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This is half the value of prior offers and is basically taking $$ from one pocket to the other from their perspective, since the marginal cost of buying something from the app store is nearly $0 to Apple. So they still get the $100 vs. being able to sell off an ipod if you wanted the cash instead (which also helped Apple by getting another device out there). Very disappointing for the customers, but good for Wall St.
+1 on the "it needs a back-lit keyboard"
So what's the deal with the Sandy Bridge technology? It's been pretty much panned for the MBP line, so why continue with it here? What am I missing? Thanks.
Hi all. Not sure if this is the right place for this question, so please recommend alternatives if appropriate. I have a a mix of macs and XP/W7 machines on a home network. I am in the market for a good small workgroup laser printer, and have been doing a lot of reading, but have not come to any great conclusions on brands. (Macworld's reviews seemed worthless) I'm leaning towards Brother 4570CDW for cost of ownership, and have had HP's forever, but am tired of...
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