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 No worries, they both are managers at fast food restaurants.
This could happen to anyone using any type of phone that has elected not to automatically backup their contacts via the cloud or otherwise. 
 Doom and gloom for all Android users¡  I'll refrain from a pointless discussion in semantics.  While I appreciate awareness in situations like this, the FUD ad nauseam doesn't do much for me. 
 The title of the article would indicate that the whole play store was infiltrated when it appears that there was only one app that has since been removed.  But hey, keep fighting the good fight bro. 
Had a small panic attack when I saw this silly title in my feed.  Looks like a singular app made it into Google Play for a small period of time.  Just another Android FUD article on an Apple site.  
 I saw the article and it's no more than 10% as slanted as any AI article in the opposite direction.  Stop pot stirring.
 Really?  I think it's funny, albeit not really surprising at all, that the first post on this article is from someone who directly correlates the ultimate quality of a rumored product to their own feelings of hate toward the Android platform/users and expectations of Apple's also possibly completely non-existent rumored product. I can only hope that you are the minority and other Apple users possess some shred of objectivity.
 Well clearly they stole the following, which Apple invented:- Rectangular touch screen- Icons in a grid layout- Pinch to zoom
 Apple DOES copy from Google (and others).  Taking the 'brave path' as you say is idealistically awesome and all (and obviously worked for Apple), but more often than not fails.
 So you're saying that any company that is in the middle of developing a product which adjusts to remain competitive is pathetic?   I know you like to live in your Apple bubble and hate every other brand, but the competition is GOOD and not only for Apple, but the entire industry.  Apple has leveraged off of Google and others' ideas/features heavily ever since the first iPhone and to deny it is just plain stupid.
New Posts  All Forums: