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Well said. There's a whole class of people who move from thing to complain about to thing to complain about. The copy/paste hoards will certainly find another cause now. While found it curious Copy/Paste wasn't included from day 1, I also found it irrelevant. It literally hasn't come up in the 1.5 years of ownership that I've wanted to copy/paste. MMS sounds kind of neat, actually. It's one step more immediate than emailing a photo.
They should have made the whole thing clickable like the Apple Mouse. Squeeze the top/middle/end to control.
'Tis dangerous for the people to git excited! Makes the Society liable for implosion wit' too much kinetics. Don't like it not one bit, these people gettin' all excited. Not one bit, y'hear.
The dude at Engadet is the fastest typer ever!
Neither MacNN nor AppleInsider's feeds have updated for me in the past 8 minutes (9:56). Ssup with that?
I feel like we're halfway there... thanks for your help so far! I did that and the Finder successfully generated the icons when in the Icon View Mode. However, unfortunately, when I switched back to list mode, they disappeared. Rats! Any idea how to make the Finder continue displaying the small icons? What about the terminal?
I restored my system using Apple's backup software. Unfortunately, all the actual creation dates and mini-icons for my picture files were lost. Here's what I mean: The icons on the top are the ones I imported from Backup. The ones on the bottom are newly imported from my camera. As you can see, the ones from Backup are missing their custom icons, where the newly downloaded files have them. It didn't used to be this way - prior to restoring, every picture had a...
Remember when I said you people were all over-thinking the issue and not looking purely at the market demand, and then you guys ignored me and kept blabbing about bandwidth and content? That was awesome.
I think you mean, "alternately interpreted." It's going to be a video-enabled iPod.
South African Slip I've been saying it, and now I'll say it even louder: you're all over thinking this bandwidth stuff. The market wants a video iPod, so Apple's going to give us one. I just loaded a bunch of photos onto my iPod photo and was frustrated my home videos won't play on it. How stupid is that? I have a color screen. I have the hard drive space. The competitors' offering plays video. Why wouldn't Apple play catch up?
New Posts  All Forums: