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I agree! :-)
Marvin, I can't thank you enough!! I get so frustrated that I don't slow down enough to go to the lowest (and simplest) entity in the chain to be able to solve the problem. This worked beautifully! Thank you!!!!!!
OK, I did that and when I opened Outlook, it rebuilt the database and created a 'Main Identity - Backed up 5/21/11'. So I removed it from the Office 2011 Identities folder and tried opening Outlook. The Outlook 2011 splash screen comes up , but the program never opens. So I switched the 'Main Identity' with the Backed up version and the same thing happened. Outlook just won't open now. I HATE MICROSOFT!!! This should not be this hard!!!
Well Crap! All are similar except for the 1st two Main2 identities. One is 311mb and the other is 284mb. We use POP for the email account, but have it set to not save a copy on the server. I did use Entourage previously, before moving to Outlook 2011. I just opened Entourage and it has emails up to the end of November which is when I started using Outlook 2011. I just can't understand why it got so screwed up just because I copied all the files to an external...
Thank you again Marvin. I checked the folder and I have a bunch of folders under Messages; each one with another folder, but when you get to the bottom, there are only 3 messages. There are many identities there, all but one say (Backed up 2011-) beside them. When I look at the Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity that I copied onto my external drive back on March 9th, it only has a 43mb Database file.
That lets me choose an identity to rebuild, but then opens the current one and not the old one. Thanks for the option.
Unfortunately, it doesn't and I don't know what I'm missing. I have totally deleted the Microsoft folder and copied my old one back over to my Documents folder and when I start Outlook, it is like it's brand new.
Help! I was trying to make room on my hard drive and copied everything from my Documents folder onto an external drive, then deleted it. Then, to my horror, I realized all my Microsoft Outlook data was in the Documents folder. I tried what would be the logical thing to do and copied all the Microsoft Outlook data back to my Documents folder, but it will not restore my messages, etc. I then tried a few other tips I found online with creating a new identity, copying my...
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