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Brand X, give me manufacturer and product names and we can discuss them. Otherwise they could include tablets built into refrigerators or car audio systems. If they can't give them a name then quit reporting on them.
Previous AI article about Softcard and Google doesn't mention banks. Has anyone read if Visa works with Softcard? Not that I really care but knowing whether Visa or Amex or the banks want to enter into any agreements with Google/Softcard will be helpful.
Will this extend to Android phones or only iPhones? If not, will Visa allow credit card information to be stored on android phones (Softcard, etc)? If tokenization is the best and safest way to handle mobile transactions why would banks and credit card companies even use something else?
Comments coming from a company bailed out by taxpayers producing cars that were recalled. Who cares what he says. GM stinks.
Still don't see UNCLE listed. Located in Livermore, CA, this credit union services what used to be Apple's largest single site installation of Apple computers, LLNL, which isn't that far from Cupertino.
There are more safety issues with self driving cars as well. All you need is one accident caused by a bug or fault in the self driving car and whichever company owns that car will go bankrupt. Tell me which insurance company will insure a car that has no driver? How are you going to sue a car for an accident? If people aren't driving the car then auto insurance companies won't have anything to insure because the people inside the car can't be at fault because they weren't...
I don't care how long you've been using Powerpoint, Keynote is miles above anything Powerpoint can deliver. If you absolutely can only use Powerpoint, I believe Keynote can export a degraded version for Powerpoint. The Apple/IBM connection is about the best of both companies, it has nothing to do about IBM integrating with anything related to Windows or Android. IBM can run on linux but that's ac close to Android as it's going to get. My daughter can't wait for Epic to be...
From the Reuters article, "Fourteen of 23 top hospitals contacted by Reuters said they have rolled out a pilot program of Apple's HealthKit service - which acts as a repository for patient-generated health information like blood pressure, weight or heart rate - or are in talks to do so." Farr's words, not Daniels's.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/05/us-apple-hospitals-factbox-idUSKBN0L90GL20150205 Here's the list of those hospitals, including the ones who said...
Which is much easier to do with your remote than going through AppleTV channels, Netflix, or Hulu, just to name a few. Pushing the up button is easier to scroll through 200 channels than to search through 10000 shows.
You said what I said before I could reply to you. The problem with a la carte programming is the good channels I want to watch, History, Science, Discovery, etc., would cost a fortune each because of the lower viewer audience. These channels are paid for, along with the garbage shopping network channels and other trash TV, by the highly watched channel income. I'd still like to see if Apple could pull this off by charging for each channel and see if there's enough volume...
New Posts  All Forums: