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All these "marketing shots" of the "smart watch" are all from the front, obscuring the body of it. I saw a few shots more from the side that reveal the true "clunkiness" of this beast. It's pretty thick, raising at least a half inch above the wrist. And seriously not good looking with those mismatched screws and materials textures. ANd then it needs a Note 3 alongside to function properly? No, I'll pass, thanks.
 I think people are using the "high end" reference as RELATIVE to the iPhone's built in camera. The accessory "enhances" it, providing "higher end" results… No, it isn't a Canon 1D or some such, nor is that remotely implied, I think. Understood?
 Pretty silly conjecture. For those shots, turn on your iPhone, point and shoot. You'll still get a respectable result (aka a hi-res "snapshot"). This device, like any fuller featured SLR, enables a number of options, none of them fitting your sudden "capture the candid unexpected moment" scenario (unless, like any SLR, you are already all set up and ready to go). - Remote viewing and shooting. This is also great for those "group shots" you can't get without help from...
 Yeah, "co-branding" as it's often referred to, is typically a non-compensated 'strategic marketing partnership' type of arrangement. They both derive some benefit, preferably as equally as possible, and mitigate whatever costs by sharing them. The "contest" helps to sell KitKats to people hoping to win a free Android device, and Google gets more awareness build. The more "everyday and ubiquitous" Android become to the general perception, the more entrenched they become.
It's a parody of the "design description" videos featuring Jony Ive that Apple puts out. Kind of a dig at it, really, and yet, like everyone else (Samsung?), they are seeking to derive some benefit by copying (or perhaps mocking in this case) Apple's style. Pretty bad though. And by the way? Post-Pocket KitKat is just so not edible.
  Yes you are. No they couldn't. No they aren't. Go away now?
  Oh, they most certainly can. Go look again at the "before and after iPhone" shots…. Samsung 'smart phones' before iPhone were the perfect example of how bad their designs could be. And those were just poorly copying Blackberry, Nokia and others…. 
  I'm guessing they used the same almost gigantic guy they used to make the S4 look like a "normal" sized phone…. the one with the huge hands? Wait until you see THIS on a normal arm….
  Just say "Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy" into your Samsung "smart" watch, and you'll fit right in!     Except Dick Tracy's wrist communicator was also a video screen I believe. FaceTime on a watch? Now that would be something.
This is what you get when Samsung goes first. Big, ugly, clunky design with little indicating real value. WHY does this watch exist? What is for? After Apple defines (or redefines), or completely creates, a new market for wearables Samsung's 'crisis of design' will kick in yet again and lo and behold, yet another "natural progression of wearables" will appear in their product line looking oh so similar to Apple's products%u2026 Except this time, I'm half expecting NO...
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