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  Yes you are. No they couldn't. No they aren't. Go away now?
  Oh, they most certainly can. Go look again at the "before and after iPhone" shots…. Samsung 'smart phones' before iPhone were the perfect example of how bad their designs could be. And those were just poorly copying Blackberry, Nokia and others…. 
  I'm guessing they used the same almost gigantic guy they used to make the S4 look like a "normal" sized phone…. the one with the huge hands? Wait until you see THIS on a normal arm….
  Just say "Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy" into your Samsung "smart" watch, and you'll fit right in!     Except Dick Tracy's wrist communicator was also a video screen I believe. FaceTime on a watch? Now that would be something.
This is what you get when Samsung goes first. Big, ugly, clunky design with little indicating real value. WHY does this watch exist? What is for? After Apple defines (or redefines), or completely creates, a new market for wearables Samsung's 'crisis of design' will kick in yet again and lo and behold, yet another "natural progression of wearables" will appear in their product line looking oh so similar to Apple's products%u2026 Except this time, I'm half expecting NO...
the all-pink background on the 'home screen' is a bit much for me aesthetically. Contrast makes a big difference. I"m also curious about the black on pink. It seems so not in line with the aesthetic design choices we've seen in recent times… Imagine all that running iOS7 and it starts turning into a visual train wreck. For illustration, the "how to" cards show the home screen icons on a white background. Much more in line with what I would expect, classier and so much...
"%u2026the large "bubble" becomes a strikingly bold feature%u2026" Wow. Seriously? Overstate much? This line alone pretty much tells me AI is being paid to wax eloquent over this little box. Oh, and about that lovingly hand-finished cabinet: "...walnut veneer cabinet is crafted, sanded, lacquered and polished all by hand%u2026" Um, you do know what veneer is, right? It's hard for me to connect the idea of "veneer" with the "high quality carpentry craft" implied in this...
  It's OK. It took Jean Luc Picard awhile to get over the effects of his Borg Assimilation too…  those of us who can successfully auto-translate knew what you meant. Welcome back to the greener side of the tracks. :)
um, my phone locks itself and 'powers off' after two minutes of inactivity with or without the power button. before I get on an airplane, I switch it to 'airplane mode'. Sans hazard! and, if you can't use the power button to shut off the phone, it's BROKEN and needs to be taken in for service. If you get on an airplane knowing that your'e carrying a broken and potentially hazardous piece of electronics equipment, then it's YOUR fault, not the manufacturer's. I once read...
  The new Google TeleChrome? Whichever way you slice it… it just doesn't …   oh, I think I get it now. They plan to integrate telephony into Glass. Oh, the humanity!
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