commissions. As anyone who's followed brokers, they get paid whether a stock goes up or down so they trade constantly to make money. They are the ones messing up the world and it's time...
Analysts: Let's roll the dice 5 times and use that for the number of iPhones we're guessing Apple will sell. That should satisfy all our investors. Of course if Apple's results don't agree with our attempt at Yahtzee, we'll blame them with some bogus, made-up reason. That's why we get the big bucks!! Let's hide those meaningless things like higher gross margins. That doesn't really mean anything. All that matters is whether we're right and Apple's wrong, which they always...
Actually, what it shows is that Apple customers want something that's better and are willing to pay more for it. Tim listened too much to the idiots on Wall Street, provided a quality phone that cost less, and gets reamed when people want to spend more. This helped Apple's bottom line and fantastic sales but Wall Street just doesn't get it.   For those people who want an iPhone for free, wake up and be willing to pay for what it's worth. If you want something free, get a...
Haven't found a non-Flash video yet but found this website, http://allaboutstevejobs.com/movies/stevejobskeynotes.php. The first keynote from 1984 isn't available. This site looks really nice with plenty of videos and photos. I'll keep looking.
Would love to add this to my iTunes collection. Any chance Glenn Koenig or Harry McCracken will post it for free on iTunes?   PS: I have an original Macintosh bag (picked it up at a flea market) and found one of the original multi-color Apple decals in my files as well.
Neither had I. When I look at it I see Android's fragmentation. It's like they threw (up) a bunch of beams hoping they would support the building. I know art is in the yes of the beholder but this beholder thinks the building looks like it's either unfinished or an earthquake hit it.
Backordered until February 28, design is patent pending (for a cable??). Built to charge and sync. Similar to the USB design Apple used for a short period of time to deliver software. I presume they are an official and licensed Apple accessory dealer.   iPhone Cable Reinvented Interesting statement, again since it's just a cable and a special use one at that. Designed by a firm on Columbus St in SF.
No, but the cover over the sensor is.
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